1. M10lk

    Lump on goslings neck

    My 5 week 5 days old gosling has a hard lump on the side of her neck, (she is the one who I had previously posted about with the yolk sack). She is well and healthy, eating and drinking lots but I’m unsure of what this could be, I thought at first it could be a full crop but it seems too high...
  2. C

    Toulouse Gosling is overpreening/itchy

    Hey everyone, looking for some advice for my gosling. I recently got a shipment of 4 chicks of various breeds and a gosling to help protect my backyard flock. They're all being raised together, but since about day 2-3 of having them, we started to notice a wet spot above her right wing, which...
  3. J

    Embden Gosling HELP

    We have two 7 day old embden goslings in a brudder and we’ve noticed a few things. We need help tips, or direction please. - our male gosling had his left foot turned in a bit, and is currently (day 7) not eating much. Female is eating well, but the male is off to the side shaking his head. -...
  4. A

    Goslings with slightly older chicks

    Hi, We currently have 9 chicks (a mixture of egg-laying breeds) who are about 4 1/2 weeks old in a brooder in our garage. Last week we got two goslings, and they are set up in a brooder right next to the chicks. We intend at least one of the geese to be a guard goose for the chickens (we also...
  5. Sunnysflock

    Does my Goslings have a respiratory infection

    Hi I picked up a African gosling that 1 1/2 weeks old yesterday, she wasn’t eating dry food very well so I wet it today and just a minute ago I was looking at it and we was acting like there was somthing in here mouth and some clear liquid came about her nose that was the Consistency of watery...
  6. G

    Gosling appears to be having trouble breathing

    Hello, I have a pair of two week old goslings I brought home a few days ago and one appears to be having trouble breathing. She is eating, drinking, and pooping normally and I have checked the temperature but she is still having trouble. She is breathing with her mouth open and it appears to be...
  7. fluffball20220426_171102.jpg


    Two days after hatch
  8. M10lk

    Advice needed on gosling with yolk sack.

    I recently hatched out two Sebastopol goslings one completely healthy normal boy and another girl who had some difficulties. She hatched very enthusiastically completely on her own but for some reason hatched with the yolk attached, after some reading I think it may have been due to humidity...
  9. IvysAnimals

    Any Adoptable Geese?

    Hello! I have 1 male French Toulouse goose named Jacque Goosteau. He's about 2 years old and I adopted him from someone who had two other Chinese geese selling as a pair for breeding. ( Didn't work out with the couple so they did something else with the geese ) I'm not sure if I'm looking to...
  10. T


    can geese eggs be taken out of the incubator during hatching? I read that they need to be taken out but idk if it’s true.
  11. C

    Does this GOSLING have prolapsed or maybe a hernia? Please help 🥺

    Had my first gosling hatch, 4 turned out perfect, but this was my little straggler. I had to assist to get out. I only helped so much and let him or her get themselves out which it did. But what am I looking at that's puffy and pink? Is that normal? Thanks guys!!!
  12. Gengar

    Underdeveloped Gosling from Metzer?

    Hi all, first time posting here. Just wanted some advice on what seems to be an underdeveloped gosling that we recently received from Metzers. We had a small order from them of 3 female mixed goslings (ended up with 2 white chinese and some kind of crossbreed?), but one was pretty messed up...
  13. CloneFly

    Getting Along? Gosling and Chicks

    Hello Everyone! I'm probably overusing this forum, but I'm honestly super thankful for all the help I've received so far... this is a completely new experience for me and I hope to be able to help others in time too as I learn 🙂 Today's question is; how do I get my African Gosling and chicks...
  14. FinleyMcChicken

    3 day old limping

    Hi! This is my first set of ducks and when I looked into the baby pen she was running weird. Upon further inspection, it’s as if she broke her leg. Is there anything we can do for her? She’s about 3 days old. I can try and get a video if that’s more helpful. I’ve attached pictures of her leg and...
  15. D

    Why do my adult geese try to kill they're own gosling ?

    Hi, so here's the story. I had a female and male geese, and they had 8 eggs. 7 of them has hatched, and the last one hasn't (probably because it's not a fertilised egg). and i thought all the goslings is fine, but when i saw the 7th gosling, i noticed that he can't walk properly. so we brought...
  16. P

    Gus the gosling looks like his gagging.. is he?

    So Gus the gosling is 5 weeks old today, his grown so much it’s crazy to think he could fit in the palm of my hand only 5 weeks ago! (Even though he still likes to think he can still fit in my hand now). He has been doing this weird thing at random ever since he was born where he will open his...
  17. Chrifister

    Gosling looks dizzy and is weak

    Long story short, we had ordered 21 ducklings and 3 Emdben goslings from out West. One of the goslings was only half the size of the other two. We ended up losing six of the smallest ducklings so we feared for this small gosling. While it wasn't a leader of the flock like the other two, it did...
  18. Hannahnic14

    Chicken mom just became a gosling mom....

    So I went to pick up a gold laced sebright rooster and not only brought him home but a 5 day old Roman tufted gosling as well! The lady I got it from gave me some basic care info and said they didn't get alot of ailments but to make sure there was ALWAYS water available. I have it housed with my...
  19. zydrate

    Gosling aspiration help

    My geese hatched their own goslings, so they simply walk around with them, this morning all of them were fine and excited to get out of the pen and eat, as always. Much later in the day I noticed one was acting lethargic while swimming with the others, just floating around and looking tired. A...
  20. J

    Gosling moving out to the coop/run. Best housing/bedding?

    We took in a baby gosling right around the time I hatched 5 eggs in the incubator. The gosling and chicks have adapted to each other well! My question is: when I move them to the big coop/run this week, what is the best bedding and sleep method for the gosling. It’s getting big and the chicks...
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