1. CaptainStumpy

    How to Produce Mottled Cuckoo

    This is one colour combo i can never see enough of, it looks really smart on the females with the Black, light grey and white effect, and Homozygous Cuckoo males look incredibly bright. It also worked on Barred, but personally i like the effect on cuckoo. You need to start with a Light...
  2. Hoovesandfeathers

    Need some eager survey takers! :)

    Hey there everyone... I am also on BackyardHerds as SheepGirl -- some of you may know me there. I am in college and I am in a business class and our project is to complete a business plan. I was looking into setting up an online web store to sell chicken supplies and equipment for my project...
  3. Squeak61

    Big new coop!

    Hello everyone! I’m super excited today, because it’s time that my family and I start our new coop :yesss: We have ten chickens at this point, and our tiny starter coop is way too small. So, we’re building a big 8x8 coop within the next few weeks. I’ll be posting the process on here for you all...
  4. Farmer Connie

    My Egg House. Reuse Project(s)

    The new egg factory:). This was a greenhouse aging & falling apart across the street on our neighbor's property. The poor fellow was struggling with cancer and my loving husband would go over once a week to mow, weed and clear branches for the retired couple for free, just being good neighbors...
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