1. kdillon613

    Two abandoned roosters need home in mid-Michigan - I'm willing to transport!

    Hi all, someone has abandoned two roosters near our apartment complex in Meridian Township. You are not allowed to have roosters per ordinance so I'm guessing instead of doing the responsible thing they just dumped the roosters. It's getting very cold and I've been trying to feed the roosters...
  2. FourDucks

    Two year old Pekin Drake in need of rehoming in Las Vegas NV

    Hi all! I have a drake that needs to be rehomed because I need to down size. He is great with my other female ducks and is pretty submissive with them. He also loves running up to you and eating right out of your hand. I can drop off if need be! Thanks :)
  3. Quincy Buttons

    Re-homing two male Button Quails in California

    Hello, I'm looking to re-home the two healthy adult male button quails that I have raised in the Bay Area (California). Recently, one of my females have passed away, leaving one of my males lonely. I have to go to college next year and I need help to give these guys a new home! They have been...
  4. LoveMyChickenBabies

    Kittens to a good home!

    Anyone want a tabby or black kitten? Both the tabbies are male and one of the blacks are female and the other is male. I will get pictures soon. There will be a short interview to make sure you will be a suitable home for our fur babies. This is just to make sure that the kitten will go to a...
  5. Chickadee1982

    Laying hens need new home 7 hens

    I need to make space. I have 7 wonderful hybrids (3 Amberlinks, 4 ISA browns) They lay xxl eggs, every day. 1 year 4 months old. NPIP certified and AI clean flock. Free of external & internal parasites. I simply need to make some space, and these ladies lay too many eggs for our personal needs...
  6. N

    Rehoming silkie roosters

    I have at least 4 silkie roosters who have begun fighting so I need to rehome two for now. They were hatched through 4H incubation project in June and out of the hatching of 8, I am starting to see which ones are roosters and which are not. I am in the process of trying to introduce them into my...
  7. J

    2 young roosters need to be rehomed

    I purchased in April as chicks, ended up with 2 roosters, I cannot handle them and must rehome them. They are approximately 4 1/2 months old. The black and white (Brock) is easy on the girls but the brown (Bucket) is a little harder on them! I only have a small run and cannot free range due to...
  8. mpmb1227

    Two hens, one rooster in need of home (Arlington/Stanwood Wa area)

    I have two rhode island red hens and one cuckoo marans rooster that are in need of a new home. Life has been busy for me lately and my ability to care for them properly has diminished for the time being. All are free, and preferably are taken together, but since I'd like to rehome them as soon...
  9. dorothymcd

    Both Roosters dead from heat stroke in 3 hours?

    I love my chickens and always try to find them the best homes.. yesterday I brought 2 of my young roosters that I love so much but cant keep, to a lady with a farm. I brought them to her house so she can watch them until they go to farm later. She put them in the shade in a cage with food and...
  10. EIEIO_farm

    Ventura County — sweet roosters in need of adoption ASAP!!

    These three eligible bachelors are looking for a new home where they will be kept as pets and not as a meal. They have been hand raised since they were days old, and are very good around children, dogs, and cats! I would guesstimate their age is about 6 months! We currently have 4 roosters but...
  11. Str4b3rryb33

    Need Home For Rooster; Ashtabula(OH)/Erie (PA) Area

    I have two roos, and unfortunately only have room for one. Moltres is a very good bird, I have raised him since he was a chick. Hes a little over three months old. He is a Seabright, not aggressive at all, but likes to be noisy. I'm asking for a $20 rehoming fee to assure he will go to a safe...
  12. Chickadee1982

    Four 3 month old boys to rehome

    I have raised 4 handsome boys to age 3 months. They are loving, and need to go to a good home. As pets/ flock protectors, not for meat. 3 are light Brahma/ lavender orps, one is ee/ light Brahma and carries the OE gene. I love them all, but i cannot keep them, since 8 boys crowing, would be a...
  13. RC11

    Rooster Rehoming: Buff Orpington and Plymouth Rock

    Buff Orpington Rooster and Plymouth Rock Rooster Need Homes Location: Near Austin, TX Very handsome roosters, no issues just more chicks we have raised initially unsure of gender became roos than our small flock can handle :/ About 6 months old. Looking for a home where each be appreciated and...
  14. gohappy

    Re-Homing Three Roo's

    We have three Roos from a straight run that will be 13 weeks June 20, 2018. They started crowing the week of May 13th. In the city limits of Hillard we are not aloud to have Roosters. Sad to say we can not keep them and they need a new home very soon. Up until they started crowing they free...
  15. S

    Please give me advice!

    I am in a predicament and I'm hoping some of you will be able to help me decide what to do. It is kind of a long story, so short story is I have one Pekin duck that lives in the lake outside my house and I need to capture him and find him a new place to live so he is not alone and doesn't get...
  16. C

    Rehoming Ducks as PETS ONLY

    I raised them from ducklings and almost cry that I have to part with them! They are two wonderful darlings (a black Swedish female and Kahki Male) and will follow you around. Please please please be sincere with your intentions as I want my ducks to live out good lives! NOT FOR CONSUMPTION OR...
  17. Huntergatherr

    Sumatra Rooster Rehoming in Bucks County PA

    This aggressive beautiful rooster is a pain in our asses. He is not looking at a long life if no one else wants him. He is only up for offering because he is a show quality black sumatra. Not looking to drive him anywhere, and as long as he is not made to fight, I am ok with whereever he goes.
  18. jesseycakes

    2- 4 month old Easter Egger Roosters Need New Home NW Ohio

    I have two little boys who need new homes. I am in Paulding Ohio and can not have roosters in town.
  19. D

    Silkie Roo rehoming in Boston area

    I have a beautiful friendly 8 month old black and grey silkie roo that needs rehoming. Sad to let him go but can't have roosters in my town.
  20. A

    Need to rehome rooster in Los Angeles, Ca

    I am new to this whole chicken world and I received three chickens through my kids’ science class and I have a rooster. Unfortunately I cannot keep him. The law is he has to be at least 100 feet from a residence. Can anybody help me? I don’t know his exact breed either and he is about 12 weeks old
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