Rest in Peace Teah

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    Hey guys, yesterday my budgie, Teah, passed away. :hitI only had him for three months, but I feel like we were connected as though I'd had him longer. He was a very special bird to me. Unfortunately while I was gone from the house, my cat stuck his paw into the cage and pulled out Teah, and he died. There were other people in the house, but not in that room. This was a thing we never thought could happen, considering how the cage is. But, it did. We are most likely giving away the cat now. We were already thinking about it before, but this just pushed it over the edge.
    We have another budgie, Ray, who was Teah's best friend. Ray seemed to be confused, and missing her friend. The same day I went to the pet store and brought her home another budgie friend. I am about to leave home for six weeks, and I really don't want Ray to be lonely. They didn't speak or even look at each other at first, but we took them both out of the cage and they got to know each other a little. They're talking somewhat now and I'm hoping they'll become friends. The new one's name is Gaia.
    Rest in peace Teah. I love you. ❤

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    I’m so sorry for your loss of Teah. :hugs
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    Sorry about your parakeet. Don't blame the cat, it was just doing what his instincts told him to. I too, lost a beloved bird to the household cat. A ringneck dove I had had for 16 years. The 3 other cats in the house had not bothered him or been able to get at him, but the new kitten did. Do what I did, keep the cat, and get a better cage.
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