1. chickennuggt

    Mâle or Female ?

    Can someone help me identify gender ? I am thinking he(?) Is a male, but not sure. 4 months and 1 week old black Australorp chicken
  2. M

    Golden Laced Wyandotte Roo??

    We have 5 chicks who are 5 weeks old and all different breeds so hard to compare. This is our Golden Laced Wyandotte Princess (or maybe Prince) Leia! Haha trying to answer the age old question of male or female? Any input is appreciated!!
  3. Diveks

    Gender of a mixed bunch of chicks

    So i have two batches of chicks that i have together so the first 2 chicks won’t be so lonely as i had lost 2 of their siblings. The older ones are 6 weeks and the younger ones are a bit over 4 weeks old. The bully chick which i thought was a roo might actually be a hen. I also have an unknown...
  4. L

    What age? What sex? Help needed!!

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to backyard chickens and need help. the person I bought these off have said they are all hens and doesn’t know what age they are. Can you let me know if you think they are all hens and an approximate age if possible?
  5. BlueHorse17

    Little Men! - Quail Rooster Contest - no prize - ends August 15th

    Little Men! - Male Quail Contest Hi everyone! I’m really missing my boy Pretzel. He is the little guy up top. He was the sweetest, but he has a new home now. So I wanted to host a contest. I’d love to see all of your male quail! Rules 1. One male quail per post. 2. Unlimited entries per member...
  6. BlueHorse17

    Corturnix Quail Male x Female Ratio

    My males started crowing about a week ago. I’m wondering when my females might begin to lay? Also I took out some extra males because my male to female ratio was pretty bad. Wanted to nip it in the bud before my females got picked on. I left it with two males and seven females in a 3x6 foot pen...
  7. BlueHorse17

    Six Corturnix Quail - Lacey, WA

    Six male quail in need of a new 🏠.
  8. B

    Chickens Eye closed

    the chickens Eye is shut close, it is not swollen and walks only a bit. Does not poos and is sick. She is like a month old. She used to close one eye at first, slowly the second eye is also closed. The eyes look something like this it sbeen like a week, has she become blind.eye disease
  9. NorthEastGameBirds

    Still very young but does anyone know the sex?

    Only around 3 weeks old. Does anyone know any tricks or tips to help me know the sex of these two chicks? The eggs were a mix of shamo and Asil so not quite sure what I have either!
  10. chickenchicklady

    Frizzle chick sex?

    Can anyone help me identify this frizzles sex? Or is it too early?
  11. PamNeggs

    Sebring Gold? Gender?

    I've raised bantams in the past. However these seemed like older chicks from TSC have had them as of yesterday this is the 3rd week. Bit confused on this one. Bantams can't be sexed by wings mostly comb and those darn under chin things can't think of the word. Anyway what do you think?
  12. J

    3 Roosters Need A Home

    Hi everyone, Recently, we got a batch of chicks surrendered to our farm. Just our luck, 3 out of 9 chicks ended up being roosters. Two of the roosters are Black Australorps and one is an Easter Egger. They are about 4 months old now and very friendly! All of the roosters are vaccinated and...
  13. BarelyBirding

    Crevecoeur Chickens, Male/female?

    Hi, these two are my roughly 16 week old Crevecoeur chickens, I think the one with the spikey hairdo Is a cockerel, but I’ve never heard it crow, or even attempt to crow. All my other chickens that are cockerels have crowed already. It’s got a tiny bit of red on it’s waddles, but no visible...
  14. S

    Male or Female Black Indian Runner (Posted to the Chicken section by accident!)

    (I'm dumb and posted this to the chicken sexing forum instead of the one for ducks, and I don't know how to delete my thread so I can move it; I'm sorry.) Is Twisty a boy or a girl? He is the one making the raspy whistle sound (sorry about all the conflicting duck sounds, this was their first...
  15. chickenchicklady

    Female or male

    Hello! How hard is it to tell female vs male in a silkie? I have two silkies, they hatched may 11. I am just wondering if they should be laying by now or not if they are female. I’ve included a picture of my Naked neck, Ms. Frizzle😍
  16. SolarDuck

    Help sexing 1 muscovy duck

    hello, I have 1 muscovy duck that I have been spending all of my time with for the past 49 days, it is 49 days old. I'm thinking girl because she is feathering in very quickly and is still pretty small. I would love to get opinions as i want to get a friend soon for the little one but I don't...
  17. Catbutts

    Sexing Brahma by tail??

    Lots of people said that we can tale brahma chicken gender by a tail. How can I do that and what is my brahma gender? Thank you🐔🐔 (Those two are around 4 months old)
  18. ChickChic00


    Does anyone have any pictures of these crosses? Buckeye x Buff Orpington Buckeye x Rhode Island Red Buckeye x Delaware Buckeye x Barred Rock Buckeye x New Hampshire Buckeye x Jersey Giant White Buckeye x Jersey Giant Black Buckeye x White Leghorn Buckeye x Easter Egger Any pictures of these...
  19. quackquackmeow

    2 Pekins Availble in Shelby, NC

    Meet Ollie and Simon, Two young 11wk old drakes in need of a new home. I promised my daughter's they'd be friends not food so you'd have to agree to that stipulation. (◔ ‿ ◔) They've been well fed on non-medicated feed, free range are great guys. We live in Shelby, NC and are always around...
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