1. 1Crzychknlady

    Are all these boys!? 😭

    Please tell me I still have a chance for atleast one of these marans to be a pullet! Almost 5 weeks old. First pic is of our for-sure cockerel who was hatched the same time as the others around 3/25.
  2. 1Crzychknlady

    Calling Marans experts! 3 week old chicks

    My marans purchased as straight run chicks are now 3 weeks old. Pullets or cockerels!? Chick 4 is my splash marans, chick 3 is my blue marans, and chick 2 is our other splash marans.
  3. Montymoo

    Is this broodiness? Pullet

    My 8 month old golden cuckoo marans has been very moody the past week. Grumbling about everything to everyone, yelling, growling and just being a general diva. The past 3 days I’ve had to go out and take her off the nest because she will sit there for hours, even if it’s only fake eggs under...
  4. Z

    Having fun with egg color genetics!

    Hello everyone! I never knew how deep into genetics you can dive when you start breeding and cross breeding to get fun variances! We have a mix of egg colors coming up in our flock and I’m looking for some help in better understanding the possible outcomes, and corrections on any wrong...
  5. H

    Which gender are our 12 week old black copper maran & bantam arucana?

    Hi fellow chooky lovers, We wanted to call on your collective experienes & expertise to help us determine the genders of our 12 week old Black Copper Maran and Bantam Arucana chicks (the arucana has a bit of lavender through the beard, which makes (hopefully) her look a bit scruffy) We are a...
  6. K

    Marans stopped laying

    Hi everyone :frow This is my first post and I appreciate any help I can get!! A wee back story: I have a hobby farm with ducks, Guinea fowl, blue azure hens, silkies, lavender Orpington and Marans. I have multiple poultry houses and chickens in different areas of my farm- they aren't...
  7. maringirl5

    Rural King Chicks - What are they?

    So once again I feel like I have been duped by the hatchery that Rural King uses! These are my "teenagers" that are about 3 months old (born in April) I picked out and bought 4 Cuckoo Marans, 2 Sapphire Gems and 2 Easter Eggers. One of the EE died after a week so that is why I only have 1 now...
  8. E

    How long does it take for feathers to regrow?

    Hello! I have got a French Copper Black Marans who is about a year old now and was the victim of some trauma from change and bullying, she looks awful and I’m wondering how long it will take for her feathers to regrow and for her to look beautiful again? For context (I’ll try to keep it brief)...
  9. L

    Salmon Favorelle pullet?

    I purchased her thinking she was a Salmon Favorelle pullet back in March, however now I’m wondering if she is a salmon, and if she is even a she! I am definitely no expert on this however when I see other videos and pictures of a salmon at this age they already have a beard/muff. My son also...
  10. Appalachick

    Green-footed new baby ❤️

    Does anyone have chickens that have green feet? My new chicks are ameraucana and Marans so I'm not sure what kind of mix she might be. I'm excited to see what she turns out to look like.
  11. C

    BBS Breeding Pens

    What do y’all believe to be the best scenario in a BBS pen?- particularly Ameracaunas and Marans. Blue roo over BBS hens? Black roo over BBS pens? Any other *kind* info is appreciated too!!
  12. KikiDeAnime

    Cuckoo Marans X Breeds / 2023 Breeding

    I'm starting this thread to show off offspring from breeding my Cuckoo Marans to different birds. Most will be the same breed while others will be breeds that I'll be pairing with him to produce meat birds from. I'm really excited to see how well his temperament gets passed down. I'll be sure to...
  13. Flower Feather Farm

    Flower Feather Farm

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? 15+ years (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 121 (3) What breeds do you have? Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Marans, Wheaten/Blue Wheaten/Splash Ameraucanas, Lavender Ameraucanas, Swedish Flower Hens, Jubilee Orpingtons, Olive...
  14. konachicks

    Getting back into chicken keeping after years

    Aloha from Hawaii! I am getting back into chicken keeping now that we own our place and can finally have them again. I was going to order chicks but Hawaii is strict and won’t let anything come in out of Ohio right now so our plan B is incubating eggs which I started today! We have a Nuture...
  15. Aziara

    Murray McMurray Cuckoo Marans genetics questions

    I've been goofing around with the Chicken Calculator, and I think I might have a crossbreeding gameplan. But, I want to know more about the genetics of the birds involved first. For example, the Cuckoo Marans from Murray McMurray, what is the 'extension of black'? 4 options on the calculator...
  16. D

    Are these Jersey Giants?

    Hi! I have a bit of a conundrum. You see, back in early May I purchased 8 day old chicks. 6 were supposed to be straight run Jersey Giants and 2 were supposed to be Mystic Marans hens. I could not tell them apart, but figured once they'd grown it would be easier to tell. The trouble is, now...
  17. B-flock

    Is MyPetChicken still affiliated with Meyer?

    I had a bad experience with Meyer and decided to go with MPC when ordering chicks this time around. But, I’m just now figuring out that the hatcheries are/were affiliated. The threads I saw are years old, so I’m here to ask if it’s possible that they’re not affiliated anymore? Meyer forgot to...
  18. S

    Standing Elk Farm

    Hi! We are brand new to chicken farming and have found it fascinating. Although full of ups and downs ( chicken losses and new ones too love); we are looking forward to this adventure. We are in love with everything chicken….and rabbit of course. (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you...
  19. ElizH

    1 year old Black Birchen Maran / Red Cross Rooster - ALABAMA

    1 year & 2 months old, this guy was an 'oops' egg that was placed mistakenly under a broody silked easter egger hen. The silkie hen raised him as her own and he's a great guy. Even being a cross, I think he's very handsome. He's gentle with his hens and has done well with just 2 hens as well as...
  20. ourlittlecoop2022

    Broody Hen Won't Adopt Chicks

    Hi All! Our broody French Black Copper Marans hen, Rowena, has been sitting on stone eggs for ten days now and is super broody. She is a year old and has been broody about six times already. Since we don't have a rooster, we've had to break her, but this time we thought bit might be fun to let...
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