1. Knigge

    Still air hatcher?

    I have 3 silkie hens and they are laying like crazy right now. I know, crazy with the cold but either way they are. It's killing me putting these eggs in the fridge so I'm saving about 5 days worth at a time and sticking them in my Hovabator. I want to keep adding eggs each week, but eventually...
  2. Kenny_

    Hatching/Hatcher Issues

    Hello I've been using my GQF Hovabator that has been doing excellently for the first 18 days and then moving the eggs to my r-Com MX50 for hatching since it's easiest to clean/sanitize and also easiest to maintain a set humidity. Here is my issue: I'm having a rising number of dead in shells...
  3. Nyla

    My Hatcher & Incubator!

    Here is my new project! It's a side by side Fridge and Freezer! The freezer part will be my hatcher and my incubator will be the Fridge part. This is my Fridge: We had to take off the doors, and glass shelf's to get it out their house. Got it home and had a Fridge repair man remove the...
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