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May 17, 2020
Mt. Juliet, TN
Hi again! Thank you so much for the help with the latches. I figured I should make a post for some general help. Our coop was built from a set of plans I found from an Etsy seller, it fit our space nicely. Due to time constraints, we had a local guy build it for us. He did a nice job, all things considered, but it wasn’t until he was finished that he told me that he was not able to fully download the plan, LOL this would explain the very obvious problem with our nesting boxes and roosting bars...

For starters he told us he made five nesting boxes when we only asked for three… “ in case you want to expand your flock…“ That would’ve been fine, except this nice gentleman clearly has never had chickens, because three of those nesting boxes are about 6 x 6 square! (I suppose we will be closing those off somehow) we only have six chickens, so the two rather large boxes should be fine. The coop is 8’ x 4’ and 5 1/2 feet tall.

His afterthought roosting bars are the worst, they’re going to have to come out… They are literally right next to and under the nesting boxes. They do have very cute little ladders though. 😊 We are thinking of putting two roosting bars to the left of the nesting boxes, sort of stadium style. Unless anyone here has a better idea. I have enclosed a few photos because I’m probably missing some other problems.

The entire henhouse sits in a 20 x 10‘ run that is also covered and predator proof. I welcome anyone suggestions, thanks in advance!



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Dec 29, 2015
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Guess My first question how is it you have a coop that is 8 x 4 .. it is a standard that each bird needs 4 square feet per bird unless all are bantums

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