1. A

    Best Olive Egger Crosses

    Looking for tips to breed olive Eggers with the most pigmented green possible. Looking to produce the greenest eggs I was thinking of using BBS Ameraucana hens and a Marans rooster or vice versa - opinions on this please Can I get the greenest eggs in an F1 cross? What shade of brown...
  2. The Threesome

    The Threesome

  3. jcamacho

    ISO Fertile Chicken Eggs

    Hello everyone! I am looking to buy fertile chicken eggs for my incubator. The breeds I'm interested in are BB Red OEGB, Sebright Bantams, and/or Marans. If anyone has any they'd be willing to sell, please don't hesitate to reach out! Thank you!
  4. Bmeadows

    Cleaning day for the coop

    Clean up day for the girls run and coop and checking in on the Easter eggers and lakeshore egger chicks
  5. 3KillerBs

    Five POL Pullets in Central NC -- at least 2 are Now Laying!

    Update Nov. 11 -- Not POL, at least 2 are now Laying. From Ideal Hatchery's May 19th hatch so 18-weeks at the time I post this. 1 French Cuckoo Marans -- Fricasee 2 Dominiques -- Classic and Everroast 2 Large-Fowl Silver-Laced Cochins -- Nugget and Kebob All healthy and without any issues...
  6. Splash Marans Eggs

    Splash Marans Eggs

  7. Brown eggs

    Brown eggs

    Barnevelder eggs, Marans eggs and Welsummer eggs
  8. kurby22

    Pullets or Roos?

    Okay, it’s week 7! I am hoping my assessments are correct and most of these are pullets! These are all mixed birds except for the Ameraucanas and the Mauve Orpington. They are Cochin mixes (mom was the Cochin) crossed with 3-4 fathers that were Marans, Isbars or Langshans. Any guesses on...
  9. Selka

    What gender are these wheaten marans?

    Is it possible to find out if there is any pullet among these? I thought the lighter one (first pic) might be, but I am not so sure. Or is it too early? They are 5 weeks old now. Thanks a lot!
  10. evarelagitt

    1. Almost 7 wk Blue Splash Marans / 2. “Black Copper Marans” what breed is this?

    Help! Is Stella a he or a she? I’m going to use the pronoun she because I really hope she’s a she! “She’s” very sweet, a little flighty. “She” seems to have a much bigger comb then what is supposed to be a “black copper Marans” (who has a muff and a beard?!!!, thanks Meyer hatchery) who is the...
  11. mozzar_ELLA

    4 week old black copper marans

    This is my first time with BCM and I only have one so nothing to compare exactly. S/he is very shy but the legs and comb/wattle got me leaning towards male. When s/he hatched the comb and wattle were about the same size as now but they were yellow now s/he’s sporting a very fleshy pink color. I...
  12. Star silkies

    Assorted breeds big egg layers half price

    This is for 12 hatching eggs. Not refrigerated or washed. Packed Insulated for summer. Shipped priority with tracking. Selling 1/2 price for the fourth. As long as you ask and pay on the fourth you get them for $13.00. large hens high hatch rate. Daily egg layers of their needs are met.Pay here
  13. FeatherTay

    June Sexing Project

    Hey Everyone! I first want to start this off by saying that I was 100% inspired by @TheAlrightyGina and her Silkie Sexing Project. I saw it and thought it was the best idea ever. So here we are! Now, I am no where near as organized as Gina so the only thing I can and will do for this project is...
  14. spuddenly

    [WA state] Looking for a new home for a 6wk old Black Copper Marans

    I've had hens before, but it's my first time raising chicks, and I was so terrified of getting something wrong (failure to thrive, roosters, etc.) that I over-committed on chicks. Well, as it turns out, all of my chicks have been ridiculously healthy and pullets - so I now need to downsize my...
  15. ChickenWhisperer101

    Looking for BCM eggs or chicks! Please help me find some! 😊

  16. Bmeadows

    Family project

    My daughter and I are starting to raise chickens for eggs and entertainment. We have read a lot of tips on the internet about runs. I put some logs, stumps, big rocks and planted them a veggie garden. Anyone have any tips on how to get the shy chickens to interact with the other chickens and...
  17. C

    Sexing Black Copper Marans

    Hi! May I have your best guess on these Black Copper Marans' gender? They are 3 weeks old. Thanks in advance, DC.
  18. K

    Poor Hatch Rate on One Breed only? - Splash Marans

    Hello, needing advice. We have been hatching several breeds of chickens; as well as Coturnix Quail throughout the spring in our GQF Sportsman cabinet incubator. We throw in multiple breeds at once. Humidity starts at 30-35%. Temp a steady 99.5 F. We have chicks set to hatch weekly and haven’t...
  19. K

    Blue Splash Marans Clarification

    I’m trying to figure out if “Blue Splash Marans” (sold by Meyer Hatchery) are the same as a “Splash Copper Marans”? Can’t seem to find clarification on the internet. Do they just go by either name?? I have a small flock of Blue Splash Marans that I would like to breed but worried the Splash...
  20. MMF20

    Wheaten Marans Cockerels

    For sale in NH I have 2 Wheaten Marans boys who need new homes. One is 5 months old (hatched 6/25) and one is 3 months (hatched 8/21). Both are non aggressive. Hatched from breeder focusing on SOP. Dual purpose heritage breed with dark egg gene can be used for breeding or for meat. Price...
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