1. MMF20

    Wheaten Marans Cockerels

    For sale in NH I have 2 Wheaten Marans boys who need new homes. One is 5 months old (hatched 6/25) and one is 3 months (hatched 8/21). Both are non aggressive. Hatched from breeder focusing on SOP. Dual purpose heritage breed with dark egg gene can be used for breeding or for meat. Price...
  2. Nymphoides

    Sexing Wheaten Marans

    This is my first time hatching Wheaten Marans. This group is 3 weeks old. In another week I’m sure it will be more obvious but does anyone have any thoughts? I have 7 chicks and they all seem like cockerels to me. The first one (two images) I know is a cockerel based on feather color and...
  3. KCkitten05

    Getting serious about breeding

    Hi all! I'm looking to start getting serious with chicken breeding.. as of now I have a mixed flock.. like a very mixed flock! I'm trying to decide which breed to go with after I sell off my hens (which is going to be heartbreaking). I've got a gorgeous lavender Ameurcana rooster... And 5...
  4. MountainUp1

    Twenty-some chickens, two dogs, two cats, and a peahen on a mountaintop

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Grew up and lived in urban city center until five years ago. Then we moved to a remote mountain in a rural setting. Started by building a small 3x8 chicken tractor. Then an 8x8 coup. Added an outdoor 4x8 run. Now another 8x12...
  5. Thenino

    Breeding Blue Birchen Marans

    Hi! I know very little about breeding for color. I have some birchen Marans males. I have blue, black and splash. Unfortunately I do not have any females. I do have Lavender or self blue females and a male. I have bred the Lavenders and get Lavender 100% of the time. Would it possible to get...
  6. Myrtle Hen

    Sex predictions please.

    Hello, I'm brand new here, though I've dipped in and out as a lurker many times over the years. Great forum :) I wondered if anyone would be kind enough to give their opinion of the sex of my 8 week (just over) chick. I was leaning towards pullet, probably because that's what I hope she/he is...
  7. Thenino

    Dark Egg layer hatching Eggs- Metro Atlanta

    I have eggs that are a mix of a Lavender Marans rooster and eggs from Lavender, Cuckoo Marans, Welsummer & Barnvelders hens. $25 per dozen. Let me know if you are interested and I will collect and keep them in a cool dry place and rotate twice daily. Thanks! Fertilized eggs for sale in...
  8. E

    Maran chicks

    We have 3 baby Maran chicks we hatched from our flock. We know it is early to know the sex, but we have fun guessing with the kids. Would love to know what you think/guess!? First 2 are of our grey Maran which hatched on 4/30. Next 3 are of black and white faced which hatched on 5/8. And last 3...
  9. emalin

    Black Copper Maran Eggs

    Hi, We are looking for Black Copper Maran hatching eggs. Any reputable breeders you can recommend? Thank you!
  10. C

    Black copper marans - rooster or hen?

    Hi, it's about 4 weeks we are raising baby chickens. We have 5 blue marans and 4 black marans. We are pretty sure about a gender of 8 chicks. But the last one, I don't know. Compared to 3 other black chicks (I think they are rooster) that one doesn't have such big red comb and is pretty docile...
  11. marthasflock

    SF Bay Area — SOLD Blue Copper Marans cockerel

    UPDATE: They’ve all found a happy new home together! I don’t know how to delete a post, sorry. —— I have a 5wk old blue copper marans chick, hand-raised, very friendly boy. He is NOT from hatchery stock, lines are from Eight Acres farm in FL, #6 egg genes. Raised on organic starter, Mareks...
  12. lcvedder

    Blue/Green/Brown/Olive Egg Laying Hens Finger Lakes Area- Upstate NY

    Save yourself the time and hassle of years of work and get a flock that lays a rainbow of eggs today! I am thinning out my flock to make room for more chickens and have the following birds available. Each are priced individually. I would consider offers for all 4. 1. A Black muffless Easter...
  13. M

    Maran Chicks .. Male or Female

    Hey everyone , we recently got 5 baby chicks who are now 3 weeks old . 2 of them are Marans and since we got them I have had a feeling that one is a male . I was looking up different ways to tell and found one page that showed pictures to determine gender from the wings (even though it’s not...
  14. Avisius

    Any idea what these two roosters are?

    Hi, These two roosters are 11 months old. Got them from someone not very knowledgeable on chicken breeds. Do you have any idea about what breed they might be? Especially the black one. The black one looks like a Marans, but it has this silvery-yellow leakage and the one with white I suspect is a...
  15. kristeninprogress

    Guess This Chick!

    On today's episode of "Guess that Chick!", we have this cute three-day-old chick, straight run, and breed unknown. Clues: dark shanks with pink feet, feathered shanks, four toes, mostly yellow fuzz with maybe blue? Source: Local breeder that does purebreds only. Was supposed to be a Lavender...
  16. BestDiscoMan13

    What duck breed best fits me and my flock?

    I have 8 chickens 4 are Easter Eggers 3 are Easter egger maran mixes 1 is a maran bantam. What duck breeds will be good with my chickens that aren’t too high strung or too flighty or messy. Like a duck breed that does well with chickens but isn’t loud, messy, mean, high strung, scared, and able...
  17. Fallenone05

    Golden Salmon Marans??

    When I moved back home last year, I got two unknown birds from a local poultry swap. A gent was selling both as a pair - he got them as a mystery bird in his order and sold them because he just had no idea what the heck they were. Today I saw a bird that looked similar and decided to look them...
  18. smom625

    Sex link olive eggers

    Will all types of marans rooster crossed with legbar hen produce sex link chicks? I’ve got splash and birchen marans roosters over legbar. 4 hatched so far, no white dot. I’m not that lucky, right?
  19. Boer

    Hello from The Netherlands

    After reading quite a lot on this forum I think it's time for a brief introduction. Browsing the internet to learn more about turkeys I stumbled upon this great community. I find it very helpfull and entertaining to read all the experiences and comments of fellow poultry lovers. Since a few...
  20. ChickChickHorray

    Black Copper Maran and Oliver Eggers

    Hi all. I'm thinking about adding a Black Copper Maran and an Oliver Egger to my flock. I have a Blue Maran, but I read that Black Copper Marans aren't heat hardy. I live in West Tn, Zone 7. Is there any reason a Black Copper Maran would be any less heat hardy than a Blue Copper Maran? I keep...
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