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  1. JustLook

    Brooding but not Broody / Sleeping in Nest Box

    So this is Lemon: It's just after sunset and I am trying to count all of my nine pullets and only getting to 8 and then I find Lemon downstairs sitting on these eggs. I took away the ones there and she retreated back to the other nest box where I left her for the night, I think she wants to...
  2. Nest Coaching 101 - Sing!

    Nest Coaching 101 - Sing!

    Listen and discern who needs to lay. Soft voice and move slowly as you enter the HenHouse or Coop area. - Sing! Be present as they explore potential spots to lay that you provide. - See who is already in the favorite nest. Suggest another nearby cozy tapping, and drop in a bit of...
  3. C

    Not laying in the nest boxes!

    Hello everyone! I am a fairly new chicken keeper- this is my first year keeping them as an adult, so definitely still learning about what is normal etc. A few of our pullets (day old chicks arrived end of May, they are Sapphire Splash from TSC) started to lay on Oct. 20, but very few are ending...
  4. R

    Hen staying in the nesting box

    Hi guys hope you're well My chicken started laying over 2 weeks ago, she's now constantly staying in the nest box all the time, just coming out for food and drink. I'm guessing she's broody, is there anything I should do or should I just let it run its course Thankyou
  5. DoubleYolk123

    Hen not laying in nest box, now everyone keeps breaking and eating her eggs?!

    I have 6 hybrids, all laying. 1 hen (don’t know which) keeps laying her eggs out of the nest box near the door. So I’m the morning everyone goes running out and end up stepping all over her egg. Once it’s cracked they then eat it. How do I get her to lay in the nest box? I also have another hen...
  6. H

    What Size (Sizes?) Should I Make Nesting Boxes

    So I’m going to be building nesting boxes. I have a huge variety from a small Spitzhauben to Brahma and Jersey Giant. So how large should these nesting boxes be. Should I make them all one size or should I make different sized ones to suit the different birds. I was planning 12” deep, 12” tall...
  7. Lesabrowning

    General help with newly built coop

    Hi again! Thank you so much for the help with the latches. I figured I should make a post for some general help. Our coop was built from a set of plans I found from an Etsy seller, it fit our space nicely. Due to time constraints, we had a local guy build it for us. He did a nice job, all things...
  8. kristeninprogress

    Coop Design in Southeast Georgia

    So FINALLY, we have completed my ideal coop! Kinda. I do have a few details to finish (paint nesting boxes, add more roosts, sew curtains for bottom nesting boxes, etc), but it's functional and usable! Total cost: roughly $1000 Dimensions: 12' x 16' x 7' Time to build: 5 weeks with two...
  9. Lenflo

    Advice on stopping a broody hen

    Hello all We've had 2 chickens since last year and this is my first time dealing with a worrying situation so please forgive my ignorance. We have an 8 month old Buff Orpington. She has been broody for about 2 days now. As this is my first time experiencing a broody hen I have been unsure on...
  10. JanesBackyardBeginnings

    Soon-to-be mother doe always defiles nest box

    Hello! I have started backyard rabbits and chickens this year. We've already had one successful kindling from a doe last week and this week another doe is due (tomorrow) and I had put her nestbox in a week early because the other doe had pulled fur a whole week early (but kindled the expected...
  11. B

    Can I separate the roost and the nest boxes?

    This may have been covered before, so forgive me. I am building a 16x8 covered coop/run that I plan to have at least a 4x8 roost/nest box area. My question is can I build two separate "roosts", one on each end of the house, and the chickens utilize the area for their intended purpose? Or do I...
  12. J

    Goose Nest Box

    Does anyone have any recommendations for goose nest box size shape and design? My Embden just started laying and she just plopped it down on the ground also what do you do to get them to start laying in the box? What works for you? They free range so it will be a stand-alone box.
  13. C

    For Sale - Best Nest Box - Large $150 OBO

    Hi all, We have a slightly used (as in used, less than 2 months) "Best Nest Box" - the Large version, which is sufficient for up to 45 hens (along with an extra nest pad). Retails new for $215 w/o shipping...
  14. rascal66

    Advice training hens to use new nest box?

    Husband just installed 3 new nest boxes, the kind that is designed for the eggs to roll away from the hen after the egg is layed. About half of the hens I have used to use this style box and know to lay their eggs inside, however my other half don't have any idea so far. The box looks like...
  15. HamletAndEggs

    Sussex spending hours in the nest box... no egg!

    Hey there! I am only 22 weeks into keeping my first flock of chickens, still a newbie! Five of the ten are laying and all are doing well. I wanted to find out who was laying the new, enormous, larger-than-commercial brown eggs, so we set up a coop cam (trail cam). Today I saw my Speckled Sussex...
  16. sonicsix

    Got our coop and pen done...

    We have 17 chickens, mostly Barred Rock and Buff Orpington. They came from people who no longer wanted them, Tractor Supply, and the local poultry auction. The small coop is from Tractor Supply and we got it and some of the chickens from a couple who no longer wanted to keep chickens. We built...
  17. MissMarple

    What do you put in your nest boxes?

    We won't need them for a while but I'm wondering what material y'all use in your nest boxes. Hay? Straw? Shavings? I don't know what else... What's worked best for you and why? All opinions/options welcome!! :highfive:
  18. gtaus

    Nesting boxes made from removable dish bins?

    I am building my first nest boxes for the coop. The 3 nest boxes will be internal to the coop, but I have an access door on the outside wall that allows access to the back of the nest boxes to collect the eggs. The nest box design I am thinking about building is based on using plastic dish...
  19. S

    Mama in labor, doesn't know it yet.

    OK !!!! I AM SO NERVOUS & EXCITED! My barred rock hen has been on her eggs 2 weeks. I have locked remaining hens in their roost area for the night, and provided a separation around the existing nest (as suggested earlier). Once all is pitch dark and VERRY LATE, I am going to bring her a couple...
  20. LilMissChick

    Flex Seal waterproofing exterior nest box?

    has anyone used liquid rubber, liquid rubber and bio-fabric, or flex seal to help waterproof their exterior nest boxes?
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