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So the eggs are set, temp and humidity are staying at 101 and 45-50% respectively. My daughter and I are hand turning the eggs three times a day. Everything is going seamlessly until day three. I have marked all the eggs with an "X" on one side and an "O" on the other. I have also numbered all the eggs 1-15. As I am turning the eggs, I dropped egg #10. Not far, maybe an inch or so, but enough that I heard a crunch. So I immediately candle the egg and sure enough cracks. Small cracks but no dents. What do I do? What do I do? It was the first thing I saw so I brushed on a thin layer of superglue. #10 had blood vessels and a small embryo. "Boy I hope I didnt just kill this." I think to myself. I'll have to wait till day 7 candeling to see if it makes it. Well today July 24th 2019 is day number 7. I just did the first candeling. Twelve winners, One quitter, and Two unsure. I know what your thinking "yup #10 was the quitter." Well you would be wrong, #3 was. #10 is doing fine and was moving all over the place. Nice healthy blood vessels and air sac looked great. I plan to check the two unknowns again on day 8 and 10 if needed, they are just a dark shell hard to see. So far all these ebay eggs are fertilized and growing. This project is going great. See you on the next update.
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I can't wait for the next article in the series!
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Hmmm I wonder if #10 will have any problems hatching because of that superglue... is it all over? Or just in the one spot?
Hmmm I wonder if #10 will have any problems hatching because of that superglue... is it all over? Or just in the one spot?
Just the one spot about 1 1/2" I hope it will be able to hatch ok. I only used superglue because it was the first thing I saw and was rushing around to get it fixed. I wish I had used wax instead.

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