1. FortCluck

    Grow Getters & Mad Potters (Gardening Thread)

    A place for all gardeners whether its potted, above ground, inground, indoors, or anywhere you can plant 🌻🍓🍅🍎🥕🥔 Have fun with this thread and let it grow like the seeds we sow... Best part about gardening is you learn each and every day something new or a lesson to use for the next time...
  2. F

    Garden Managing

    Hey y'all, my name is Fully, and I am looking to start a garden. I have the land for it, I know I will have to keep the chickens out of the garden though. I have some chicken netting to put around the outside of it, but I am worried that the garden will get eaten by grasshoppers also. It is on...
  3. Nan Lee

    New Member

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? My grandparents had chickens, so I grew up around chickens. I have not raised chickens myself until now. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I have 8 Buckeyes and 2 White Crested Black Polish. I also have 9 Jumbo Coturnix...
  4. Dylan Lambert

    Is this a pumpkin or watermelon??????

    This has been growing in my compost pile for a little while now. Just wondering if it is from pumpkins or watermelons i threw in the pile?
  5. chickmamat

    “LOVE IN A PUFF” safe for chickens?

    I’ve been trying to find a good plant to grow up on side of the exterior of my chicken run for looks but also to add shade for the summer. I have Love In A Puff seeds (Cardiospermum halicacabum). I can’t find anything online about it being toxic, but also can’t find anything in reference to...
  6. Tre3hugger

    Diy raised beds progress thread

    Hey guys. Started on a raised beds build today. I'd like to use this thread to chronicle the build and the subsequent growing life of the bed. I was going for a U shape. The sides of the U are 12 feet, with the bottom being 6 feet. Almost 50 sq ft of growing space. I plan to fence it with...
  7. Tre3hugger

    Shiitake Mushroom Farming on Logs at Earthen Acres

    Hey everyone. Today I am starting my shiitake mushroom grow process. Figured i'd share...PART 1 Last week I cut down a white oak tree, and ordered a set of 1000 shiitake mushroom plug spawns from field & forest website. Today I spent the morning processing the oak, preparing it for inoculation...
  8. Southern Chicken Tender

    Hi there!

    Hey everyone, Melody here! AKA Southern Chicken Tender 🙃 (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We are about a year in! We started with chicks from Tractor Supply last spring. Long story short, we let them free range and they free ranged themselves into neighboring...
  9. Mtnboomer

    Breaking Ground

    I got my first tilling of the garden done today and layed out the planting plan for it. If weather clears up, hopefully i can get it limed, fertilized, tilled again and raked this week. Potatoes, peas, lettuce, and spinach go in the ground in 2 wks! Stoked! Anyone else diggingin yet? Attached...
  10. CluckNDoodle

    From Exciting Garden Project to a Looming Disaster

    This is going to be a really long post, but I desperately need opinions! My husband originally built my gorgeous raised bed garden for me but I insisted on untreated wood and we ended up with termites and had to tear it out. My husband's health isn't what it used to be so I finally bit the...
  11. BReeder!

    What would you put in your garden for poultry?

    We currently have chickens (8), turkeys (2), ducks (4) and quail (lots!). Although it's the dead of winter here in Illinois this time of year, Spring is not very far off. We will be prepping the garden in late March and starting to plant in mid/late April. We like to grow all sorts of...
  12. MindfullLee

    Finding a coop location

    So in deciding where to put my coop in my yard, two of the locations Im thinking of is right next to my raised beds. Is there a problems with this? Im thinking safety/sanitation wise, having the coop and run a few feet from veggies gardens? Obviously if my beds are not protected they will help...
  13. comish83

    What to put in a garden for chicken

    I plan on fencing in another (fourth) paddock (15x15) next to my run and letting my 10 chickens pick that area clean this winter. I would then like to turn the area into a garden in the spring with the purpose of growing plants that the chicken will eat (while planted so I don't have to do a lot...
  14. TwentyOneChickens

    Choosing duck breeds

    So, I'm learning more about ducks every day. I am looking into getting ducks in a few years. I need to choose breeds, though. I don't want meat ducks, and eggs aren't necessary but I'm not against them. The main reason I might keep ducks is because I think they will be nice pets to keep around...
  15. TwentyOneChickens

    I know nothing about ducks

    So, I was thinking about getting ducks to keep near the garden because I've heard they eat the bugs, and not your precious crops. We would have the ducks down the hill at the garden and the chickens up the hill at the coop and yard. (The chickens free range.) The problem is, I know almost...
  16. lilmagill

    chickens eating pepper leaves in garden!?

    hi all… I recently let my girls out into the part of the garden where my pepper plants are, thinking that they would not eat the leaves because (I have read) they don't like them and that they are toxic. But they are eating them. Should I be concerned? Thank you!
  17. PNWhens

    Garden Coop Setup

    I sectioned off my backyard for a chicken ‘garden’, one day I’ll be able to afford some land haha. I have built a coop before, but it ended up being more expensive than buying a simple small one. I’m getting back into chickens and decided to purchase a coop. Works great for me and chickens. I...
  18. D

    Botanical Garden

    Botanical gardens grow a wide variety of plants primarily categorized and documented for scientific purposes?
  19. Black Rabbit Homestead

    Fodder in the run

    We decided to try out a new fodder in the run, so far it's been working out great and I thought I'd share it with yall.
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