guinea fowl

  1. K

    Extremely Friendly Guinea Hen named Pudding Pops

    I raised 6 guinea hens last year, sadly only 2 are still alive due to hunters and predators! I have my female and one of my 5 males, who I have named Mean Bird. So I know that guinea hens aren't friendly birds, that they prefer not to be touched, and will chase a dog out of your yard screaming...
  2. Fenika

    ISO Heritage chickens and quality guineas (and maybe ducks). Location-Delaware

    Hello, It's been a long time since I've posted. I'm looking for some nice egg laying chickens (dual purpose okay) that have good bloodlines, along with some guinea fowl (any type). A small flock of ducks is likely in my future too. The last time I got birds I got runty dual purpose chickens...
  3. K

    Only One Guinea Hen Hatched!!

    I ordered 14 pastel guinea hen eggs on ebay, that was probably the cause of my "issue" I use issue lightly because there's nothing wrong with the single guinea keet that hatched. Actually she's the prettiest chick i've ever seen. Pudding Pops is her name and she's about 3 and a half months old...
  4. B

    Guinea fowl found our chickens

    Hi, So our ten chickens have a completely enclosed run connected to their coop to keep them safe from predators. Today, a lone guinea fowl discovered them, we believe it's a male from the call but could be mistaken. He has been sitting and exploring next to the run. He only leaves when we go...
  5. elysiumnic

    The Locke Homestead in CT

    Hello and good day! We started raising poultry in 2016 and growing in size and understanding every day. Our first Chick Day at the local lumber yard was a site not for the weak at heart. Reserving chicks didn't occur because I couldn't make my mind up in time. Lucky for us, they had extras and...
  6. K

    Something is wrong with my male guinea's eyes

    Okay so I'm very concerned about one of my young male guinea's eyes. I noticed yesterday that his left eye was swollen and half way shut. I figured one of the others pecked him, or he just got something in it. Today I noticed that both eyes are swollen shut and the poor thing can't see and keeps...
  7. R


    Hello all, I believe my wife will also be joining and may duplicate some info but here is a summary. We are new this year to chickens and Guinea Foul. We have 4 chickens(funny story) and 4 Guinea. I believe 2 male and 2 female. Both groups are about 2 month old and outside in the coup...
  8. Joe Soslick

    New Guinea Fowl Keeper in Michigan

    Hello! My wife and I just recently started raising guineas. We recieved 21 guineas from a place in Zeeland, MI and have been raising them since they were keets. We're almost to week 4 now. Our main interest in getting guinea fowl over any other birds or animals currently is to help control the...
  9. Jennysuey

    Guineas with chicks and ducks?

    I'm new to rural living, and raising chicks and ducks. We have 11 2 month old chicks and 2 ducks. They're doing great, free ranging and sleeping in coops at night. We have a major bug and tick problem in our area and I keep hearing guineas are the way to go. We have 12 acres, 3 of which are...
  10. racingandsavingmama

    My Guinea's may have diarrhea

    Help! I just got these guys about 2 days ago and I noticed some of them have a hard poop cap over their butts. Is there something I can do to help them? I don't want to lose any. Thanks so much!
  11. racingandsavingmama

    Raising baby chickens with baby guineas

    So this may be a strange question. I just bought 9 baby guinea fowls and 3 baby ducklings and have a big bag of game bird starter for them. I would like to raise chickens with them so that they all get along but wondered how I would do the food with them altogether. Can baby chickens eat the...
  12. LongevityKitchn

    Raising Peafowl Chicks with Guinea Chicks

    Hello, We are raising 22 guinea keets and 4 peafowl, all of which are only 1 month old. They are in our house right now, in separate cages (guinea in one, peas in the other). We converted a horse stall into a coop for the birds, all enclosed with chicken wire to keep predators out. We raise...
  13. Mountainwalker

    New Chicken enthusiast!

    Hello! Myself, my wife and our three children started a small homestead in the sequoia national forest in California 4 years ago and recently started our own flock of chickens, it has been amazing so far! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes we are very new, we...
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