1. WallyBirdie

    2 Budgies. How to tame?

    I got my blue budgie [Piper] about a week or so ago, and Piper seemed ready to warm up to me. Fella even perched on my finger a few times without being bribed. Excellent progress, I think. But there wasn't much chatter or over all activity, so I figured a new friend would help. (I'm told they...
  2. karenmragan

    Adorable Kiddos

    Hello everyone! I just want to share this video of my new birds. They're about seven weeks old now. Thanks to BYC for giving me the hanging cabbage idea!
  3. Double Yolked

    Treats. Chickens more finicky than the cat!

    Question for you all. Have you ever had a flock that absolutely would not touch certain greens that other people say their hen's love? My girls hate cabbage. They could care less about 90% of the green-leafed treats I offer them. Unless they forage them for themselves they just ignore them...
  4. SavvySilkieMom

    Chick Grit and treats. How soon is too soon?

    Hi I love this app and all the forums and just a thank you in advance for all the help. I have 2 silkie chicks in the brooder and I would love to start feeding them some treats once in a while and I know they need grit to grind down whatever is not starter feed. I purchased some chick grit and...
  5. munchkinlover

    Chicken Dorm Mother

    Hi ya'll. Glad to find this site!!! I am a first time mother of 13 wonderful birds. They consist of 2 Silver Wyandotte, 3 Black Australorp, 3 Easter Eggers & 5 Golden Wyandotte. We didn't get exactly what we ordered and ended up with 3 roosters, but they really get along fine (at least for now)...
  6. Cabbage!


    One of our girls favorite treats is a hanging cabbage. They get scared of it at first, but then they get used to it and love it!!! What you need- Nail relatively long piece rope One smallish cabbage (green or red) How to- Tie the end of the rope in a knot around the end of the nail. Push the...
  7. B

    Sorgum grain

    I ordered a box of sorghum grain to pop for myself. It didn't work out nearly as well as popping corn. Since we had a box of sorghum grain that we were not going to eat, my husband started feeding it to our three chickens. They are 3 1/2 months old. Now they follow him anytime that he is in the...
  8. T


    Is dry Lucerne Chaff in a mash form good for chickens? The bag says that it contains 15% protein. They love it.
  9. analyticalblonde

    Confused About Lentils!

    There is an article on this site (Chicken Treat Chart - The Best Treats for Backyard Chickens) that is very comprehensive but in reading the list, it states that Lentils are a "No No". However, on a package of Garden Delight Poultry Treat from MannaPro, the second ingredient in this treat is...
  10. Sacri

    snacks for chickens

    CABBAGE: I had read a post about hanging a head of cabbage up with rope but a few commenters said their chickens got tangled up so here is what I did: First, I just ran a rope through a few leaves. Once they realized the cabbage wouldn't hurt them (silly chickens) they ate it really fast so I...
  11. D

    Chickens start eating greens [help]

    The lock of my little chicks cage came loose (possibly left open by accident). Some of my small chicks must've kicked their door open. They all appear to be alive. I think I found them before the big chickens did. However, they got into some salad and other vegetables I had for the big...
  12. D

    Chicken Treat Recipes?

    Question: What is your favorite homemade chicken treat recipe! Especially for combatting specific issues like egg production.
  13. Caileys_Chickens

    No Bake Chicken Treats!

    I just came up with this, but it was heavily inspired from dog treat videos I had seen in the past (dont worry, I double checked every thing I gave my chickens) Start off with crushing up a handful of cashews, they are the easier ones to break and normally split off into smaller parts. Then put...
  14. sarastamand

    Earthworms for teenage chicks? Ermine also lurking...

    Is it okay to feed my (almost - few days away) 6 week old teenage chicks earthworms? They love crickets, mealworms, and wax worms but I wanted to introduce them to something new. I’m hoping to get them in their coop soon, but we have an ermine lurking around! We’ve been trying for weeks to...
  15. KLIL

    Treating your Chickens?

    Hi Everyone, I like to treat my chickens and am looking for some ideas. Just wondering what you like to treat your chickens and how often do you treat them?
  16. UrbanFarmer44

    Mealworm cycle issue [feed for the chooks]

    Hi all, I've struggled to find any answers through Google and other sites so I thought I'd try here and see if anyone has some experience or advice. I currently have about 500 beetles that 'grew up' from mealworms that I bought. That life cycle went fast and within a couple of weeks they had...
  17. T

    Whats a chikens favorite treat out of a garden?

    I'm going to be planting a garden for my chickens this year and I was wondering what the best plant I could plant for my chickens was.
  18. Chicken Treats: Healthy treats for your birds you can make

    Chicken Treats: Healthy treats for your birds you can make

    A lot of the people at BYC keep chickens as pets. People give their dogs treats, do why don't chickens join in on the fun? Below are some easy treats that your chickens will love. Chickens have different tastes, so not all the treats will be liked by the chickens. So don't be disappointed, and...
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