1. thecarmiearmy

    I have chicken anxiety?

    I've dubbed myself with something I like to call chicken anxiety. Now I'm not scared of chickens or anything like that. But I noticed something. Ever since Blacky (my prairie bluebell) passed away back in September, I've felt very nervous not spending a lot of time with my chickens. To the point...
  2. sunny_bellyboo

    Dead chicken

    I am trying to get over a death of a White Leghorn in my family. Any advice? Anyone here to talk?
  3. HarleyBarley

    First Sick Chicken!

    Hello! I have five 12 week old hens. I've have them since 1 week and they've all seemed fine. They acclimated well to the outdoors from tbe brooder, acclimated well to the watering nipple, and 4 of them are big and healthy. I noticed yesterday that one was getting stepped on while at the...
  4. AMaggio

    Ducks depression?

    Hey everyone, I have chickens and ducks but just yesterday one of my drakes, a Runner, who is coming into adulthood, has challenged the head drake, a Pekin. The Pekin doesn't want to fight and ran away and all day yesterday the Runner would not let him back into the flock. We were able to get...
  5. FathertoFeathers

    Because I loved her

    A few months ago we got some baby chicks from tractor supply. The first few weeks went by fine and nothing really happened. Then they got to the age where they could be out in the coop. I will forever regret that decision. We put them out and they seemed to like it. They had fun in their new...
  6. R

    why does my ringneck keep pecking at me

    My ringneck dove keeps pecking at me from in and outside his cage he never did this be for he was very loving and cuddly but now he's being really mean i need some advice or something can anybody help me I'm very nervous over the hole situation but when i check to see if he has any signs of...
  7. D

    How did you cope with death by fox attack?

    Click this link for my story in a nutshell. I feel so empty right now. No one has chickens in this neighbourhood so they won't understand. Please don't reply explaining why this is my fault. I already know it is. Please.
  8. WorldsOkayestFarmer

    Help needed ASAP

    Hello everybody & good morning. I just recently decided to join this page to ask a specific question to you all. Even though I have never joined before I have used this site and everybody's comments for help with questions I've had in the past. But I am so stressed out I need my own question...
  9. C

    My first loss...

    Hi... I'm pretty new to being a chicken mom, having started my flock this past September. They are my passion and have brought me endless joy since Day 1. Yesterday, we lost our first (hopefully only) chicken to what we believe was a hawk. Our coop and run are secured around the perimeter...
  10. E.D.GardenFarm

    Missing my duck, just need to get it off my chest :(

    I wasn't sure I was going to write this but I just needed to get it out, I haven't been a part of BYC very long at all but I've seen how kind and sweet everyone is to each other and I feel this is a good place to talk because there are others who will understand. Just over a month ago we lost...
  11. Skywarita

    My chickens are so sick...

    Hello guts, Im so down. My two girls have coriza after all thats why they acted so weird. Now one of them has a closed eye with a white blob of discharge, the chest bone very salient, cant stand up for long, doesnt eat or drink etc... i cant stop cryig and shes so weak... i have a question: if...
  12. N

    Missing flock!!! Help please

    We were away from 10days, but had our neighbors tending our flock-who own 15 chickens of their own, and have for 5yrs. They called us while away and said it looked like there were some feathers in the grass, but no flesh/body/blood. There was one chicken, out of our 8, on the roof of my car...
  13. alexthefarmlady

    In need of help. Really worried

    so today I bring me chickens out like normal and I notice my hen. And she has a swollen face And her rooster kinda has A swollen face I’m Very worried please anything you know please let me know
  14. guard41

    Only got two hens left

    All my hens have passed away now from old age apart from 2 left! Anyone got a few spare! Time flies. I miss them! I hope they are all safe in the after life with all life everlasting.
  15. SweetTea&Chicks

    R.I.P Jennie Mae

    My sweet chicken Jennie Mae passed away last night. She had been acting strange but we agreed that she was just old. All of my other chickens are doing fine. Her favorite treat was blueberries and the peanuts from the Flock Party.
  16. freerangeandfreedom

    Bye Ladies

    R.I.P. to my final two hens from the original 6. The first hens we bought were 2 White Leghorns, 2 Rhode Island Reds, and 2 Americanas. Sadly, after 5 full and happy years, all of those 6 hens are gone. The RIRs, one White, and one Americana all died throughout the last 4 years give or take...
  17. MiBirds

    Rest in Peace Teah

    Hey guys, yesterday my budgie, Teah, passed away. :hitI only had him for three months, but I feel like we were connected as though I'd had him longer. He was a very special bird to me. Unfortunately while I was gone from the house, my cat stuck his paw into the cage and pulled out Teah, and he...
  18. C0ckatrice

    What on earth killed our chickens?

    Recently we have been having trouble with predators. Witch we never have. We had 5 chickens left before spring, they where 2 years old. Suddenly one morning we found 2 of them dead in the coup without their heads. Feathers everywhere. The same thing happens to one of our family members who lives...
  19. Chickenunsernam

    A dog attacked my rooster- what can I do?

    Hey everyone, My little silkie rooster Tito got attacked last night by a dog. She had him in his mouth but when I checked him he has no punctures nor blood. Right now he can't crow (and oh how he loves to sing) and he's very sad. What can I do to make him feel better? Please help :hit
  20. H

    I think I killed my chicks...

    They can’t bust through the membrane - the first I thought was just weak but now just have done something wrong - only briefly opened (I mean less than 5 seconds) incubator on day 19 (and none were pipped at the time) to add water and now they bust the shell but not through the membrane. I’m...
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