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  1. Chihirolee3

    chickens started laying! Egg questions

    So my Rhode island red pullets have started laying! They were born in February. I have no roosters, but I do have guinea fowl (males and females). My miscovys haven't started laying. So I have a few egg questions. I am very new to birds and have only had my birds free in their run since we June...
  2. Marmack

    single guinea hen left with 50+ eggs

    so my guinea story goes something like this (2 hens & 1 male)..... over the past 4-6 weeks the 2 hens have been laying eggs in the coop under the nesting boxes. They laid over 50 eggs at my last count before one of the hens started sitting on the nest. The second hen never became broody and...
  3. Chihirolee3

    working hard on run building

    Sothis past weekend was run work. I put posts in the ground to make a 32x10' run. My husband and I made the ceiling out of old cattle panels, so his 6'5" frame can walk in the run. We also put horse fencing around the perimeter. Today I am digging trenches and putting chicken wire around the...
  4. P

    Guinea Fowl not eating / sitting alot

    Hi! I have a single male fowl by the name of Junior living with my brood of chickens (8 hens + one rooster + one Jr.) right now. Recently, Junior got an eye infection from either coming into contact with something dirty or from being pecked at by the rooster, we're not too sure, and while we...
  5. leolseven

    Is my guinea hen trying to hatch her eggs?

    my guinea hen is a year old, and she keeps going back into her nest and laying on her eggs every so often. My male guinea will sit outside the coop and wait for her. I was wondering if this is normal behavior, and if she is trying to hatch some baby chicks!
  6. Krazyquilts

    SOLD - Adult Male Guinea Fowl for Sale or Trade (Northeast Ohio)

    Update: ALL SOLD Pearl Guineas, straight run, $15 each. There's 4-5 of them Fancy Guineas $20 each, including a Bronze male, a Pied male, a Lavender female, and a White female. If you buy several, I'll give you a discount. For the Pearl Grays, buy 2, $12 each. Buy 3, $10 each. If you buy more...
  7. Chihirolee3

    New bird mom; Guineas, ducks, and chickens

    So I've been lurking on this forum for a few months now and decided to join now that spring is here (or at least supposed to be here). My husband and I are completely new to birds. We have wanted chickens since we got married, and this past fall it finally happened, with ducks. We got 3...
  8. T

    Injured Guinea Fowl - teenager - possible pelvic break

    PLEASE HELP! Good morning all, New to this site and also no real knowledge of trying to help my rescued guinea fowl so bare with me. On Thursday last week I saw one of my free roaming guinea fowl lying on its side. This was at a distance and figured it had succumed to our current drought. A...
  9. St1ckyBum

    Adding Keets to Broody Hen with Chicks...?

    Hello all! I have a rather odd question. I have a broody hen who is due March 9th with 8 chicks. I am planning on adding 3 guinea hens to our flock which are available March 21st. Do you think I could slip these under the momma hen with the then-to-be 2-week old chicks? I am not sure if momma...
  10. B

    Guinea fowl nesting habits.

    Hey everyone! We have 11 Guinea fowl (6 hens and 5 cocks) and are expecting eggs soon. I have a few questions. A. When do guineas start laying their eggs? Are they laying now, or in March and April? B. We have two chickens and a rooster. Will the chicken hens raise the keets once they hatch...
  11. Sussex123

    Info on Chickens, Ducks, Pheasants and Guinea Fowl

    I have a few questions about chickens, ducks, pheasants and guinea fowl. Let me explain the coop arrangement, space and my experience. I have really 4 chicken coops well what is being used as chicken coops at the moment. I have one coop that is 16 square metres, another probably 120 square...
  12. kegr


    Hi. I'm new to Backyard Chickens, but not new to chickens. We have had laying hens off and on for 10 years or so. We also get a batch if meat birds every spring. I love the feeling of not being dependent on the stores for my chicken and eggs. We also guinea fowl, turkeys, 2 nanny goats and a...
  13. G

    Can I keep 1 male Guinea and 2 RR hens

    I saved a Guinea keet from my neighbors it got left behind by the mother in my yard and just moved in with my two Rhode Island Red hens. Now he is grown up and I say he because he is starting to do the infamous Guinea yell, so I'm wondering now will this be okay? Will they try to mate? Should I...
  14. M

    Tame Guinea Fowl

    Guinea Fowl love the other Guinea sounds on YouTube. When they hear it playing on my phone from in their coop...they come right in at night.
  15. Lost Creek Hollow

    LF Turkeys, Guineas & Goose Eggs

    Located in the Panhandle of Florida. Don’t mind shipping the eggs in. Will drive within 2 hours for significant egg amounts. Will drive up to 3 hours for breeding pairs (or trios) the actual birds.
  16. Mountainwalker

    Chickens saved by guinneas!

    We had a bobcat trying to get into the chicken run this morning, the guineas went ballistic so I ran outside with my rifle and there it was, trying to get in, it already killed a bunch of our birds few days ago when we were away celebrating a birthday only to come back to see our favorite buff...
  17. brazz

    Guinea won't stand or walk

    I bought my guineas as chicks and have 4 of them. They are about 4 or 5 months old now. I noticed a few weeks ago that one of them was missing. After searching I found it sitting by itself which was very odd. It would get up and run off when i approached it but would sit right back down. The...
  18. B

    Need Guinea fowl advice please!

    Hi guys, I have 6 guinea fowl, and tonight two of my girls each ate one baby Sonoran Desert Toad. They are poisonous, potentially fatal to dogs, but does the toxin affect Guinea Fowl? I know they eat spiders and rattlesnakes....but... any help on this would be great. Google is hopeless lol...
  19. M-rra

    Codependent Guineas?

    Hi all, I'm a brand new guinea owner. I've had mine since May. They have been really great and easy but in the last couple of weeks they've been super codependent! They are free-range during the day and they had been staying relatively close to the coop and entertaining themselves. However, in...
  20. mEGGieS

    Getting Guineas to Return to the Coop

    Good morning, To start, here is the story behind the question "How in the World do You Get Your Guinea Fowl to Return Home on Their Own?!" Yesterday was a hard day to have guineas... I left one guinea in the barn to entice the girls to return, the second of my hens got chewed on by one of...
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