Integrating a 3 month old rooster into a new flock


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Oct 9, 2020

I have a wild rooster and 3 chicken siblings that live in my quiet neighborhood. I have known them since they were born and we are attached.

They rooster strayed crowing today for the first time. The last time a rooster crowed in our neighborhood, one of the neighbors killed him šŸ˜­.

If I have a friend with a farm, how would I go about introducing this rooster to their chicken flock? Should I bring one of his siblings? Can they just be put in the group?

Help me. I want him to live his life.


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If your rooster were to be rehomed and joining another flock, you wouldnā€™t have to worry about bringing a friend along with him. Heā€™ll be just fine on his own and join the flock with no problem. (Unless there is another rooster) When my chicks hatched and one of them turned out to be a rooster, I had to give him up to a family friend. He integrated with the flock just fine and had to reestablish the pecking order.

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