1. S

    Male or Female Black Indian Runner (Posted to the Chicken section by accident!)

    (I'm dumb and posted this to the chicken sexing forum instead of the one for ducks, and I don't know how to delete my thread so I can move it; I'm sorry.) Is Twisty a boy or a girl? He is the one making the raspy whistle sound (sorry about all the conflicting duck sounds, this was their first...
  2. chickenchicklady

    Female or male

    Hello! How hard is it to tell female vs male in a silkie? I have two silkies, they hatched may 11. I am just wondering if they should be laying by now or not if they are female. I’ve included a picture of my Naked neck, Ms. Frizzle😍
  3. S

    Help sexing 1 muscovy duck

    hello, I have 1 muscovy duck that I have been spending all of my time with for the past 49 days, it is 49 days old. I'm thinking girl because she is feathering in very quickly and is still pretty small. I would love to get opinions as i want to get a friend soon for the little one but I don't...
  4. Catbutts

    Sexing Brahma by tail??

    Lots of people said that we can tale brahma chicken gender by a tail. How can I do that and what is my brahma gender? Thank you🐔🐔 (Those two are around 4 months old)
  5. ChickChic00


    Does anyone have any pictures of these crosses? Buckeye x Buff Orpington Buckeye x Rhode Island Red Buckeye x Delaware Buckeye x Barred Rock Buckeye x New Hampshire Buckeye x Jersey Giant White Buckeye x Jersey Giant Black Buckeye x White Leghorn Buckeye x Easter Egger Any pictures of these...
  6. quackquackmeow

    2 Pekins Availble in Shelby, NC

    Meet Ollie and Simon, Two young 11wk old drakes in need of a new home. I promised my daughter's they'd be friends not food so you'd have to agree to that stipulation. (◔ ‿ ◔) They've been well fed on non-medicated feed, free range are great guys. We live in Shelby, NC and are always around...
  7. N

    What breed and gender?

    Hello I’m new to having chicks and I first started with 6 chicks but 3 ended up being pretty obvious roosters, anyway they got sent back. I am now down to 3 chicks. Chick #1 is 8 week old buff Orpington ( I have my doubts on the breed). Chick #2 is 7 weeks old light Brahma ( which is probably...
  8. K

    Salmon Faverolle roo or pullet?

    I got an ornamental assortment that should all be female, but being new at this I didn’t know selecting the free chick from the hatchery meant it’s most likely a rooster. I’m hoping our favorite chick is a hen because we can’t have a rooster here. After looking at the difference between them...
  9. Missythechickenlady

    Help crested cream legbar autosexing??

    Hello, So I recieved my crested cream legbars and they are supposed to be female. Ive looked at pictures and forms and a ton of info on cream legbars and autosexing. For an auto sexed breed there sure are alot of confused people like myself. Males are supposed to have a spot on the head and...
  10. 09EA8CDF-EADF-4BC1-8823-3FF4C44CA78B.jpeg


    RINGNECK Pheasant
  11. 8FCA3616-F8C5-4B57-A947-98B4A71FD08D.jpeg


    Red Golden Pheasant JR
  12. Laura_tudor

    Male or female, 8 week old lavender pekin x

    I know what my gut is saying but anyone elses opinion would be greatly appreciated TIA x
  13. M

    Maran Chicks .. Male or Female

    Hey everyone , we recently got 5 baby chicks who are now 3 weeks old . 2 of them are Marans and since we got them I have had a feeling that one is a male . I was looking up different ways to tell and found one page that showed pictures to determine gender from the wings (even though it’s not...
  14. Quacking ducks

    Bumble foot?

    I’m assuming this is bumble foot, but I’m not sure how to treat the sides of his toes. It’s like they are shredded. He doesn’t take kindly to me putting him on his back to deal with his foot. And he flinches when I touch it. Any ideas what to do. Thank you.
  15. Keely Noodle

    My FEMALE duck has grown a MALE tail curl!

    As the title says, my female duck has just grown a curly tail feather like all drakes have! I know that she is female because of her deep quack and most of all I have seen her lay an egg with my own eyes. When it first began growing I thought maybe it was just an out of place feather but today...
  16. Zrach

    For SALE or TRADE - 2 Ducks - Atlanta - $15

    I bought these two ducks last spring and they weren't the correct breed I ordered. So I am going to try again and purchase the breed I am looking for. They are in great health. 1 female and 1 male The male is gentle. Havent had any problems. Has bred successfully with female. $15 for the pair...
  17. ChickChic00

    Baby Lamb

    So I got 2 lambs and 1 goat two days ago. The lambs are male and female and the goat is female. The male Lamb I think is about 2 weeks old. He is 12.8lbs I gave him some milk in a bottle and he took it fine the day before but today he flat out refused the bottle. He wanted to eat straw instead...
  18. IizChicken

    Looking for a Pied Peacock in North Carolina

    Hi, I am currently looking for a Pied Peacock to buy or re-home in North Carolina. I'm near Raleigh and am willing to drive 1-2 hours. I have a small flock of about 2 hens, my others died :( but I will be getting 7-8 chicks, who free-range 6 acres. I am just looking for the one male who is...
  19. Ferreirabee


    Hello everyone! I have been a follower of BYC for years, but never joined until now! I am new to raising Bobwhite quail- I’m on the west coast, so I have never even seen one in real life. But I think they are gorgeous birds and I wanted to try to raise them. I opted for the Mexican Speckled...
  20. FathertoFeathers

    Are muscovy males aggressive?

    I have four other ducks and was thinking about getting some Muscovy Ducks. I know that the breed is pretty popular but I just wanted to know if the males are aggressive. I have a dog who tries to get the ducks sometimes and ive had them die from trying to protect the flock and being too...
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