1. O

    Need help with multiple breed identification.

    Hi all!, I got my hands on a bunch of fertilised eggs from an organic chicken farm through a friend and have successfully hatched 6. I am unable to contact the farm, but was wondering if anyone can help with breed identification and sexing. They are all 5 weeks. Let me know if I need to post any...
  2. StrivingForBetter

    Guess the breed(s)?!

    I bought two chicks from Atwood's yesterday to keep my lavender Orpington company. Care to guess the breed? I thought maybe barred rocks or Wyandottes..
  3. EFrentz

    What breed is this?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post. We ordered 10 Barred Rock pullets from Rural King, but ended up with only 4 actually being BRs. Two others I think are going to be Leghorns, and the rest look like this little girl. Can anyone tell me what she might be? Thanks in advance! (She is about 3 weeks...
  4. JusWingit

    Missing Identity

    Hello all, New to chickens and was given 10 chicks back in February. At that time I was told there were 6 Rhode Island Reds and 4 that they thought were Autralorps. As they grew, the 4 black chicks became distinctly different. 2 became completely black with black feet and the other 2...
  5. SeattleButtons

    Button Quail Color ID Help

    Hi all! I just brought home my new buttons today! The farm didn't really have the colors I was looking for, but I picked out what I thought I could work with. It was funny, actually, because I was looking for a tuxedo, and right when I thought they didn't have any, I saw one! The guy went and...
  6. Niche Flock

    Tiny black biting insects

    Hello! Just went out into my duck coop and was checking on my injured duck when I felt something biting my ankles...I looked down to see these tiny black insects all over my feet & ankles! I now have tiny red bites on my feet and am wondering what these little creeps are. Are they fleas...
  7. ameetze

    No waddle or comb

    What is she...full grown laying eggs...idk what color was given to me today 20170708_170358 by ameetze posted Jul 8, 2017 at 2:38 PM
  8. charles2213

    Chicken breeds

    I'm needing some help I have a chicken which is very odd looking I have attached a picture of it it has brown with black feathers and feathers on its feet any help will be greatly appreciated
  9. JohnCoturnix

    Is this a welsummer chick?

    I hatched some chicks a few days ago and there is a few of them that look like this : Now, I have a little bit older one that looked exactly the same when she was a baby Are they indeed welsummer chicks ?
  10. FatherBrown

    Wyandotte Gender Help, Please!!

    Hi! I have 2 GLW's that are 11 weeks old. We are not allowed to have a rooster where we live. The poultry exchange is tomorrow, so I need to know ASAP if one or both of our babies are cockerels. Thanks for your help!! Chick 1: Chick 2:
  11. lpatelski

    ZipChick ID

    ZipChick ID is designed to be used with zipties. The package will have 100 of each number 0-9 1,000 numbers altogether. Free shipping within the Continental US.
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