1. reddirtbirds

    OEGB x Large fowl?

    I’m thinking about starting a small breeding project. My end goal would be something with the hardiness, personality, and smarts of OEGB, but larger in size (still smaller than average large fowl), larger eggs, and less aggressive roosters. The first two chickens I got were OEGB mixed with some...
  2. FFAForeverBlue

    Mystery Baby Chicks-- Any Help?

    Hi, everyone! As part of a project I am doing, I was given five mystery chicks. So far, I've discovered that I am now the proud mama of a white crested black polish and a partridge cochin! However, I am still baffled as to what my other three could be. The white one has blue legs, and started...
  3. MysteryChicken

    Giant Silkie Project.

    This project is designed to create giant fluffy chickens. Who doesn't love Silkies, & wish they had some the size of Brahmas? I have both Silkies, & Brahmas, color patterns isn't a concern until Silkie feathering, 5 toes, & black skin are produced. I'll only be using my largest Silkie...
  4. MysteryChicken

    Chicken Breeding Projects, For 2020!

    Hello chicken peoples, I would like to hear your breeding projects for 2020? Here's a couple projects I'll be working on, and/or continuing. My 2020, Breeding Projects: #1. Wheaten Crele Orpingtons #2. Non-Fighting Muff GameFowl My Future Breeding Projects: #1. Crele Silkies #2. Rainbow Laying...
  5. MysteryChicken

    Wheaten Crele Project

    Hello everyone, this a continuation of a crele project that I'm having fun doing. If you haven't seen it, go check it out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask? If you have any comments, or suggestions, please keep them possitive, & friendly? My project crele is Wheaten based, to be more...
  6. Ebay Eggs #5 the Conclusion.

    Ebay Eggs #5 the Conclusion.

    Day 17 I turned the eggs one last time, "X" is up and I close the lid. I head upstairs and turn in for the night. My role with the eggs are done, to me they are now in "lockdown". Almost three weeks ago I unboxed 15 eggs. At this stage I have 11 still cooking and at the last candle all were...
  7. Ebay Eggs #4 (update)

    Ebay Eggs #4 (update)

    Hello and welcome back. Things have been pretty calm since last time. Untill yesterday, I came home from work and checked on the eggs. I could hear chirping from inside, so I knew thing were going to heat up soon. At 8:00 pm egg #8 had piped. #10 who I think will be named Lucky, if you've...
  8. Ebay Eggs #3

    Ebay Eggs #3

    Well hello to everyone who has been following this project. This week has been full of ups and downs. So lets get to it. Last time we left off with day 7 candeling, #3 was a quitter, #9 was unsure, and the rest were all winners. So I checked #9 on day 8,9,10. Day 10 #9 was ruled a yolker. I...
  9. Ebay eggs #2

    Ebay eggs #2

    So the eggs are set, temp and humidity are staying at 101 and 45-50% respectively. My daughter and I are hand turning the eggs three times a day. Everything is going seamlessly until day three. I have marked all the eggs with an "X" on one side and an "O" on the other. I have also numbered all...
  10. Ebay eggs #1

    Ebay eggs #1

    The ebay eggs project is my reintroduction to backyard poultry. I have had chickens before always buying them as day old chicks. Some breeds I have kept are Lt. Brahma, Barred Rock, Silver Laced Wynodott, Buff Orpington. I have hatched turkeys before as well. So I won my eggs on July 10, 2019...
  11. ChickenLeg

    Partridge Silkie X Blue Silkie CROSS ?

    I have a bunch of splash and blue silkies. Want to get a nice partridge male and cross over blue hens. Should I just keep saving the best blue female offspring that look like they carry the Pg gene, and cross back over dad to try and get 2 copies in the offspring? Then I'd have a partridge...
  12. Searsmom

    Raising chicks for 4H

    I've had chickens for awhile, but my 10 yr old signed us up in 4H to show 4 Barred Rocks out of a batch of 15 provided by 4H. Anybody have tips on special care while they're growing and how to get them ready for the show? Do we need to have them in cages or will the show have display cages...
  13. MarlyMonster

    Duck diaper collaboration project (open to anyone looking for or wanting to share duck diaper info!)

    Hi lovely people! Ever since I got my indoor duck two months ago I’ve been researching diapers for her. There’s a lot of options out there but very few actually work. This thread is fellow diaper duck owners to come together and share our thoughts on the diapers we own, what we’d like...
  14. ldrchickens

    Calico Silkie Project?

    Hey guys! I stumbled across a breeder that used to breed calico silkies and they were the most beautiful silkies i have ever seen. Sadly they have discontinued the breeding. Ive seen some old threads about this but want to start another up. is there anybody working on calico silkies? Please...
  15. Jmcggnj6

    Experiment: Incubating Eggs in a cup

    My daughter and I started a project last night. We decided to use some of our eggs from our girls to try hatch an egg in cup. No idea if it will be successful but we figured it could give us a much better understanding of the growth of the chick and maybe in the long run help us improve...
  16. NmhomesteadNC

    DIY Incubator

    Hello! I have an old entertainment center/cabinet I would like to repurpose into an incubator. I plan on using the heating element from my old Styrofoam bator and a pc fan for circulation. Basically, how would you all recommend I set this up?
  17. W

    Blue barred Cochin for buff barred project

    I bought some barred bantam cochins, and one of them appears to be blue. Instead of being black like the others, the striping is a medium-light gray color. I was planning on using one of my barred roosters to start a buff barred project… And I think the blue barred one is going to be the nicest...
  18. crazychickenlady724

    Anyone Have Pictures?

    So...I'm pathologically curious. What would a chicken with the mottled, pattern, AND barred genes look like? Anyone have Pictures? Google has failed me. I may do a side breeding project just to satisfy my curiosity...
  19. Terri E

    Any DIY Brooder projects ideas?

    Does anyone one have any DIY Brooder projects, possibly with plans, that works great with hatchling of 10+? I know I can just build a box with an opening, top cover with hard wired. However, I'm looking to do something extra just with a more secure top and viewing. Plastic is ok for lesser...
  20. Amer

    Project Pictures

    I am a fan of color and breed projects people have. Gift me with pictures. And discuss the background and genetics that went into it too. :ya
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