Ebay Eggs #3

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Well hello to everyone who has been following this project. This week has been full of ups and downs. So lets get to it.
Last time we left off with day 7 candeling, #3 was a quitter, #9 was unsure, and the rest were all winners. So I checked #9 on day 8,9,10. Day 10 #9 was ruled a yolker. I checked all other eggs that day as well and lost #12. Don't know what happend just up and quit. So comes day 11. Up early 2:30 am to get ready for work. I go downstairs to turn the eggs, and it happens again. I dropped #10, again. This time it was bad! Massive damage, cracking and a good sized dent. I didn't have time to check it out or fix it, I had to leave for work. So I turned 10 anyway and thought I'll see if you make it, closed up the incubator and left. I picked up a scentless candle on my way home that afternoon. I got home about 2:00 pm and ran down to see if I had killed #10 or not. I picked up the shattered egg very carefully. Put the light to it and to my surprise it was alive and well. So I patched up the damage with some wax. (See pics at bottom). Day 14 time to candle the bunch again everyone is doing great. Chicks are moving blood vessels are thick and healthy air sacks looking good. The hatch date is fast approaching and I think I'll end up with more chicks than I thought I would. So the plastic tub I was going to brood in is looking a little small now. I need to think bigger. I start looking around my house and property to see if I can come up with something bigger. I start finding scrap wood laying about, some small sections of chicken wire. As the pile gets bigger a picture appears in my mind. So today on day 15, I built the new brooder. Its not 100% yet but the basic structure is there. I will finish between now and day 19 so I can have turned on and dialed in before hatch day which is August 7th, This next Wednesday. (Pics at the bottom). Well that concludes this week, so far out of 15 eggs, I've lost egg #3, #9, #12. Next update will be piping and hatching so stay tuned as I try to hatch these Ebay eggs, if I can stop dropping them. Till next week, take care
-Double Egg 7-
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