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  1. Cluckerzfamilyfarm

    Storm Florence

    To all of those that are dealing with this storm as we are. God bless and we truly hope all is well with your families and animal's. A beautiful sunset before Florence
  2. ShellyBlanco

    Colerian, North Carolina Transplant

    This thread will document the events that convinced me and my husband to retire early. Moving from Naples, Florida to Colerain, North Carolina. This was the photo on the Real Estate Listing that made me want to buy this house. I was using Trulia to find a home in Eastern North Carolina and...
  3. ShellyBlanco

    New Member Introduction: Michelle Blanco

    My husband and I were planning to "retire" to our 1 acre in North Carolina 4/2018 but our plans were moved forward due to Hurricane Irma flooding our home in Naples, Florida. So we spent our first winter in North Eastern North Carolina starting Nov 2018. What an experience, the house was in no...
  4. K

    New Member in North Carolina

    Good afternoon! I've only lived in North Carolina for the past year...big life change and move from Tennessee. My boyfriend and I recently bought our dream farm and we've started raising chickens. We have several breeds and cannot wait to see what our future holds in this new adventure. I raised...
  5. H

    Bielefelders and Cream Legbar available

    I have 2 Bielefelder roos 5 months old from the proper 2011 line for sale and 1 Cream Legbar roo 5 months old, nice chickens, im in NC and no shipping at this time, pickup only. Please email me for more info: [email protected]
  6. A Fail

    Spangled Old English Bantams Eastern NC

    Pair of Spangled Old English Bantams 6 months in age. Must pick up, I do not want to ship them. $40.00
  7. RaisingPaynes

    New From NC

    Hello, Everyone! My name is Lisa and I am now a proud chick mom to 6 black australorps. I found this site by looking up information about them. I enjoy, photography, crafting, and blogging. I am originally from Southern California and have lived in North Carolina (Piedmont region) for a year...
  8. Ace 1225

    ISO: Lavender Orpington Hatching eggs or chicks, Goldsboro, NC

    I am looking for some Lavender Orpington hatching eggs or chicks near my area. I have been looking everywhere. If anyone has some please let me know, thanks so much!
  9. N

    Entomologist Surrounded by Bird-Brians

    Hi there, My name is Nic and I am an aspiring entomologist in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC. I have joined this community in hopes of finding someone whose flock may have some form of arthropod parasite to include mites, ticks, poultry lice, flies, or beetles and would be willing to send some...
  10. C

    Raising Ducks in NC: Pet, Eggs, Quiet

    Hello, I've been raising chickens for several months and have loved it. I live in the Raleigh, NC area, more specifically Cary, if you are familiar with the area. I don't live on a ton of land (only about a quarter acre), but have a good space for the chickens out back. I've been thinking of...
  11. muddywaterducks


    Hello! I am looking for 2-3 d'Uccle pullets or hens for sale in eastern NC. Must be within 2 hours of Coats NC. No chicks please we are looking for young or adult hens that are laying or will start laying this spring. Thanks for looking and we look forward to your reply!
  12. C

    Raising Meat Rabbits in North Carolina

    Hello, I have recently gained an interest in raising rabbits for meat. I have done a considerable amount of research, but have several questions that are more pertinent to raising rabbits in NC, as well as a few general questions that I'm hoping others who have raised rabbits for meat purposes...
  13. Caity

    Buff Orpington Rooster Needs New Home - Raleigh, NC

    A roo slipped in with our September pullet order and needs to be re-homed, as our neighborhood doesn't allow them. He's a lovely, friendly fellow, 17(ish) weeks old, Marek's vaccinated, used to children, and showing no signs of aggression. I hate to have to cull him as we've grown really...
  14. D

    Recently became crazy chicken lady..

    My boyfriend just had to have chicken for his birthday.. So we built a coop, went to barnyard flea market.. what a mistake. Our lil Polish died same day from what seemed to be mites and poor care... Broke my heart the way this guy kept his chickens.. alas.. that's farm life I suppose...
  15. kacokaco

    10 wk Roos (WNC)

    Batch of roos I am listing before they go to the freezer in a month, all from Sand Hill Preservation. I included their catalog description for each breed but the forums contain a lot more information. I can provide more photos for each bird. (1) Black Penedescenca- Black Minorca-like chicken...
  16. Katie02


    Hi I’m Katie! I’m a momma of two crazy toddlers and we live in currituck North Carolina! I have falling in love with incubating and I’m working on my second batch! I hatched my first set of eggs and got two great chickens, but then a critter got them. So we are trying again and I also have two...
  17. medicgal82


    Hey everyone! I am trying to find someone close to the Hickory area of NC who is interested in purchasing 10 Orpington chickens. I have one lavender rooster, one blue rooster and one mottled rooster; plus 7 mottled hens that need to go. We experienced a tornado in our area, which launched the...
  18. C

    newbie in North Carolina

    Hello from Cary, NC! I'm brand new to chickens and don't even have a coop. I'm still in the planning stage and hoping to get some chicks this fall. I'm partial to Buff Orpingtons, Amercaunas and any clean legged breeds. The chickens will be pets first and with the eggs as a bonus. Super...
  19. AuntChickie

    First coop built.. suggestions?

    New-ish to chickens. I helped my friend build a new pre-fab coop today. We set it on pavers to keep it off the ground. We have 1/2" hardware cloth to add an apron, but storms kept us from adding it today. Thoughts on stapling hw cloth to 1x4s and framing around the bottom? Leaving coop...
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