1. G

    Noisy Hens- Advice Wanted!

    Hi all, We have been raising 4 hens since they were chicks, they are just over 6 months old now. They have recently started to lay and with that they have become quite noisy throughout the day, & it is not just the “egg-song” (please see attached video). Ever since the chicks were old enough...
  2. S

    Super loud silky

    Have 3 young ones - first time chicken owner here. My white silkie just started being super loud right before dusk. She/he? is definitely the loudest of the 3...starting to wonder if it is a rooster. They are all about 9 weeks old now - 2 silkies and a barred rock. Any thoughts as to why she...
  3. Soleil_A

    My Hen is Crowing??? Need help!!

    Hi all!! Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!! So I have a small coop of 4. An ISA brown hen, RHW hen, and 2 bantams. One a english bantam and one a seabright. Only my RHW and English one are laying and the seabright is occasionally laying. In the morning, my mom claims she hears a...
  4. DecT

    Are Quails Neighbour-Friendly???

    So let me tell you the reason I am asking this very question... our neighbors were complaining about are RIR Rooster and how it was interrupting them during unsociable hours (evening, early morning) because of it loudness of his crow and to be quite frankly it did annoy me a little, so sadly we...
  5. Quailberries

    Pullets squawking all winter?

    My four EE pullets are showing signs of POL- squatting, rapid comb growth, egg laying song practice, it's all there. I was told they wouldn't lay until spring because of the lack of sunlight, and while I can be patient for the eggs, I REALLY can't wait for the egg laying ballad rehearsals to...
  6. maemanea

    LOUD Chickens

    Anyone know what's up with loud chickens? We have Polish ladies and they're obnoxiously loud during the day. I was losing my mind thinking they were possibly roosters at some point but, they're JUST loud. When I read about it, all there is info on is that it's a behavioral thing that means...
  7. TopazMaster91

    Very noisy bantam chicks- Help!

    Hello, long-time lurker- Nice to finally be joined up here! 27 years old, have three 7 months old pullets, and some newer additions: I just signed up specifically to ask this question, we have five chicks (OEGB, Japanese bantam(male), 2x Cochin frizzle bantams, one Polish standard) all...
  8. J

    Runner ducks SCREAMING!

    We've got runner ducks. Raised from eggs. They're now about 3 months old. 5 ducks, 4 drakes (drakes are going soon, but my partner can't bear to part with them yet.) They are still in a temporary enclosure on porch while we finish off their proper coop and run. It's about 8'x3'. It's definitely...
  9. M

    chick is too loud

    My chicks are being very loud. how do I stop it.
  10. M

    Help! Loud chicks!

    Hi all- I have 5 Golden Laced Wyondottes, about 2.5-3 weeks old. I'm new into the chicken world, so I don't know if the chirping is bad or not. I have them in a brooder with a hay, heat lamp, food, water, and perching stuff. I don't think they have been all that loud at all, but I just noticed...
  11. Quailberries

    Chick peeping loudly, help!

    My new SLW chick is sooo loud! She’s 2-3 days old now and has an Australorp friend who is near inaudible compared to her. On the first night we had them I decided to put in an old sweatshirt that they could cuddle up against, and that’s been working pretty well for the time being. They sleep in...
  12. Ra_

    Managing crowing volume

    I've had between 6 and 10 Serama roosters for a long time. I'm on an acre surrounded by vacant virgin acres. One neighbor used to have chickens but not anymore. The Serama aren't loud enough to bother my neighbors but I now have a Barred Rock who began crowing continuosly from about 4 am. His...
  13. H

    Neighbors are complaining!

    Hey my chicken peeps! I have two backyard chickens in San Mateo CA. Recently one of my ladies has been naming noise in the morning (let's say 6 am) and when we come out to open to coop we have a neighbor who is yelling out her window to "Shut those chickens up!". She has not reached out to us...
  14. BabySweetsTurkeys

    Please help :(

    I have 5, day old chicks in my brooder. All are doing extremely well, however my one barred rock wants to keep chirping really loudly. They’re eating and drinking like normal and have a full crop. What could this be? I’m very worried. I checked for pasty butt and there wasn’t any and the temp is...
  15. C

    Noisy chick

    i have only one chick at the moment and its really noisy. i cant tell if its panting since its chirping really loudly, even when i put it back in its incubator( new born and just moved into brooder) i dont think its cold since it isnt going under the lamp. is there any other ways to tell if its...
  16. NineChickens

    How loud are African Grey's?

    Ive read multiple places saying they are good apartment birds and other places saying they're loud. So what's the truth? And I dont mean talking im asking about when they scream and how often they scream.
  17. Headers Hen House

    Loud Hen When Alone?

    So my girls just started laying within the past couple weeks. They're on the same cycle pretty much, laying the same day just a couple hours apart which is great! My problem is that Bertha lays her egg first, then goes out into the yard...and is soooo loud because she wait's for Rick The Chick...
  18. reddpepper86

    RSL burying fake egg?

    Hi everyone! So earlier this week my 21 week old RSL has been squatting. Her comb/wattles have become much more red and her pelvic bones are about 2½ finger widths apart. I put a fake egg in one of their nesting boxes and she has been "rearranging" I guess you could say, ever since. Moving...
  19. Soleil_A

    what’s wrong with this egg?

    hello chicken lovers! so this morning around 7 i went and checked in the girls.. and saw these two eggs. I only have two laying now. what happened to these eggs? should i be worries? they did lay yesterday but i haven’t got anything yet today. also, i live in a subdivision where the neighbors...
  20. J

    Chicklings chirping loudly need HELP

    Hello community and thanks for looking at my issue right now I do appreciate any suggestion. Here's my problem when it's getting night time I want the chicks to be asleep but when ever I turn off the lights one out of the two chicks start chirping loudly and I'm not sure why I cover there place...
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