1. Tuna Treat For The Chickens

    Tuna Treat For The Chickens

    Skipjack Tuna, Sweet Peppers, Cilantro, and Garlic
  2. B

    What human foods are okay to give my hens?

    I want to give my hens treats and stuff like that but I don't know what is healthy for them. What are some things that they would like and things I should avoid? Also, do the breeds affect what is and isn't okay? I know Charlotte, Pot pie, and Dumpling are Buff Orpingtons but I don't remember...
  3. Scotty from BI

    I gave my flock too much protein

    I had no idea I was causing damage to my flock by giving them too much protein. Dehydrated grubs, (black soldier fly larve) can be ordered in bulk which I did. I threw out about a cup of bugs to my flock of 10 adult large breed chickens. I figured it's cold and they have been molting so they...
  4. StephanieRose44

    Can I Feed my 13 week Olds Raw coconut pieces

    I always have coconuts love them so many uses for Mature and Virgin Cononuts, but I was wondering if I can feed some pieces to my chickens. I have 12 13 Week olds? The white meat, the inner shell and the outer shell fibers?
  5. Kris5902

    Meal worms from a petsmart?

    I was thinking about getting mealworms/“super worms” from my local petsmart and raising more of them to give to my chickens as treat... has anyone started with these before and are they good for chickens? I’ve seen mealworm threads, but the petsmart markets them as superworms... is this the same...
  6. Buckeye2002

    Am I on track?

    I am a BYC Rookie and I have 23 RIR chicks and they were a week old last Wednesday. I have them in a large kiddie pool (4 foot across) with 2 lamps, 2 feeders (now hanging off the floor) and 2 waterers. I just put a 3 foot wire fence (is that tall enough?) around the perimeter in preparation...
  7. sahagi

    Human emergency rations ok for hens?

    We have an emergency kit of food and first aid for the humans and pets in our family. We replace the canned goods and other edibles when they're close to expiring. We have some portions of emergency rations and I'm wondering if we can feed them to our hens to help eat them up? They are DATREX...
  8. dehowery

    What to feed chickens

    I posted earlier if it was ok to feed cottage cheese to chickens. I didn't get any answers so I researched it myelf and came accross this website with both what to feed/not to feed so I thought I would share the link with you...
  9. LulaBell

    Treats for molting those recipes!!

    Hi All :frow This is my first year with chickens that are about to or have started molting. What do you give your flock to help support them during this time? I provide a 16% layer feed year round as well as fry eggs from time to time as a treat. I also grind up and give back their egg shells...
  10. feathermaid

    Winter Treats and Boredom Busters! (*Pictures*)

    Winter is coming! And I'm trying to plan out some healthy treats and activities to keep my girls happy through the rain and cold weather. So far, I've harvested some sunflower heads and dried them for later use... to toss out in the run and give the girls some extra pecking and scratching...
  11. HenzandHoundzFarm

    Golden Pheasant Help!! New to Pheasants!!

    Hi everyone! I recently got some golden pheasant chicks! They are a couple of months old now and will be outside by the end of the month, which is exciting! (They stink up the room they are in by the end of the day really bad now lol, so I want them outside). I do though have a few questions I...
  12. B

    Questions About My Baby Chicks

    Hi, this is my first time raising and owning baby chicks. I now have 16 heavy females. I have a few concerns and questions that I just cannot find anywhere else the specific answer to. My chicks were born on 7/11/18 and are now a little over two weeks old. I originally had 17 chicks but one of...
  13. Jordan01

    Great treat recipe!

    Hi! I figured I'd share the recipe for my chickens favorite treats! I call them chicken cakes and they go crazy for them. They're really good for rewards when training, getting them used to your call, or just for happy chickens So I don't use exact measurements but the main base is flour and...
  14. P

    Can I feed my chickens salmon berries, blackberries and huckleberries?

    I have 2 month old chickens and they really like berries but what type of berries are they allowed? I feed them huckleberries sometimes but I don't know how much I should be giving them. I have a few salmon berries/blackberries as well but I am not certain if they can safely eat them or not.
  15. LordDuckWings

    3-Layer Duck Bath Bombs!

    The title may sound odd, but its a very good treat to give to your ducks! Instructions: 1.Have a small circular plastic container 2. Chop up romaine lettuce into tiny bits, and place at bottom of container. 3. Pour cold water on top, only covering the lettuce, and put in freezer until it is rock...
  16. Keeperoflock

    Hot Weather, Treats and Nutrition.... Idea

    My chickens are 15 weeks old and I live in central Indiana. The heat indecies are in the low 100's for the past 3 days with a welcomed break coming hopefully tomorrow. I was reading on another thread about feeding frozen treats on hot days (which I have been giving frozen watermelon) and...
  17. M

    Chicks and fruit

    Hello all! Mama of 3 beautiful silkie chicks ranging in age from 6 days old- 2 1/2 weeks old. At what age did you start introducing treats such as fruit and veggies? What were your first offerings?
  18. W

    Shrimp in chicken treat mix?

    Hey guys I am new to the forum and I wanted to know if it is common to have shrimp in a treat mix for your chickens. Some site suggest it is a good way to add calcium. Is this a normal addition?
  19. Selsee

    Can ducks eat muffins as a treat?

    I’m having a party tomorrow and i thought it would be fun if the ducks could celebrate too. I’m planning on making banana muffins and put various veggies in one for my ducklings.
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