1. J

    Holderread - American Blue and Lavender Ice Geese

    Holderread’s website states that the 2020 breeding season will be their last for shipping duckings and goslings. I ordered a pair of Blue and Lavender Ice American goslings in 2019, and am so glad that got them when I did. That said, I am hoping there are other folks with these same geese for...
  2. servpolice

    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    So, I was waiting for someone to make this thread but I got a suprise this morning on the 1st of January 2020 which forced me to start the 2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long :) I've never had a goose egg this early and everyone here is suprised but yet again not suprised because the mating, fighting and...
  3. OneFowlMama

    Toulouse Gosling Can't Walk - Our Journey With Niacin Deficiency

    Before I get started I'd like to spoil the ending here because if you've found this post you're probably a Mama (or Papa) in the middle of a freak out just like I was. My 5 week old girl Lil Peep has made a full recovery this morning, she is up and walking like nothing happened, eating and...
  4. DuckFrenzy247

    Geese in Texas!

    Hey y’all! I’m right out of San Antonio and am looking for goslings to raise! Please help!
  5. DuckFrenzy247

    Goslings or Geese eggs

    Hey y’all! I’m looking for some goslings or goose eggs! I live in Texas near San Antonio. Please send suggestions!
  6. G

    Baby Gosling not eating

    Hi everyone, I have a gosling that is about 9 days old. It was hatched by our adult geese (she hatched 4) and has been raised by her as well. So far it’s been doing great. It free ranges with the adults and its siblings, and they are all very healthy. This morning however, one of the geese got...
  7. Squeak61

    Goose beak changing color

    Hello everyone. As my African goose is maturing and her knob is starting to grow, her black beak is starting to turn a orange around the edges of her beak, and almost her entire knob. I’m very confused on where this orange is coming from. I bought her from Metzer as a baby. Could she possibly be...
  8. Playford Flats Farm

    Introducing geese & goslings

    A few months ago I bought four goslings after doing extensive research and I love them. Two Romans and Two Pomeranians. They’re about 3.5 months now, and I’ve been offered two more goslings, which are Chinese. They’re about 1.5-2 months old. I’ll be picking them up in a week, and I was...
  9. Table4Six

    Gosling - Labored Breathing

    I had a White Chinese gosling hatch July 1. It was the only good egg out of the clutch so I immediately began looking for another gosling around the same age to keep it company. I picked up an African gosling a couple days ago(Chinese is one week old, African is two weeks old) and fortunately...
  10. L

    Gosling with wry neck

    I went to get my lone gosling a friend from a local breeder and one of the babies had wry neck and she said she was going to cull him. I asked if I can give him a chance instead. I’ve been giving vitamin E, neck massage, daily exercise, tried handmade splints but nothing seems to be working...
  11. S

    7 week old goose wont eat greens

    My 7 week old goose barely grazes and wont eat other greens either . shes fixated on the starter crumbles. Barely eats anything besides this . what can i do ? Anyone have this happen? I been supplementing with vitamins and niacin in water ... And keep greens available at all times.
  12. S

    How do migratory bird laws apply to hybrids ?

    I spoke to a warden about laws to own canada geese a while back and from what i understood one must purchase from a permit holder and then follow state laws if any apply . oh and never loose that receipt/ form . out of curiosity i asked about hybrid canada geese / migratory birds and how the...
  13. ducklady789

    HELP!!!! Week Old Toulouse Gosling Seizures/Spasms

    Hi friends. So I have a big problem. I have a buff Toulouse gosling who is about a week old. Earlier today he was just fine. He was with the other babies and they were all doing great. However, I went to check on them and I found him on its back. I picked him up and he flipped back onto his...
  14. J

    Gosling Injury/Molting/Mites?!

    I have two Gosling that are roughly four weeks old I believe. One of them has spots that seem to be different than the other and I'm not sure if it is normal or cause for concern.
  15. Ducks and geese7

    Goose eating eggs

    I've had a goose sitting on eggs for 35 days. The eggs were due to hatch. My other female goose decided to lay on them too. So both of my geese were laying on the eggs. Last night I went to check on them and saw a baby had pecked a hole in its egg and was ready to hatch. I left it alone. The...
  16. S

    Looking for Canada goose goslings or eggs to purchase

    Hello, We are looking to purchase a canada goose (or canada goose hybrid) fertile egg or gosling asap for our new homestead. Preferably 2. Where can i find them? Does anyone have any for sale atm? Looking for seller with permit to sell them. Please lmk if you know of anyone! THANK YOU!
  17. superduckrescue

    Gosling and duckling in need of fosters!

    We have a gosling (sparkles) And a duckling (beverly) They need chick starter pine shaveings water a safe in door pen and heat & a place to cool down. We also have sunflower and pine for adopton and foster
  18. superduckrescue

    Gosling and duckling in need of fosters!

    We have a gosling (sparkles) And a duckling (beverly) They need chick starter pine shaveings water a safe in door pen and heat & a place to cool down. We also have sunflower and pine for adopton and foster
  19. S

    Advice on Baby Gosling

    So we got geese that we were told are too old to have goslings but then 2 of then had nests with eggs. After awhile 6 hatched and the geese flock(of 6 adults) wanders around with them and occasionally sits on the remaining eggs. This has led to some random newborn goslings hatching and usually...
  20. G

    Does this gosling have angel wing?

    This African gosling is approximately 5 weeks old. Most of its diet through the past 4 weeks consists of Mazuri Waterfowl Starter and romaine lettuce but also had a little Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles (non-medicated) and cabbage. It seemed to eat a little of grass in my parent's backyard last...
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