1. zimileih

    Mareks in other avian species?

    Does anyone know if there is any research on mareks in psittaciformes? Has anyone had anecdotal experience with this?
  2. The chicken nurd

    Dead Budgie

    today I found that one of my budgies had passed she was lying on the bottom of the cage so not sure what happened My question is could my 3 other budgies be sick and could it have somehow passed from my chickens to my budgies
  3. BudgieKing15

    Meet JoJo the budgie!

    I recently got a little budgie that I named JoJo (after Jonathan Joestar). I. LOVE. HIM. He is the sweetest little thing! He is a little gentlebird.
  4. BudgieKing15

    Any extra advice on owning budgies?

    So...I've done my research...and decided to get two budgies! Does anyone here have any extra advice that I should know before getting them? Thx in advance!
  5. Livvy0987

    I am a little worried about my parakeet

    I recently got a parakeet, I was working on training him and he flew away. He bumped into the window. It wasn’t to hard but I’m I am worried. He more aggressive than usual. I went to look at him to see if he was okay and he tried to bite me. He seems to be shaking and his eyes are closed. If you...
  6. FathertoFeathers

    My parakeets leg suddenly went limp. What’s going on?

    I woke up this morning and noticed that my parakeet Tiki was sitting funny on his leg. I thought maybe he’s just being weird or something and didn’t think anything of it until I let him fly around my room and noticed his leg wasn’t working at all. He was dragging himself along the top of his...
  7. WallyBirdie

    Budgie type?

    New budgie! What color type variety and mutation is he/she? Also, name suggestions, please?! Definitely not Keylime, Sunflower, or Kiwi. Nothing too obvious. His/Her companions are already named Piper and Scout.
  8. WallyBirdie

    Budgie Color Variety/Mutation

    Anyone well versed with budgie/parakeet mutations and varieties? I've done some reading, looked at charts/pictures, and I've watched informative videos. Still, I'd like some info and opinions on my new girl (or boy?) Can anyone identify my bird's variety? [As for gender, everyone has told me...
  9. WallyBirdie

    Budgie Gender ?

    I just got a little budgie and was wondering about the sex. Male or female? I know you genuinely judge by the color of the cere. But I'm new to this! Is my deadly Piper a boy or girl? I was told he/she is around 4 months and has not had a first molt yet (still had little button eyes and barring...
  10. FathertoFeathers

    My dog attacked my Parakeet what do I do?

    Yesterday my dog got to one of my parakeets and hurt him pretty badly. All his tail feathers are gone his wing is broken and he's missing a lot of under his wing and was bleeding pretty bad yesterday. Im stopped the bleeding cleaned the wound and applied some antibiotic ointment. Some my next...
  11. FathertoFeathers

    Please help me I don't know what to do!

    My dog got to one of my parakeets (Yes I know there is a different forum for them but this seems more appropriate.) Im pretty sure his wing is broken and he's been bleeding pretty bad. His shaking and not moving very much. Ive given him just a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and some antibiotic...
  12. Hseru

    Budgie questions!

    I've been doing a lot of research on budgies in anticipation of possibly getting one. I've experience with conures, cockatoos and cockatiels, and I'm stuck on two issues. Where best to get one, as there are only larger pet stores in my area and no breeders nearby that I can find online, and...
  13. 9SpiceyChickens

    Show off your Pretty Parakeets! ~Chat Thread as well~

    Do YOU have a parakeet? If so, show him/her off here!
  14. L

    Where is my bird? my parakeet's cage was knocked over outside by a stray cat.

    I live in Los Angeles Ca. I have never been told by the vet my bird's wings needed to be clipped. I put the bird outside on the patio table this morning, a while later we heard a crash, when we ran outside the cage was on the floor completely broken apart and turned upside down. No sign of the...
  15. Lexi108

    Egg bound emergency

    Okay so this is a little different than other posts on here. I have a parakeet that is egg bound. I know this site is for chickens but my problem isn't currently in the coop. I figured you guys would know about dealing with this stuff. She has been bound since yesterday but she has been able to...
  16. MiBirds

    Rest in Peace Teah

    Hey guys, yesterday my budgie, Teah, passed away. :hitI only had him for three months, but I feel like we were connected as though I'd had him longer. He was a very special bird to me. Unfortunately while I was gone from the house, my cat stuck his paw into the cage and pulled out Teah, and he...
  17. Yellow's first day (No name yet)

    Yellow's first day (No name yet)

  18. Teah's first day

    Teah's first day

    I got a parakeet! I think he may be a male, but I'm not positive. He is 18 weeks old. I named him Teah! (Pronounced tay-uh)
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