1. Bird_Lover_17

    Round Bale or Square Bale?

    Hello people who have animals that eat hay! So, I know technically this should be on Backyard Herds (BYH) , but I do know that there are people here that also have goats/horses/cows/etc. This is your typical round bale (the GIANT ones) and the tiny square bales. So, cast your votes and feel...
  2. Weeg

    Horse supplies to have on hand for nay situation!

    I am building a vet shack with my family, where I can put lots of "vet" supplies, and treat my own, and my friends horses, and birds! I have a huge list of things to have on hand for chickens and ducks, now I jus need horse supplies. I am assuming the supplies are a lot alike, but I bet I am...
  3. Bird_Lover_17

    What's your goats favorite season?

    Hello Goat People! In my past few years of owning goats, I have noticed that my goats love autumn because of all of the leaves and acorns. :wee🐏 **Remember that we all live in different places with different species!** My other polls: Poll: Favorite Ice Cream Poll: Favorite (Sweet) pie
  4. kiskateara

    Goat appears to be sick/weak

    To sum this up, quickly: She was a bit lethargic, but improved today and has moved around more- never far into the pasture though. She may or may not have vomited, but I strongly believe she didn't since the only evidence I had was a wet/dirty jaw and mouth. She wasn't very vocal, but also...
  5. ChocolateWingTheRooster

    New goats!

    Hello! I just got goats for the first time and just wanted to show them off. Feel free to read this small thread from BYH on before I got them: https://www.backyardherds.com/threads/getting-goats.41064/ Anyway, here’s some pictures of them. The white goat is Cleobelle and brown goat is Clementine.
  6. FastEddy22

    Chicks days 1-13, bonus goat photo

    Chicks are 15 days old today, holy they are getting big so fast! I only have two of my old girls left, I have to get a few pics of them to share as well!
  7. Nendei

    Goats with Cocci?

    I’m familiar with Coccidiosis in chickens.. but with goats I’m not all much familiar with. How can we treat our goats for this disease? What medication? Dosage? If this isn’t where to post this, I honestly apologize..
  8. E

    Returning Member

    Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I joined about 2 years ago to ask a question about my Emus. I never introduced myself then. My name is Jim. I own what I call a gentleman farm in 84 Pennsylvania. 84 is mostly a farm country, it is where 84 lumber company came from, which now has 400 stores...
  9. TEaCup Acres

    Hi from Plant City, Florida!

    I am the chicken lady/goat momma of a bunch of little boys on TEaCup Acres. We have had chickens for a few years now, started with Japanese Bantam and now have a wide variety of backyard layers for eggs around the rainbow! We still need to get a pinkish egg layer and a dark brown egg layer...
  10. AnimalGeek23

    To 'save' or not to save?

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted a thread! :frow I recently visited a family friend's house(before coronavirus hit us), and I was surprised as I was greeted by a small goat. I believe it was an Alpine goat but I'm not sure. Not really a goat expert. They explained to us that they had...
  11. HappyFeetHens

    Reevaluating Boer/Meat Goat Feed - HELP!

    One of my Boer does is a yearling (born November 2018) and she’s just so small for her age. She’s a normal height, very long body and nicely built, and at fair, we were told she was built very well, with a nice long body and neck, but simple too small. She has no depth, little width, and I just...
  12. cityfarmer12

    Is it dangerous to let ducks swim in water runoff?

    Hello everyone! I have a small flock of 5 ducks that are currently penned up near the house in a chicken tractor. This winter, I am working on fencing off the back half of the property (about half an acre) to give the livestock (ducks, chickens, turkeys and hopefully goats) more room to...
  13. Bird-Whisperer

    Moving To a Different State

    Hi everyone! Although I recently joined BYC, I have been using this site for a few years to help me with my birds. I finally decided to join and ask some personal questions that I'm hoping y'all can help me with :) My family and I will be moving from Colorado to Southern California in a...
  14. AMaggio

    Turkeys and Goats on same pasture

    Hi everyone, I'm new to turkeys and goats but I'm playing around with the idea of having them share pasture. I know housing chickens and turkeys together can come with its own challenges, such as them sharing diseases, especially Histomoniasis/Blackhead. Then I had this idea that perhaps I could...
  15. SlantedViewFarms

    Introduction from NC!

    I am an accidental farmer.... I moved to North Granville County in North Carolina 5 years ago looking for land to possibly have horses.... well... No horses; however, I have Boer Goats, 37 chickens (don't tell my hens, but I think my roosters are awesome!), and Bourbon Red Turkeys. I also...
  16. faeryshimmer

    Goat constipation

    My girl just got over a bad case of scours where she lost a lot of weight. There doesn't seem to be bloating. Is there any way to stop the constipation without starting up the diarrhea again?
  17. FarmrGirl

    Maryland Poultry Swap & Farmers Market - SoMD Edition

    This Farming Market features all things Farm related, handcrafted, or homegrown. This includes but not limited to poultry, pigs, rabbits, small ruminants (ie: goats, sheep, calves, mini jerseys, etc.), hatching eggs, incubators, local honey, produce, flowers, started plants, and fruits &...
  18. HappyFeetHens

    HELP! Skittish Show Goat/Regaining Trust

    This year I’m showing a boer meat breeding doe at my county fair. When we first bought her, she loved me. I has her to wear I could skip a halter on no problem and walk her without any big issues, just training her to stay where she needs to be and such. She was super sweet, was cuddly and...
  19. G

    3 Month old goat pregnant?

    I have 2 Nigerian dwarf kids they are about 3 months old, one is a weather and the other is a doeling. I shouldn't be worried about her being pregnant, right? I feel her udders and they feel like really small balloons when we first got her they were flat and felt like nothing. When we got her...
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