1. Jayneehartland

    Worried that I gave treats to my ducklings too early

    Hello, everyone. I am a first time duck owner and completely inexperienced with any bird care previously to this. I learned online that ducks love peas, kale and dandelions and have been feeding them this for the last couple of days. I’m not exactly sure how old they are, I ordered them from...
  2. Helanaii

    Bored chicks?? Try this!

    I got sick and tired of my chicks going nuts at each other from boredom so, Boiled an egg, smeared it on a smooth surface (cardboard lines their cage) and WALLAH! Entertainment for half an hour so far! Why did I never think of this before. Anyways hope it works for you too!! (Not a very...
  3. MolliMonster99

    Can ducks eat squirty cream?

    I've seen a lot of tiktoks of people taking their pets to Starbucks for a "pup cup" (it's just a small cup of squirty cream) and I was wondering if that was safe for ducks and chickens? It looks like a fun treat for the flock, but obviously I don't want to make them sick!
  4. Weeg

    Calling All Rabbit Owners: Anyone Want Urinary support forage mix?

    Hello everyone. About a month or so ago, I purchased a high quality rabbit forage mix from a very popular, five star, high quality Etsy seller. At the time I thought Aspen, my bun has a UTI, so I purchased it to give to her until I could get her into the vet. It ended up being delayed and didn't...
  5. 6

    What’s your opinion on Mealworms?

    Hello fellow chicken lovers! I was wondering what everyone’s opinions are concerning the feeding of mealworms to chickens? This thread might also possibly help others, find a lot of information/opinions in one place, concerning mealworms. Do you feed a handful daily? Twice a week? Once a...
  6. BirdsBeesTrees

    Pay it Forward - Please Join!!!

    For several years now I've given our friends, family and some neighbors goody baskets at Christmas. Then I expanded it to give delivery people some goody bags. We are going through some of the worse times in our Dairy business and will be losing it, and trying to move on. Something that helps...
  7. Albert the Saxony

    Quick question about giving watermelon to ducklings.

    Hey everyone, I’ve got a quick question. Can I give watermelon to my ducklings? They are only three days old at the moment, I give watermelon to my adult ducks as a treat, they love it so much. Any advice is very helpful. Thanks!
  8. DuckDuckPromise

    Duckies Favorite Treats?!

    Hi there!!! I hope everyone is having a blessed day! I want to give our duckies some treats, and I’m not sure what to start with. I gave them some banana, and they really didn’t care for it! Any other ideas and suggestions?! I’m all ears!
  9. Eden3021

    Giving ~6 week old chicks baby food

    I have some baby food from by rabbit's emergency kit that's going to expire soon. It's Gerber Naturals, apple, zucchini, and peach. INGREDIENTS: APPLES, ZUCCHINI, PEACHES, LEMON JUICE CONCENTRATE, VITAMIN C (ASCORBIC ACID). Would it be alright to mix a little in with some of their starter...
  10. V

    hangning treats

    Since treats for chicken shouldn't exceed one tablespoon per chicken a day, is there a way to ensure they don't eat too much of the treats i hang up for them? If there isn't, how much should I be hanging up? I don't want them getting sick. Thankful for anwsers :)
  11. D

    1st time chicken Mom

    I have 3 chickens that free range about 5-8 hrs a day, they have a continuous feeder with layer pellets and I give them fruits and or veggies when they go back in their coop for the night, also give them a bit of corn and mealworms as a treat. I am wondering if I am feeding them to much , when...
  12. FlomatonsFlocks


    Has anyone ever had their own little mealworm farm? We raise and sell starter kits and teach folks how to do this as part of their homesteading. They also make nutritious feed for lizards, turtles, fish, birds, etc. They're so easy to raise and I really enjoy it. Does anyone know of any other...
  13. R

    Duckling treats

    Can you feed 5 day old ducklings any greens or strawberries or are they not old enough. i see mixed reviews online and am a little confused on how old they need to be!
  14. le_bwah

    Just a simple video of some quail hens eating dried mealworms

    I've been meaning to make more videos of quail doing their thing. Here's a squad of freshly-molted hens eating treats for breakfast. Aside: my birds may or may not have Marek's—one hen has recently presented with symptoms and I culled her after her legs gave out due to unilateral muscle...
  15. DoubleYolk123

    Balanced diet for hens to stop feather picking

    Hi Everyone 👋 So I’d like to ask everyone, how many treats they feed their chickens, what treats and how often. Basically, my chickens are losing feathers and according to the vets it’s a parasite in their skin, which they are on medication for. However they also pluck at each other a lot and...
  16. Cassandra Lana

    Friendly Fat ?

    Hi poultry people I was woundering if anyone knows of any friendly ways to put a little fat on my birds (Chickens and Ducks) . They a little too skinny for my preference . They have a feeder and water and get treats daily ♥️. Any tips appreciated ~Cassie Note: I don’t feel comfortable feeding...
  17. Keyword: In Moderation

    Keyword: In Moderation

    *DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating for giving chickens NO treats at all. I believe that, as with humans, treats must be consumed wisely and in moderation.* Back in December and January, I had a sick hen. My posts about it are here, the onset of her sickness, here, when she aspirated the...
  18. Peskypigeon

    Foraging treats?

    If anybirdie has any good ideas for button quail foraging treats, please let me know! Hitoko loves digging around his enclosure and as a current lone quail I think he’d have fun with it.
  19. D

    ducklings getting scared?

    Hello everyone, I am a brand new duck parent, 4 of my ducklings have hatched over the last two days, and 6 more are on the way. It was a staggered hatch so I'm not too worried about the other eggs. I am really excited about having ducks, and more than anything I want them to be comfortable...
  20. Emrosenagel

    Underweight hen

    Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’ll try anyway. My ladies are about 28 weeks now. I’ve noticed over the past couple weeks one of hens is a lot lighter than the other four. I’ve also been short one egg everyday too. Not sure if that’s connected. Anyway, I have one...
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