1. AltonaAcres

    Anyone want an amazing Naked Neck rooster?

    Hi there! I just bought a gorgeous Chocolate Orpington rooster, and my current roo, a black and white Naked Neck, is not too thrilled. His name is Caelo (Latin for sky/heaven), pronounced Kai-low. He is the best rooster I have ever had. Mellow, good protector, amazing fertility (I have 20+ of...
  2. Bk5566

    Long distance move to cold climate - keep or rehome old hens?

    We will be moving from Northern California to a northern Virginia in February. We are looking for recommendations on whether to take our 5 hens, all about 7 years old- with us or rehome them before we leave. Logistics aside, we are most concerned about the shock to the birds of going to a more...
  3. mogollon

    Rehoming Pigeons that are Over a Year Old

    I'm purchasing 20 white pigeons. The current owner stated they've never been out of his loft. Some of the older ones are over a year old. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  4. K

    Did I make the right decision?

    G'day everyone I'm hoping if I tell you a bit of my story, any of you could tell me if I made the right decision yesterday, (please try not to be to blunt with your responses as I'm feeling emotionally drained today) As I posted in the new members area, I currently have 2 Plymouth Rocks, but...
  5. F

    Young Olive Egger Cockerel Confetti, Palo Alto

    Our young cockerel Confetti (8 weeks old) started crowing, confirming his gender. Living in Palo Alto we are not allowed to keep him. So looking for a good home where he will be happy. He is a very sweet boy, likes to be pet, is handled every day, doesn't bite and has a gorgeous outfit. he was...
  6. J

    Roosters in need of a home ASAP

    Help! I’m a novice chicken owner. My knowledge is limited and I don’t own any of my own yet. A group of 8 roosters were abandoned in my neighbor’s yard last week and we don’t know what to do with them. They’re good, but we have a coyote problem and there’s not enough room in their coop for...
  7. Jc9517


    Hello everyone! Jaime here, looking for a community forum to discuss my flock and hopefully find a home for my sweet Mr. TURKEN! WE have a mixed flock in southwestern Pa, including a Rhode Island Red (Ella), Leghorn(Lola), Sussex(Hoot), Americauna(Hawk Eye), Plymouth Barred Rock(Kylo), Buff...
  8. CaeVee

    Belgian bantam rooster (2 months) SUTTON, SURREY

    I have a 2 month old Belgian bantam rooster who I urgently need to re home. He's lovely and inquisitive, but he's started crowing in the morning and my parents are worried the neighbours will start complaining. If anyone in or around Surrey (UK) can give him a home I'd be so grateful Here's...
  9. madisonboe

    Ameraucana Rooster needing a home in Sacramento, California

    He’s a little over a year old, was purchased as a chick labeled pullet but we all know how that goes! I’ve gotten lucky and not had any complaints with this guy (my previous rooster caused a county code enforcement issue!) but we will be welcoming our baby boy into the world in just two weeks...
  10. F

    Advice on rehoming chickens

    We are very disappointed but have reached the point where we need to downsize our chicken flock. Would love any advice on how/where to find good homes for them. We have a variety of breeds and both roosters and hens that need rehomed. Thanks in advance
  11. G

    HELP!!! Advice needed! Two ducklings in Phx, Arizona

    Okay so we are in serious need of some advice. Here's the story: my husband and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. We were on a walk around the manmade lakes in our neighborhood (they are surrounded by houses and a main road, very very suburban area with all kinds of groups and breeds of ducks) and we...
  12. Squeak61

    Silkie flock in CT

    Hey everyone, I have a flock of 5 silkies (four hens and one rooster) that I’m rehoming. Silkies aren’t really my favorite, and they don’t integrate well with my full size birds. Four of the silkies are older rescues from Meyer, so their beaks are clipped and they don’t have pretty feathers...
  13. blank28

    Rehoming for free two pekin bantam hens Cardiff, UK

    We are rehoming our two pekin bantam hens for free due to our recent house move. We also have a a hutch and pen, water/ food dispensers, feed and bedding sawdust which can come with them for free if needed. They are around a year old, laying in spring/summer months. Great little personalities...
  14. L

    Free Flock of 5 - Atlanta

    I "inherited" a flock of 5 chickens when I bought a house a few months ago. I can't care for them any more, and need to part ways with them. They are 3-4 years old. Breeds include polish, cochin, maran, barnevelder, and plymouth rock. Message me if you are interested in taking them. I'm in...
  15. Squeak61

    Free group of Turkens

    Hi everyone! Today I have 6 turkens up for rehoming, there’s 5 hens and 1 gorgeous roo. I have somewhere the roo could go if you just want some or all of the hens, I understand that not everyone can have roos. They’re all about five months old. They just don’t fit well at all with my flock, and...
  16. RainForestBird

    LOOKING FOR ROOSTERS! Bantam blue Cochin, Japanese Buff Black Tail, Svart Hona

    Hi, I am looking for these roosters Bantam Blue or Black Cochin Rooster and a Japanese Buff with Black Tail. I also need two Svart Hona hens to go with the lone rooster that hatched (from shipped eggs) I need two female Call Ducks - preferably nutmeg color and / or two female Australian...
  17. lathropcarrie

    Need to rehome female Easter egger less then 2 years old

    We found a rescue in Austin that will take her. Thank you everyone. We have a cannibal in our household. This is Bob the chicken. She's a great egg layer and has light green eggs about 4-5 a week. She's a bully and is eating her sister Missy alive. Bob will do great in a single chicken home or...
  18. D

    Serama Cockerel in need of a good home

    my little Serama has started coming of age and being the only survivor of a failed incubation could rather do with a good home with other chickens He has been well looked after to the best of my ability and is of good health Though it would always be best to have a vet give him a look over...
  19. T

    Looking for a young rooster that needs rehomed in victorville

    We have our rooster thanks to everyone.
  20. Cherrier25

    MISSOURI Rooster Needs A HOME ASAP!

    I have a young rooster that was supposed to be a hen that needs rehoming asap! Please help! Near St.Louis Six Flags
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