1. Catherine_05

    Rehoming Black Swedish Drake, New York

    Hey guys, unfortunately I’m thinking about rehoming my drake. The other option would be to cull him, and while I don’t have an objection to this I would rather him get a nice new home. He will be 1yr in June, I hatched him and raised him from a baby so he is imprinted on me. I know this will...
  2. Archer123

    Cockerel in need of new home without small children - Herts UK

    7 month old cockerel free to a new home from Hertfordshire, UK. He is very focused on protecting his girls but has become very aggressive towards my one year old. Thus, we can't keep him. I strongly suggest a home where there is no children and with someone who won't be afraid of his bad...
  3. W

    Needing some direction and advice....

    I have three beautiful great ducks. I've had them just since they were about 5 weeks old. I also have a son a couple dogs and we are thinking about having another baby. My dilemma is they are a lot of work and I'm worried about when the new baby comes how much harder it will be I dont want to...
  4. nicoleee

    Looking to rehome 2 girls. This isn't easy

    Let me start off by introducing the situation. About a year ago I had a handfull of chickens that i raised. When I moved from my home to a more chicken-restricted area, I could only take 2 girls and so that is what I did (the rest I left to my at the moment neighbor or to someone I knew in...
  5. tamaraly81

    2 roosters abandoned in Greeley, CO

    Hey everyone! I hope this works! My cousin sent me a text with a picture of 2 beautiful Roosters that showed up at her work today in Greeley, CO. She's trying to find them a home since animal control never showed up to rescue them. Is there anyone here that lives in or near Greeley, CO that can...
  6. JillMicheleDavis

    Hamilton Twp, New Jersey

    Hi everyone, I was recently told by my township that I have to “get rid of” my 9 beautiful hens. Apparently there’s a setback issue that we were not aware of and my family is heartbroken. When I asked what I should do, the township zoning officer Michael Cosma told me to “cook em”... which is...
  7. CaityKitola

    Pair of young chickens need new home (South Bay Area, CA)

    Hello Backyard Peeps! I'm still fairly quiet here, but here's the situation I've gotten into: 1. I work at a preschool. 2. Someone at the preschool decided "Oh hey let's hatch eggs to show the kids!" 3. I was put in charge of the incubator because I've "had birds before." Apparently parrots...
  8. vanillachai

    Suggestions for rehoming to a good home

    Unfortunately, due to life events I may have to rehome most or all of my flock in a few months. I care about them very much and want them to at least go to loving homes if it does turn out that I can't keep them. Does anyone have suggestions for rehoming? Chickens are easily abused and I want to...
  9. C

    BeautifulLavender Orpington Rooster

    we just found out that our beautiful, sweet, Lavender Orpington hen is really a rooster and our neighborhood doesn’t allow for roosters. Looking to re-home as a pet or show bird.
  10. AshleyNicole06

    Rescue duck? What should I do?

    There is a duck that I think needs to come live with me instead of the small pond it lives on in town. It used to live on someone’s property but they dumped it off there. (It’s the only one there) It doesn’t fly at all.. I’m worried for it..beings winter is coming and it gets real cold here! I...
  11. C

    Phoenix AZ home needed for 2 chickens

    Found a home
  12. CaitlinB

    Help with what to do with roosters that can't be eaten?

    Long post pictures first please help if you can. Ok so I've posted on here a few times about my silkie chickens. I was supposed to get 4 blue silkies hens. I ended up getting 3 blue and 4 buff. I called the place I got them from and a new girl switched shipping...
  13. Ailovepoop

    Here to rehome my rooster :(

    Hi everyone ~ I got my first chicken two years ago! In fact, my hen is turning two this January. Her name is Bawk and she’s a partridge silkie. Bawk is surprisingly not very amiable ; she doesn’t get along with any of my other pets. I recently added two new chickens to my family in June. One...
  14. Ailovepoop

    Partridge Cochin Rooster in need of re-homing (Orange County, CA)

    Hi! I have a 5 month old Partridge Cochin Rooster in need of re-homing asap due to personal circumstances. Willing to drop off.
  15. A

    Two Silkie Roosters in Colorado

    Hello to everyone. I'm somewhat new on here and haven't posted before. I was wondering if anyone on here would be interested in two silkie roosters around six months old? Possibly in December? We're going to be homeless after our lease is up and I'd feel better at least knowing they had...
  16. DenverQuail

    Two Male Coturnix Quail in Denver, CO

    I was told these birds were young females when I purchased them, but a few weeks and more feathers later it seems they are actually male. I don't have enough females in my flock to keep two extra boys happy, so I need to find a new home for these two. I believe they are 5-6 weeks old. I was told...
  17. MilesFluffybutt

    FREE Faverolle Chicks - Vermont

    Looking to rehome three 8-week-old Faverolle cockerels. I paid extra to have them sexed... Clearly someone was having a bad day 'cause I ended up with 4 boys, 4 girls, instead of 8 girls. - Purchased from Cackle Hatchery on June 19, 2017 - On medicated feed - Not vaccinated - Friendly and...
  18. H

    Duck rehoming or fostering Chicago area or surrounding area

    I have a 6 week old duckling that I had hatched as a project and had plans for him to go to a family friends farm but am now looking at other options as I am very attached to him. I live in Chicago and I am just not at a point where I think building a coop and having a bunch of ducks is an...
  19. RaventheChicken

    Help! Rooster needs a home!

    I have a 7 month old Speckled Sussex rooster that has begun crowing quite a bit, which means I have to rehome him. I haven't the slightest clue on how to do this or where to take him. Does anybody know what I can do, or if rehoming him will cause strain on my hen? She's the only other chicken I...
  20. C

    Muscovy hens,drakes, and ducklings available SE PA

    Moving sale, I bought the farm, literarally, but it's not bird ready as it needs work. In the mean time I am selling off my flock. Geese, ducks,and chickens all reasonable offers considered. SE Pennsylvania. Chesco.
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