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  1. LilMissChick

    Flex Seal waterproofing exterior nest box?

    has anyone used liquid rubber, liquid rubber and bio-fabric, or flex seal to help waterproof their exterior nest boxes?
  2. MotherOfChickens

    Just out of curiosity...

    I have 1 hen who CONSTANTLY is going broody... I've no desire, at the moment, to let her hatch a clutch... but after watching her behavior I am curious about something and wondering what you all do in a situation like this... I have 2 nest boxes. And she swaps the nests. One min she is sitting...
  3. Bethend

    Lazy Cat Always Sleeping in Nests

    I just finished building a new nest box for my chickens (the first ones wouldn't lay inside the coop, and they taught the habit the next generation). Wiggles the cat routinely occupies a cubby as his own personal bed. The chickens do not appreciate this, and there's always a lot of fretting and...
  4. Muscovy-palooza

    Need suggestions on training muscovy to go in the coop at night

    We have three ducks nesting under our house in an inaccessible place. We have no idea what is going to happen to them. We can't protect them and we have no idea how many eggs they have.:idunno In a desperate effort to control the duck population around here, I spent yesterday morning trying to...
  5. rosaroca

    Adding outside nest boxes

    I have a small coop (actually a rabbit hutch) for a pair of bantams and I’m wondering if anyone sells nest boxes that I can hang on the outside (after cutting an access hole in the side of the coop) so I won’t always have to go into the pen to gather eggs. My rooster is a stinker and spurs me...
  6. H

    Help my babies

    okay so I had a hen setting and she’s been setting for awhile and it’s quite cold outside and my hen kept getting off her nest because the rooster was messing with her and the eggs kept getting cold and So I moved her into a cage with a light on her by herself and she won’t set on the eggs and...
  7. G

    Wood duck nest box not working

    We installed 3 wood duck nest boxes several years ago. And I’m observing wood ducks on the lake. But it seems they won’t use the nice and safe pine shaving filled boxes. Any suggestions?
  8. mfr4550

    Where will my turkeys lay their eggs?

    Hello, I’m new to raising turkeys & have some questions about egg laying. I have a chicken coop that my turkeys go into on occasion, I can only assume to look for food in the coop’s feeder. I assume this because although I kept them housed in there for about a week when I first got them (they...
  9. thecreekhouse

    Nest box pads? (As opposed to loose bedding)

    Have any of you tried any of the nesting box pad products for your nest boxes as opposed to using loose bedding (I’ve been using pine shavings) - loose bedding that your hens just kick out of the boxes until the floors of the boxes are bare? I’m looking at the Petmate Excelsior brand nest box...
  10. AnotherMeOhMy

    Chick speak. Two questions.

    My August a Faverolle mix is just o er 2 and 1/2 months old now. Recently her chirps have had random clucks inbetween them. Sometimes she sounds like a goose with a random honking sound. Is this the normal progression of sounds for a chick her age? Next, at whay point do I introduce a nest box?
  11. Soon2BChixMom

    One of these is not like the other!

    :celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate I wasn't expecting any eggs from my muscovy girls until spring! I found this in the run while raking. I think the chickens pecked it as it does have a slight crack (looks like a chicken peck and I allowed the chickens over into the...
  12. IMG_2152


    May be time for a larger nest box! There were 3 girls wedged in here but one left before I could grab my camera!
  13. H

    Chicken won’t stay broody

    Hi, One if my chickens has recently gone broody, She has been on and off the nest for 2 days now and can’t decide if she wants to go broody or not. She been sleeping in the nest box but this morning she got off, Then a couple of hours later she got back on, And now it’s been another couple of...
  14. urbantails

    Nesting box attachment for Little Tikes Playhouse?

    So I have my chicken coop planned out in my mind using an old Little Tikes Playhouse. However, the floor plan is slightly bothering me. I plan on placing the door front faced with the run attached to the side. I saw a few pics where they attached a nesting box to one of the windows. I want to do...
  15. LoveDatChickenLife

    Is it bad to pet a hen in the nest box?

    I never really thought about till now. I always pet them in the box. They would give quite chirps and I would give them a piece of grass. I only have a couple hens so I know how each of them act. But one of them today seemed stiff, wasn’t giving the nice quiet chips, and wouldn’t eat the...
  16. Quails1

    Ringneck Dove Egg!

    The time has come... I have happened to notice an egg laid in the nest box about a week after the female dove was frequenting in and out of the nest, especially during the morning hours. Before laying, I added some dry grass and weeds and layered them in the nest to use as bedding to cushion the...
  17. |Aphrodite|

    Is my chicken broody or not?

    I have a wonderful chicken named Aphrodite, and I was hoping that she was broody. I saw her in one of the nesting boxes two nights ago, while I as feeding the horses, and I got really excited but then in the morning she was up with the rest of the flock. She didn’t get back in the nesting box...
  18. |Aphrodite|

    Is the size of a nesting nox important?

    My dad was remaking my chickens a coop and he made the nesting boxes 2 feet long and 1 foot wide, but he made the top about 2 feet tall. He said that size didn’t matter but I’m pretty sure it matters, he also said it doesn’t matter if it’s dark for them to go broody, so he left the front open...
  19. IMG_0873


  20. dirtydunlops

    Bantam nest box size ?

    How much space would a Serama need for a nest box? I know minimum coop space for bantams is 1sq ft per bird and 4sq ft per bird for the run. Does anyone have bantam nest boxes ? If so, what size?im looking to get Seramas so they are very small. Im also aware that I can use buckets, baskets...
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