1. G

    Other hens hanging out with broody hen and chicks

    So, my araucana has reached day 21 and so far 2 eggs have hatched (she had 4 left). My little pekin bantam (who is her friend and has also raised chicks) decided she’d sit in the coop next to her and just hang out..? When I went to check on the hen and eggs to see if anymore had hatched my...
  2. Dawnwolf1234

    Hey it Dawnwolf!!!

    Hey everyone! I know it’s been for ever since I’ve been on but I’m happy to say that I am back! My life has changed a lot since the last time I was one here. You know how I wanted to start jumping my horse? Well unfortunately I didn’t start that after all. But I am going to start barrel racing...
  3. cinnamoncockatiel

    Goodbye BYC

    I will be leaving BYC. I thought I should say bye instead of disappearing :p. Bye, friends!! :hugs
  4. W

    Integrating a 3 month old rooster into a new flock

    Hi! I have a wild rooster and 3 chicken siblings that live in my quiet neighborhood. I have known them since they were born and we are attached. They rooster strayed crowing today for the first time. The last time a rooster crowed in our neighborhood, one of the neighbors killed him 😭. If...
  5. FastEddy22

    Chicks days 1-13, bonus goat photo

    Chicks are 15 days old today, holy they are getting big so fast! I only have two of my old girls left, I have to get a few pics of them to share as well!
  6. L

    Bantam and jap quail?

    Ive got a 1 year old quail hen whose sister passed away recently, i was wondering if i could introduce a bantam chicken of some sort to her, she is rather kind she has never attacked any bird in her life and shes so lonely but i cannot get another quail and they’d probably attack her anyway...
  7. WallyBirdie

    Favorite Chicken(s)!

    Anyone want to share pictures and stories of their favorite chickens?! No dinner jokes, please.
  8. tamleah

    possible friend for disabled hen

    I have a hen that is a few years old - she had encephalopathy when young and I somehow managed to keep her going. I had her in the house in a cage for a year - now she is outside in a coop all by herself. I can't put her in with the 3 other girls because she still has some issues and they will...
  9. Smuvers Farm

    Official Squatch Watchers

    A SQUATCH WATCHER is a group of people who had been following a thread about a feral chicken, nicknamed a SQUATCH, after sasquatch, because the OP was the only person who had the *sightings* of the Squatch. So far, a roo has been discovered, but no hen. Although us Squatchers keep yapping in...
  10. Knepper

    Is it better to have 2 ducks or 3?

    I have a 3 bird limit where i live. I just lost my heart, sweet pete was my other ducks mate. I got her a new female friend to help her along. I just wanted to know if i should get a 3rd? I know ducks are flock oriented social animals so im just not sure what to do. Is 3 too many? They are in a...
  11. Peachfuzz221

    Suggestions - Reading Watching, etc.

    Hello everybody! I am basically looking for recommendations on just about anything and everything; books, movies, music, hobbies, etc. Consider this a thread where you can just drop and share your favorite things and maybe have a little chat with me about them. I am using this thread as an...
  12. AshleyNicole06

    Fun things to do..

    This is random... Do any of you do "fun things" with your ducks? Take them anywhere with you? Walk them? Take them to places away from home? What can you do with them? What should you NOT do with them? I only have 4 ducks right now.. Was just thinking about this. Haha! :) I just want to show...
  13. AshleyNicole06


    My ducks (one in particular) have been having a major attitude towards the rescued duck. They are all drakes. Is there anything I can do to change this?
  14. AshleyNicole06


    My ducks (one in particular) have been having a major attitude towards the rescued duck. They are all drakes. Is there anything I can do to change this?
  15. Saint_ Marwenne_Chickens

    Friendly we are...

    Congrats everyone!!!!! Well done @Saint_ Marwenne_Chickens especially... @007Sean @Abriana @adrikeen @AnneInTheBurbs @apryl29 @beer can @CapricornFarm @CayugaJana @danielley101215 @DigMyChicks @DuckMochi @FrankieDoodle @hippiestink @Hope Hughes @JaeG @jetblack2004 @kitkat5505 @Lamaremybabies...
  16. AnneandApril

    Different Breed Interactions

    Hey there! :frow I am thinking about getting a new chicken, maybe a Dominique hen. I have a silkie and am not sure how they will do together. I have read that Dominiques are a very docile and friendly breed. They also tend to be down near the bottom of the pecking order. They are a smaller...
  17. Cluckcluck1215


    WARNING:Some posts will be goorey!Read at your own risk Hey peeps! I love love love making short(long?)stories and want to show everyone! Follow along with my OCs! Jane, Taylor, Arthur, Merln(Not so OC?), Gwen and Morgana(Not so OC?)Hiccup, Astrid, Toughnut, Roughnut, And Snotlout(How to...
  18. Keeper

    Friends for my disabled hen- need advice

    Hello, Peeps! Need an opinion on providing companionship for my mobility-challenged chicken. Cordelia is a Black Copper Maran, can walk and even run if she's really motivated, but with difficulty and doesn't do it very often, or quickly. She doesn't roost. The vet says there is nothing we can...
  19. BayCityBabe

    Returning to BYC

    I was on here about 10 years ago. Got busy with living in the rat race. I am taking a friend's chickens in a sort of emergency situation. It makes me happy to be of help. I am excited to be returning to tending some hens.
  20. Robin Koski

    Where is everyone from and what breed of chickens do you raise?

    Hello to everyone! I am from Kalispell Montana! I currently have all new baby chicks ranging from about 2 months to 31/2 months. I have Light Brahmas... new brred for me... Black Jersey Giants, raised them before...And Ayam Cemani's... Rare breed! Looking for new friends on here with great...
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