1. carlyducks

    Ducklings are getting so big / update & pics

    These are my two ducklings, Paige and Ethel. They will be 5 weeks old on Monday already! Time flies.. They are getting closer and closer to being able to live outside.. :celebrate Update on Ethel (runner) : Ethel's legs had been shaking and trembling for about 2 weeks straight, she couldn't...
  2. jods

    Help please, sick runner duck!

    Hello, i'm really worried and I don't know what to do: I let the ducks out this morning, all was fine but about half an hour later, bubbles ( a 1.5yo female runner duck) who is normally VERY vocal and hyper, seemed very lethargic and very quiet, that was instant alarm bells. I watched and she...
  3. Gemduckmum

    3 week old duckling itching beak and sneezing! Please help!

    My 3-4 week old runner duckling, Waldo, has been itching around his beak a lot since I got him 5 days ago. Recently he has started sneezing more but I don’t think there is any discharge around his nose. He just acts differently to my other ducklings but he eats and drinks loads, runs around and...
  4. S

    Mating backyard Mallard Drake and Blue Trout Indian Runner Hen

    Hi everyone, first post here and new to the forums. Finally decided to make an account after reading threads on here for months! We got chickens and ducks over Mother's Day weekend of 2017 and have been thoroughly enjoying ourselves with them every since. They're all so quirky and fun to watch...
  5. 20170723_115407


    3 weeks old and they know who has the food
  6. J

    Runner Duck Behaviour

    Hi all! I am a very proud owner of 2 female runners who are now 8 weeks old. Our runners seem very tame, are regularly handled, and often come inside the house to sit with us (by choice). Recently, we have noticed that one of the girls sometimes does a very tense shake, then 'pounces' with...
  7. Silvermoonfox

    What kind of duck is this

    Bought them at tractor supply they said runner ducks n theydonr stand straight I don't think they r
  8. L

    Weak leg on Runner

    Any advice would be welcome. I nursed her back to health for about 3 weeks from not being able to walk on both legs to walking fine and then suddenly a week or so later her right leg is weak again and she limps on it but not all the time it seems to be on and off. She also pants while the the...
  9. RunGuy77

    Runner sitting eggs

    Hi all, I am looking for a little advice from any runner duck keepers. Despite their reputation as being hopeless for sitting, my trout runner (Michonne) has bucked the trend, sitting 12 eggs for just over a week now. Some may say that I should have taken her eggs away, but I kinda like to let...
  10. Ducktown

    My first incubation of runner duck eggs

    I am trying to incubate 3 runner duck eggs. I started with 7, but the incubator I have bought is way too small and I couldn't place the eggs into laying position, so I could turn them. I tried turning them by tilting the whole incubator as much as I could for the first week. By then I started...
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