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  1. S

    My chicken seem to prefer a moist fed! What do I do?

    Hi, I’m seeking guidance with my chicken fed. I live in Manchester UK. I’m very new to raising chickens. I have had my 8 chickens for about a month now and have I a range of breeds. They are not bantam hen. They are about 22 weeks old but only one of them is showing signs of ready to lay. When...
  2. Phantom_k9

    How do you get your chickens to start eating a new kind of food?

    We have been feeding our chickens a special feed that has anti-biotics in it, and is meant for baby chicks to young adult chickens. The new food is in the form of pellets. Thing is, as far as we know our chickens refuse to touch the stuff. While they are free ranged, we fear they may not be able...
  3. S

    Chickens won’t eat

    I switched my girls off of their chick feed and started feeding them fodder. They will not eat it, I’ve mixed some of their old chick feed in it so they would try it but they just don’t eat. What should I do?
  4. CanadaEh

    Leghorn vs. DPs questions

    Barred Rock (dual purpose) keeper here. Checking my breed selection and thinking of adding a second breed. Having some questions regarding Leghorns: 1) by how much can you save on feed by raising and keeping leghorns for eggs instead of Dual Purpose? 2) are they less hardy / more miserable in...
  5. T

    Coccidiostats in poultry feed

    Can natural coccidiostats contained in commercial poultry feed cure chickens with coccidiosis? Can we eat meat or eggs when natural coccidiostats are contained in feed?
  6. N

    Ran out of Chick Feed help!

    I ran out of chick feed today and due to the holidays everyone here is closed. Can I mash up some plain Cheerios to get through the night or will this cause them to get sick? They are about 5 weeks old right now.
  7. EggMan207

    Can I feed my broilers the same starter/grower I feed my layers?

    Can I feed my broilers the same start/grower I use to feed my layers? It's blue seal multi-flock and has a protein content of 22%. I know I should feed my layers broiler food, but this seems like it would work... thoughts and insights needed. Thank you.
  8. N

    A break down of how much my pullet chicks ate at from 1-12 weeks of age and how I made a profit.

    I decided to grow out some chicks and sell them as pullets: here is some of my data from this experience. Back ground: I ordered 25 chicks from a hatchery after having only 5 pullets hatch from a local breeder when I had asked for 25 (it was off laying season and the hatch rate was something...
  9. Sergio19Peter

    Speed up the chicks growth

    When your baby chicks are about 4 months old add cat food to their diet the dried up mini ones. It will help your baby chicks grow in a rapid pace. Try it for one month it works miracles.
  10. theblondeangler

    Increasing Protein

    Two weeks ago, I changed the chicken feed. I was feeding them 16% layer pellets and increased it to 18% Hardy Hen by Nutrena simply because I noticed the hens were feather picking and eating the feathers. Along with their scratch grain, I put a couple of handfuls of BOSS a few times a week. I...

    Diffrent foods

    is it good to give chickens Chitons,hermit crabs And what other things can i give to my chickens as proteins and vitamins Cause i want them to grow natrually without any of theses injection pills or consumable processed things Also for the baby chicks aswel I know i didnt have to say baby...
  12. pclark17

    Experiencing first molt?

    Three of our four hens are a little over a year old and appears as if they have all begun a slow molt recently as the days have gotten shorter and the weather has begun to turn. We have noticed a little inconsistency in the egg laying during this time period which obviously I know is to be...
  13. Catherine Spencer


    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the most efficient egg layers are for the price of feed. I let mine run the backyard most daylight hours in addition to a good crumble feed. But I am finding it very financially upside down for the number of eggs I’m getting versus how much I’m...
  14. SheilaCondit

    Chickens with no intrest in composting

    My 10 hens and 1 rooster came from a place that had them in a run without grass and were fed from a feeder. I have a chicken coop, run, a enclosed yard, and acres of pasture with three 4 ft high mounds of horse manure. It's been 2 weeks since I let them in the pasture and I can tell you they...
  15. S

    How much scoops should feed an adult duck?

    Hello, how much should I feed an adult male khaki campbell duck? I feed him pellets/feeds 3x a day with four teaspoons per serving. How much is enough? I don’t have a gram scale or measuring cup so you might want to measure by scoops. Thanks
  16. N

    chicken bullying

    Im new chicken owner with four chickens, bought at 2 months old the beginning of april, so they are 6 months old now. The buff orpington has always been the smallest. we have 4 different breeds. Shes the last to come to food and water and the other birds seems to not be as shy and eat quicker...
  17. birdmandan

    How much feed to grow a quail to slaughter age?

    How much feed is required to grow a japanese quail to slaughter age? Up to 6 weeks, you are looking at over 1kg or 2.2lb of feed. Many people prefer to keep them til 8 weeks to ensure sufficient meat for a meal. That is an extra 350 grams of feed at least, if we assume they are eating 25...
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