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  1. urbantails

    Nesting box attachment for Little Tikes Playhouse?

    So I have my chicken coop planned out in my mind using an old Little Tikes Playhouse. However, the floor plan is slightly bothering me. I plan on placing the door front faced with the run attached to the side. I saw a few pics where they attached a nesting box to one of the windows. I want to do...
  2. LoveDatChickenLife

    Is it bad to pet a hen in the nest box?

    I never really thought about till now. I always pet them in the box. They would give quite chirps and I would give them a piece of grass. I only have a couple hens so I know how each of them act. But one of them today seemed stiff, wasn’t giving the nice quiet chips, and wouldn’t eat the...
  3. Quails1

    Ringneck Dove Egg!

    The time has come... I have happened to notice an egg laid in the nest box about a week after the female dove was frequenting in and out of the nest, especially during the morning hours. Before laying, I added some dry grass and weeds and layered them in the nest to use as bedding to cushion the...
  4. |Aphrodite|

    Is my chicken broody or not?

    I have a wonderful chicken named Aphrodite, and I was hoping that she was broody. I saw her in one of the nesting boxes two nights ago, while I as feeding the horses, and I got really excited but then in the morning she was up with the rest of the flock. She didn’t get back in the nesting box...
  5. |Aphrodite|

    Is the size of a nesting nox important?

    My dad was remaking my chickens a coop and he made the nesting boxes 2 feet long and 1 foot wide, but he made the top about 2 feet tall. He said that size didn’t matter but I’m pretty sure it matters, he also said it doesn’t matter if it’s dark for them to go broody, so he left the front open...
  6. IMG_0873


  7. dirtydunlops

    Bantam nest box size ?

    How much space would a Serama need for a nest box? I know minimum coop space for bantams is 1sq ft per bird and 4sq ft per bird for the run. Does anyone have bantam nest boxes ? If so, what size?im looking to get Seramas so they are very small. Im also aware that I can use buckets, baskets...
  8. dirtydunlops

    Bantam Mini Coop

    Hi there , I am currently building a bantam Mini coop, which I’m designing for about 2 bantam hens and a bantam rooster . I know they need 2sq feet per bird as they are only gonna be locked up in the coop at night. My questions are: >How big/small should bantam nest boxes be? (I know they will...
  9. Ashley135

    Pregnant doe

    so I'm still not sure what to do. My doe is 32 days past breeding, expected her to have her babies on day 30 but nothing. This is my first time breeding rabbits and they had 2 successful fall offs. She still hasn't made a nest and hasn't really ate anything since yesterday. Also the fur on her...
  10. |Aphrodite|

    ‘Leading’ rooster died, everyone is out of control

    My ‘leading’ rooster attacked a four year old boy while trying to get his sister, Aphrodite, back to the flock. His parents were furious and pretty much forced me to kill him. He was an amazing rooster who kept everything going good, other than him being overprotective of his chickens. I thought...
  11. Elmochook

    How to sanitize new/used nesting boxes?

    I just got a great deal on 2 plastic nest boxes and need to sanitize them for my chooks. What are your suggestions to make sure they are mite free and ready for my babies?
  12. Elmochook

    How to sanitize new/used nesting boxes?

    I just got a great deal on 2 plastic nest boxes and need to sanitize them for my chooks. What are your suggestions to make sure they are mite free and ready for my babies?
  13. Dr.T

    Of Nest Boxes, Broken Eggs, and Dirtbag Hens

    So I have problems with hens who go into the nest boxes and kick all of the shavings out (I have the plastic entirely enclosed ones that hang on screws on the wall). I have tried the liner sheets with the straw-like stuff on them, they just shove the whole thing out. Then it's left on bare...
  14. MrsMcnugget

    Hen laying eggs in burn barrel!! What's up with that?!

    My adopted stray hen, Mrs. Mcnugget, has been a faithful layer since she began laying for me at the end of August. She started laying in the nest we put in the cat carrier she slept in, and when her coop came she laid in the nest box first time, she's very clever. We got another chicken for her...
  15. Quails1

    Will doves use a nest box?

    I mean, when I see doves breeding in captivity, I've noticed they will utilize an open nest, not a "closed" nest, like a nest box. Or do they? I currently have 2 Barbary/ringneck doves I'm trying to breed, and I'm still searching for the correct natural nest that I can use as a breeding ground...
  16. ChitownHV

    Do nest boxes have to be totally separate?

    I'm building a two-nest box and wonder if the divider has to completely separate the two sections, of if the partition can be half the height of the box.
  17. MageofMist

    Chicks not leaving nest with mama hen?

    The chicks are healthy and can run and jump quite well for being 5 days old and are very active and curious, but they are also quite stubborn. Mama hen just tried convincing her chicks to follow her out of the nestbox, and even the one that was trapped under her wing and fell out when she was...
  18. RHChicks

    Nesting box dividers- vinyl curtains, wood or none

    finishing up our external nesting box and trying to figure out if I should put in dividers. Was thinking maybe vinyl curtain dividers like I am doing on the front of the box. We have 9 chicks and built the box to have 4 individual boxes in case we get more chickens. I want to have the dividers...
  19. MommyRooster89

    Building or set up tips for duck house and pen

    We were gifted 3 Pekins and 3 Khaki Campbells they are about four weeks old now. We have chicken but this is our first time with ducks. Husband put together a nice sized house about 6' x 7'. Today we are finishing their pen so hopefully they will be out of our house today. Got a kiddy pool, will...
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