1. Wilson74

    Fall is here and it's time to start prepping the garden for winter. To help in the work involved I have enlisted my Golden Comets. The challenge I faced was how to allow the chickens safe and consistent access to the garden that is on the other side of the yard. My solution? An easy chunnel. Here's a video I made showing them use it, and I included a quick explanation of how I made it using 2 inch x 4 inch 14 gauge fencing.

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  1. Georgia Chickens
    I'd love to let my chickens roam free, especially since I've got raised beds garden & 3 decent sized compost piles. My problem here in GA, we have lots, & lots of squirrles, which lead to lots of hawks hanging around in the tops of the trees, at times.
    Never had chickens before now, but have heard horrid stories of hawks taking/snatching smaller animals to eat. Even though my girls are larger than most hawks ive seen, I'm afraid to let girls free range.
    Hubby's afraid to let chihuahua run loose outside, if he's seen any hawks out. Myself, not sure how much a 1' tall hawk can carry, but hubby's fid, weighs 12 lbs (about 9 lbs over-weight). If hawk did grab him, believe hawk would end up being be the one eaten. hahaha!
  2. Nifty-Chicken
    This is great, thanks for sharing!
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  3. N F C
    Always loved this idea! Someday I'll have a place where I can implement it. Thanks!
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