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  1. A

    HELP! Rooster with swollen face

    I noticed my roosters face was swollen yesterday. It gets pale sometimes too. He eats and drinks just fine, but he is a little slower or tired more. Like he falls asleep standing up. He also sinks he’s neck into his chest. He’s not doing it as much as yesterday though. I should mention that he...
  2. S

    Suddenly Sick 4-month old Silkie

    Hello, I am a first year silkie Mom and I have a terribly sick chick. She had no signs or symptoms until Monday afternoon I found her laying down in the straw. I picked her up and her head was drooping, eyes shut, could not balance, her mouth was also full of crumbles. I pulled the crumbles out...
  3. Z

    Chicken Salpingectomy:help!

    Hi all! My sweet hen has been having recurring problems with laying eggs and our vet recommended that she get a Salpingectomy(chicken hysterectomy). Unfortunately I don’t have the money($3500) to get this surgery for her right now:( I am posting on here because I wonder if maybe someone has had...
  4. faylinnc

    Duck won't open eye?!

    Hello, I have a female pekin duck. One of her eyes is sealed shut and she won't open it. There's no signs of it being irritated, besides a little blob of puss that I gently removed earlier. I don't know what happened to her, maybe something got into her eye? Please help me out and figure out...
  5. blackandtan

    URGENT!! Broilers not thriving

    After always reading about other folks troubles, it’s finally my turn! I’ve had many batches of chicks over the years and I’ve only rarely lost one when they’re small; I buy from a reputable hatchery, they all arrived seemingly healthy, I have 20 broilers and 6 poults in the brooder, they’re 6...
  6. lil bird lady1

    Lethargic chicks please help

    Silkie chicks, 10 weeks old, runny diarrhea, acting extremely lethargic, losing balance and falling over, dry eye and reluctant to open eyes, wings drooping when they walk, staring at the ground and reluctant to look up. One chick has already died from this, when they dies they were vomiting...
  7. lil bird lady1

    Hen with beak/jaw broken but still attached

    It's a blue silkie hen who has had crooked beak her whole life and has been just fine. Shes almost a year old. I woke up this morning and went out to go let the birds out and somehow her bottom beak looked like it was missing I took a closer look and her beak isnt gone, it looks like her jaw...
  8. Mwitt34

    Strange sickness need help ASAP.

    Hi everyone! We have a super sick hen here and we desperately need the community’s help to help figure out what’s wrong with her. She’s 4 1/2 year buff Orpington. Absolutely the sweetest cuddliest Most loving hen ever. So we’re doing all we can to keep her with us. Short version/ her symptoms...
  9. M

    Please Help! my duck is injured and i have no idea what is wrong with him

    My duck was recently was injured when a few raccoons go into my chicken coop and killed all of my chickens he was the only one left alive and as of now he is still eating and drinking consistently. He had a few puncture wounds in his chest but they have since healed. My main concern is that he...
  10. I

    Please help will my chicks die?

    I gave my mixture of 21 3-4 week old chicks un pitted cherries about 10 of them without thinking then i looked it up that the pits were toxic so I went in the pen and only found 4 Cherrie pits will the chicks be okay I'm so scared
  11. S

    Hatching Geese

    Hi eveyone, I’m new to this. My boyfriend and I went and bought about 6 geese eggs. Only two pipped and cracked. The first one didn’t make it but the second one was better off. This second one would chirp like crazy trying so hard to get out but it had stuff oozing out of the egg. It began...
  12. Allie❤️Chickens

    Is my chick ok?

    We just got fifteen new chicks from my pet chicken and one of the bantams seems to not be moving. The others are walking all over her and I’m worried about her. Is she sleeping? Any advise will help, thanks in advance.
  13. TheChicksinc


    I just got a Some chicks at the local feed store yesterday they were all fine peeping like normal and doing normal chick things but today (the next day) one of them a crested polish is suddenly not doing to hot. It won’t stand like normal and had its eyes closed all the time aside from once in a...
  14. kris1990

    A roo can't stand on his foot

    Hey,guys,we need a little help. We have a roo that few weeks back couldn't move one of his legs and couldn't stand and he was extremely skinny. We separated him from the rest because we thought it was Mereks. For 2 weeks we were giving him vitamins and doing massages every day. We deworm our...
  15. I

    My hen is twisted

    Last week my favorite hen, Ester, started loosing her balance and then started turning her head and couldn't walk. I did some research and thought she had a fungus but Lee's Feed said she probably had Wye Neck a vitamin def. She said it was probably to late. I've been giving her vitamins and...
  16. FatTurtleSip

    Integrating a new flock

    I raised a flock of 4 hens about a year ago mostly free range as chicks up until they started laying. Once they started laying we were forced to keep them enclosed for majority of the time. I decided to get a new flock of 5 hens and we've had them for about 4-5 months and they just started...
  17. L

    Cortnix quail

    Hello everyone! I recently was gifted three cortnix quail. I raised them for a while but it's just not working out. I live in the Minnesota twin cities area and would be willing to give them up for free. It's been fun but it's not working out. I'd be really sad to do it but I was thinking of...
  18. Z

    Chick with distended abdomen

    I have a very young chick, less then 3 weeks old, that is having these symptoms. She's walking with her tail down and has a squishy, distended underside. When I pick her up and press on it she doesn't give any indication that it hurts her. And everything I've read says it's most likely that...
  19. C

    Please help!

    My uncle gifted us a little tamed black chick (Googoo) a while back and I got really attached to it, I never thought about caring for a chick before it started to follow me around. Unfortunately, this morning my father discovered that it had passed away :( It got tangled in a hook from the heat...
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