Hi guys! I'm writing this short article on my chicken coop.
I love my coop. It's perfect for my chickens. It almost looks like a small house to be honest. It's made of wood and it's dark brown. It has four nesting boxes on the side and it has one in the back of the coop with a little roof over it for when they need to nest while they're outside. It has a metal roof that's great. It also has two parts to it! A smaller part and a larger part. The entry door also has a little chicken door. And so does the door from the larger part inside to the smaller part. I use the larger part to keep all my chickens, and the smaller part to put younger chickens before they get older and then I'll move them to the larger side with the rest. I'll attach a few photos to this article. The website to the people who built it is https://www.davidschickencoop.com/about-us .
I think I have the "Flock Wood Coop." With four nesting boxes. They'll let you choose from a variety of wood colors and roof colors. The email is davidschickencoop@aol.com (Not coops! coop) & the number is 770-324-5138 .