1. Cassandra Lana

    Friendly Fat ?

    Hi poultry people I was woundering if anyone knows of any friendly ways to put a little fat on my birds (Chickens and Ducks) . They a little too skinny for my preference . They have a feeder and water and get treats daily ♥️. Any tips appreciated ~Cassie Note: I don’t feel comfortable feeding...
  2. Keyword: In Moderation

    Keyword: In Moderation

    *DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating for giving chickens NO treats at all. I believe that, as with humans, treats must be consumed wisely and in moderation.* Back in December and January, I had a sick hen. My posts about it are here, the onset of her sickness, here, when she aspirated the...
  3. Peskypigeon

    Foraging treats?

    If anybirdie has any good ideas for button quail foraging treats, please let me know! Hitoko loves digging around his enclosure and as a current lone quail I think he’d have fun with it.
  4. D

    ducklings getting scared?

    Hello everyone, I am a brand new duck parent, 4 of my ducklings have hatched over the last two days, and 6 more are on the way. It was a staggered hatch so I'm not too worried about the other eggs. I am really excited about having ducks, and more than anything I want them to be comfortable...
  5. Emrosenagel

    Underweight hen

    Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’ll try anyway. My ladies are about 28 weeks now. I’ve noticed over the past couple weeks one of hens is a lot lighter than the other four. I’ve also been short one egg everyday too. Not sure if that’s connected. Anyway, I have one...
  6. chickenchicklady

    Treats for meatbirds

    Is it advised against to give meat birds treats? Specifically oatmeal? It’s a cold day today, and I just moved my 4 week olds to the tractor yesterday. I can tell they’re a bit chilly, I was thinking maybe I’d give them warm bowl of oatmeal to warm them up.
  7. AlexD98

    Hi, I'm New :)

    Hi, I'm new to chicken keeping ( about 4 month) Any advice or tips would be much appreciated I have a chocolate Wyandotte (Ethel) Lavender araucana (Gladys) White polish (Lizzy) + her 3 chicks (polish X Wyandotte) (Pekin X Wyandotte) (Chocolate Wyandotte) Also RIP to Sylvia the Pekin...
  8. T

    Summer treats for my girls.

    It's a hot humid summer in our country and on order to make it cooler and nicer for my hens, I'm making yummy ice blocks, full of yummy surprises like fruits and vegetables. It's one of their fav treats, it's entertaining, keeps them busy while cooling their body temperature, and providing them...
  9. alwaysthere4chickens


    We have been feeding out chickens crushed oats for a treat. Is that fine? Are they healthy? I have heard opinions that giving them oats can be really good and others said that it can be really bad. :hmm Do you have an opinion on this?
  10. H

    Couple questions about 3 week old chicks from newbie

    Hello, we are new to chickens and bought 4 chicks of about 2 weeks old last week. I have one concern and one question (haha for right now). 1. Concern: I’ve found blood in their brooder a few times (starting the day after we brought them home). They were in one of those large rubber storage...
  11. April and Andy

    Taking Care of my Ducks (advice?)

    Hi everyone! I have two ~ month old Cayugas. They are still in the brooder in the house because my weather has been rather unpredictable and sporadic (days of heavy rain and very cold to sudden days of extreme heat). it seems to me the best thing to do to keep them inside until the temperature...
  12. K


    Hello, new here! Please forgive me if I ask a million questions! My ducklings are about a week old (hatched on Monday, arrived to me Thursday AM). I would love to take them into their finally finished pen to forage (under my supervision!), but I am not sure at what age I should begin doing...
  13. WildCHILD400

    New Bun

    Hi, I just adopted a new female Lion head bun due to my last bun passing from GI Stasis. I want to do as much as possible to avoid the same problem with my new girl. What can I do and what can I feed her to help prevent it from happening again? (She will be mainly an indoor rabbit) I am also...
  14. W

    Tips Taming Hens

    Hey there, I have 4 13 week old hens and have had them for about 2 1/2 weeks. Just wondering if there are any good ways to tame them. They are quite skittish but have managed to get them to eat out of my hand, all I want to do is pick them up (but they aren't having any of that). I've read they...
  15. Collinska

    What are your ducks favorite treats and toys?

    Hi! I’m new to ducklings so I’m figuring everything out for the first time. I was wondering what your ducklings/ducks favorite treats and toys are? I’ve read a lot of things, but it’s not as good as your experiences. I trust this way more haha. I’ve tried a few things so far cucumbers, bananas...
  16. Treat time

    Treat time

    Spent grain from a brewery
  17. Treat time!

    Treat time!

  18. Winter treat!

    Winter treat!

    Here in the California Bay Area our weather is not terribly cold. But on frosty mornings I like to give my hens a special treat. I make cream of wheat for them. Depending on what I have, sometimes I will add fruit or vegetables to the mix before I serve. Don’t stand nearby as they tend to sling...
  19. WallyBirdie

    2 Budgies. How to tame?

    I got my blue budgie [Piper] about a week or so ago, and Piper seemed ready to warm up to me. Fella even perched on my finger a few times without being bribed. Excellent progress, I think. But there wasn't much chatter or over all activity, so I figured a new friend would help. (I'm told they...
  20. karenmragan

    Adorable Kiddos

    Hello everyone! I just want to share this video of my new birds. They're about seven weeks old now. Thanks to BYC for giving me the hanging cabbage idea!
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