1. Boer

    Hello from The Netherlands

    After reading quite a lot on this forum I think it's time for a brief introduction. Browsing the internet to learn more about turkeys I stumbled upon this great community. I find it very helpfull and entertaining to read all the experiences and comments of fellow poultry lovers. Since a few...
  2. ChickChickHorray

    Black Copper Maran and Oliver Eggers

    Hi all. I'm thinking about adding a Black Copper Maran and an Oliver Egger to my flock. I have a Blue Maran, but I read that Black Copper Marans aren't heat hardy. I live in West Tn, Zone 7. Is there any reason a Black Copper Maran would be any less heat hardy than a Blue Copper Maran? I keep...
  3. Labelles Velders

    Marans With Featherless Legs?

    Hello! I am VERY interested in getting Black Copper Marans in a few years (Those EGGS!), but I strongly dislike feathered legs (No offense, but I like my chicken legs sleek lol). Are Marans without feathered legs bred often? Would they be difficult to obtain via hatching eggs or from a breeder...
  4. Barnmaradotte

    Solved Local forum?

    I have not been on BYC in a long time. They used to have a forum / thread that was specific to your home state. Is this still an option? I can't seem to find it. I would like to find people close to me who may have hatching eggs I can drive to pickup instead of shipping during these cold times...
  5. T

    Blue copper marans feathering

    I have this gorgeous blue copper marans pullet, which is perfect in every way, exept for one. I've noticed a few tiny white feathers on her head. I'm trying to get my marans as perfect as possible, so this is quite imporant to me. Is this allowed? And can it be easily worked away? I'm planning...
  6. Choook

    Wheaten Marans 6wks - pullet or roo?

    I don't have any experience with wheaten marans so I'd greatly appreciate the advice of someone with more experience in sexing my 6-wk old wheaten marans. The shoulder, chest and leg feathers are a reddy clay colour - which is darker than the wheat colour I'd expect for a pullet, but not black...
  7. T

    Cream legbar x splash marans

    I have a splash marans roo and a bunch of cream legbar hens, what would the offspring look like if I crossed them together?
  8. MissMarple

    Difference between Black Cuckoo Marans and French Cuckoo Marans?

    I noticed something funky looking on my only Cuckoo Marans legs one day and thought it was weird and kinda gross, honestly. I figured I should probably keep an eye on them because it just looked so gnarly. Stupid me, I didn't realize she was growing freaking feathers on her legs!! They looked SO...
  9. ASteelman

    Aspiring Breeder & Exhibitor

    Hi everyone! My name is Adrienne. I am new to the forum, but not to chickens. I think I ordered my first batch of chicks from a hatchery five, maybe six years ago? Most of those chickens are long gone now unfortunately, due to predators getting into their coop. My husband and I have gotten a...
  10. F

    These Aren’t Cuckoo Marans, Are They?

    So two of my pullets were sold to me at 8 weeks as Cuckoo Marans. Now they’re about 6-7 months old and I find that they have clean, yellow legs. These are actually Barred Rocks, aren’t they? (They haven’t started laying yet)
  11. F

    When Will I See An Egg?

    Hello. I live in Knoxville, TN and have a small flock of backyard chickens. I have two Easter Eggers and two Cuckoo Marans. My girls are 6 months old now and loooking quite mature. I have a clean, comfortable coop & run for them, and it’s definitely big enough. They get to free range in our yard...
  12. Avisius

    Might this be Birichen Marans?

    Hi, I have this cockerel. It's about 16-17 weeks old. Pretty tall, compared to the other cochin cockerels with which it hatched alongside. I was wondering if it might be a Birchen Marans. I got it from someone who was not knowledgeable, so I have no background whatsoever on its breed, origin...
  13. BigBlueHen53

    Breed ID, please?

    This hen is 3 or 4 years old, best I know. I think the lady I got her from said she was a Copper Marans, but honestly it's been so long ago I could be wrong. As I've been watching and learning here on BYC I started thinking she might be a Cuckoo Marans ... but I think she lays an olive egg...
  14. Mamaporter

    Midnight Majesty Marans chick- sexed “pullet” looking questionable...

    3 week old midnight majesty marans chick purchased as a pullet from TSC. I haven’t seen any obvious roo behaviors yet but the comb is big and the chick has small tail feathers(and some seriously huge feet )... what say you?
  15. Mr D

    What do you prefer to own: Feather-legged French Marans or Clean-legged English Marans?

    What do you prefer to own: Feather-legged French Marans or Clean-legged English Marans?
  16. Mr D

    Feather-legged versus Clean-Legged

    I’m curious, take Marans for example, you have the French feather-legged variety and the English Clean-Legged variety. What sells better?
  17. Shellebelle920

    Ungrateful hens? Or I’m being impatient

    I just started with chickens a few months back. My hens have all hit 19 weeks this week and there is not an egg in sight. I have Marans, legbars and leghorns. I only have 7, but I do keep a gorgeous legbar cockerel in with them most days. Could they be stressed from him? They don’t seem to be...
  18. 31chixandcounting

    Roo or a han?what breed?

    Hi, this chick came with a straight run. It is 8 weeks old. I can tell of a roo ( the comb isn't very red and doesnt behave like the other roos I have so far). I also need help ID the breed - is it a blue ( splash orpington) or a marans?Thanks
  19. Trimurtisan

    The Quack Shack

    Good morning folks of BYC! My name is Trimurtisan, but to keep it easy, just call me Trim. I did an introduction, but here's some more general information about myself and what's got me going quackers. I am a 36 year old father of eight, although only two of those happen to be human. We...
  20. baunlee

    Hatching Eggs 12 Black Copper Marans

    I've been raising black copper marans since 2014. I figured I would try to see if there was an interest here. Eggs pictured show ones I'm most proud of. The male pictured is the roo I use to breed. You can check out my facebook page marysmarans for more information and just general info about...
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