guinea fowl

  1. Blazegglo

    Could this guy be a guinea fowl?

    Ok so I know I keep asking what this chick could be. I got it at tsc. They said it was a bantam. But could it be a guinea fowl? It looks a lot like one...
  2. cqangie29

    What are can I let my guineas free range?

    Hi, I have 6 six week old guinea fowl. 1st time guinea fowl owner (or any other farm animal lol) At the moment, they are in my workshop. I've created a run for them and sleeping area with heat lamps. They are running around, flying around and seem to be wanting to be roaming outside. They are...
  3. Guinea fowl

    Guinea fowl

  4. A_Fowl_Guy

    Digging holes

    anyone know why my guinea fowl dig random holes on my property?
  5. R

    I am thinking of getting Guinea fowl

    I have been doing research on keeping Guinea fowl but have not been able to find and answer to one question. Can Guinea fowl roost in an old chicken coop? I have an old hen run that is not in use. It is 25x30 feet. The chicken coop is 5x7feet. I was thinking of getting Guinea fowl. But I cannot...
  6. Raising Guinea fowl 101: A beginners guide to raising Guinea fowl

    Raising Guinea fowl 101: A beginners guide to raising Guinea fowl

    General info: Guinea fowl belong to the Numididae family, they are related to pheasants, turkeys and other game fowl. Guinea fowl originate in Africa and were first introduced to Europe back in the 1400s. Frequently used terms and their meanings: Guinea cock- male guinea fowl Guinea hen -...
  7. M

    New Member

    I just joined up and hope to exchange ideas and gain wisdom from those who have been into chickens for a long time Also, if I have a health concerns with one of my birds, I hope to get some healing ideas. I live outside of Grants Pass, Oregon on a few acres in the woods with my husband. We are...
  8. G

    Limping Guinea Hen

    my flock of 15 have been in their coop/run for the past few days due to excessive rain. I just let them out this morning to free range and one of my birds is limping. 1. How do I catch the guinea hen to look at it?! 2. What should I be looking for (if I were to catch him) ?? 3. Could the...
  9. CC83A206-8B7D-4B50-ADCD-A65F668DA5D6


    It’s hard work keeping your eyes on 15 youngsters. Papa G brought the keets back into the yard for a break.
  10. June Chick

    Tell Me About Guineas

    Alright. A little while back, a fox got 4 of my chickens, and just last night, a cat somehow managed to get my 3 chicks. I've heard Guineas can make great additions to the flock and are on constant alert for dangers, and get LOUD if something is out of place. Tell me ALL about Guineas. What...
  11. G

    Need Help Guinea Fowl layed eggs

    Hello , today I came to feed my guinea fowl and I noticed there we're 6 eggs on the floor . IDK what to do I put dry grass and put the eggs in there in the coop (didn't touch the eggs ) today I went to check on it but the hens are not laying on the eggs I don't know what to do this is the 1st...
  12. B

    Lone Guinea advice...

    I adopted 4 guineas who were dumped on my property last year. One by one they have been picked off by owls/hawks. I have one left. He is very lonely since his mate was taken while sitting on her nest in the tall grass, and now he will not leave the back porch, even to look for bugs. He sleeps...
  13. AudieWarren

    Squad goals

    Just a typical day around the farm. Taking pictures of the flock.
  14. glambka

    ISO Guinea Hen eggs

    I’m in Southeast Michigan, 30 miles north of Detroit, very near Lake St. Clair. I’m looking for guinea hen eggs...several dozen for egg art. Looking to pay no more than $2 a doz, but will tak up to 10 doz. please Convo me if you are NEAR my location (Macomb county).
  15. G

    Guinea Fowl - When will they fly/roost?

    Hi Everyone, i'm new to this fine community and after searching through some past threads, thought i'd just ask my question and hope someone has the answer for me :) We've had guinea fowl for about a month and a half. I bought them at an auction and they didn't have an age but were obviously...
  16. AudieWarren

    All birds welcome.

    Can't find a new home? Are you around andersonville ga? I can help. Apparently my home has become the home to relocate unwanted or unable to care for birds. We have happily taken in pheasants, turkeys, and chickens. A peahen even adopted us. If you need a good home for a feathered friend, feel...
  17. champignon

    Help with guinea keet - dirty belly and butt

    Hi all. I posted about this yesterday in the guinea fowl forum, but thought maybe I might get more response here. I have six 9 or 10-day old keets (exact hatch day uncertain, purchased from feed store). On days 5-7 a few of them had pasty butt but that seemed to clear up after I stopped...
  18. libarena

    Coop training guinea fowl??

    Need some ideas. Currently doing the bell training approach and letting out a few at a time. They’re probably about 12 weeks old? And are quite friendly with me since I started doing the bell training but I am so nervous about letting them out as a group because once they are out, they LOVE...
  19. AMoritz

    1st guinea hatch, 5 eggs are 10 days older!

    Hi, This is my first post here. I have 6 cinnamon Queen chicken hens, 2 guinea fowl males, and 2 guinea fowl hens. That being said I've had a broody cinnamon Queen sitting in a nest if eggs for awhile, so I decided to do my own batch of guinea eggs in my incubator. I put them in my incubator on...
  20. M

    Gift of a dead guinea

    my friend is raising guineas for mostly eggs and pest control. This morning she found a cock with a broken neck in her coop. She isn't enamored with the idea of processing it so decided to give it to me. I've read forums and watched videos. I think I know what I'm doing. My biggest issue is that...
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