1. M

    Will quails eat poisonous plants in a large enclosure?

    Ok so I plan to put quite a few quails on an all enclosed garden of mine. It's basically an aviary, but without birds. I've heard that parsley, eggplant, and onion is poisonous for quails, but I've also heard that they won't eat the plants if they aren't starving. The plants are in separate...
  2. Dfarago

    Onions and garlic for deterrent

    I’ve heard that onions and garlic are natural pest control against bugs and rodents in a garden. But has anyone ever grown it around a poultry pen to prevent critters who shouldn’t be in there? Could this work? Would it negatively affect the poultry in the pen?
  3. DaisyFaye7

    Great book you might like!

    Hello all! I bought this book years ago, when chickens were still a daydream for me. My chicks are about 6 weeks old now, and I just noticed this book on my shelf and sat down with it for a bit. It’s a beautiful book with lots of photos, and lots of recommendations regarding chickens ranging in...
  4. KaleDaDuck

    Can i let my rooster out in the garden with feral cats?

    Hi, i have a rooster that i saved from going to a slaughterhouse.. and he is so tame and friendly... But since i have exams that means i have to stay and study in my room and he will have to sit 99% of the time in a cage... I was wondering if feral cats would hurt him if i put him outside all...
  5. Goosebaby

    Do you grow vegetables for your geese?

    This year my garden has been “meh” I think the earwigs are eating everything again and I’ve been too busy with taking care of my Roxby Gander while he hasn’t been feeling well so I haven’t done a lot of weeding or anything down in the garden, but so far I have: Some pumpkins finally sprouting...
  6. S

    The chooks are trashing our yard, help!

    HI backyard chook lovers! We’re a couple of new chook parents from Melbourne, Australia, where it is currently cold, rainy and a bit miserable. We’ve never had chickens before and are learning/loving them a lot as we go. Over lockdown we raised five beautiful ladies, two black Australorp x New...
  7. BReeder!

    Discussing Mulch in the Garden

    My garden was a mess of weeds last year. I was determined to prevent that from happening this year. I pull weeds, but I decided mulch was going to be the key to my plan moving forward. I'm hoping I don't regret it. The idea is that mulch suppresses the weeds and prevents weed seeds from...
  8. H

    4/18/21 live stream

    Streaming our chicks weekly for family and whoever else is interested! These ladies are 6 weeks old 😁
  9. PioneerChicks

    Gardening Thread 2021

    Who is excited for gardening season? :celebrate What are your plans? Are you trying anything new this year? Are you growing a garden for your chickens?
  10. Waterfowllady

    Wild Duck Enclosure plants/design

    Hi! Im looking into getting some wild duck species in the future, white faced whistling specifically but other species as well, and I was wondering about the construction of a pen for them. For one, how big it should be, two, what materials to use and how to properly protect it from predators...
  11. U

    2ft High Picket Fence Around Garden

    Hey All, springtime, aka planting time is just around the corner now, so I'm contemplating what to plant and how to keep my flock of 4 hens out. I read some reviews about the 2ft high (3" spacing) picket fencing from Lowe's being able to deter any of the girls from hopping in. The height is...
  12. Phneyda

    Favorite Farm & Garden Shows or Podcasts?

    I watched this interesting episode of Pioneer Yard & Garden about raising chickens in a vineyard and wanted to share! Pioneer is a MN PBS station. PYG also has an episode on goats. My second fav gardening podcasts has an episode on backyard chickens: Joe Gardener ep. 135 Please share some of...
  13. kelzey

    harvesting sunflowers

    how to know when to harvest sunflower seeds? i’m not looking to eat them, i’m not personally a huge fan of the seeds. i’d prefer to save to plant and give some to my family for that same purpose. and my chickies will most likely get a lot of them. but when is the best time to harvest? and what...
  14. kelzey

    squished sunflower

    i’m new to growing things (before this year, literally the only thing i grew was a strawberry plant) and i dunno what’s wrong with it but this sunflower is so wonky? i’m not too bothered, i just think it looks funny. i’m assuming it’s because it bloomed late and maybe the frost kinda affected...
  15. Bird_Lover_17

    Sustainability in the garden

    Hi! I want to be 100% self-sufficient in my garden. Does anyone have any tips? Like not going out food shopping unless it's stuff like things I can't grow (bananas, coconuts)? I want to save $, and be able to stay home more. :D (Idk if this should be in self sufficiency or gardening forums)
  16. kelzey

    i love BYC (and some emotional stuff)

    this doesn’t have much to do with anything in particular but i just wanted to express how great this forum is, i’m really new to it and i’ve only made a few posts but i’ve always felt really welcomed and i’m so glad that i joined. it’s so very nice to have somewhere to go that’s full of people...
  17. FortCluck

    Grow Getters & Mad Potters (Gardening Thread)

    A place for all gardeners whether its potted, above ground, inground, indoors, or anywhere you can plant 🌻🍓🍅🍎🥕🥔 Have fun with this thread and let it grow like the seeds we sow... Best part about gardening is you learn each and every day something new or a lesson to use for the next time...
  18. F

    Garden Managing

    Hey y'all, my name is Fully, and I am looking to start a garden. I have the land for it, I know I will have to keep the chickens out of the garden though. I have some chicken netting to put around the outside of it, but I am worried that the garden will get eaten by grasshoppers also. It is on...
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