1. flock mommasan

    Feather eating and medicated feed

    Just introduced 3 new pullets (~10 weeks old) to the flock of 5 (1.5 year olds) this week. It's going reasonably well except I see a few of the older gals are eating the young ones' medicated feed. Is that okay? Also, I saw my main egg layer, Big Mama, eat one of the smaller chickens' discarded...
  2. NineChickens

    Ducklings and brine shrimp?

    We feed our betta frozen brine shrimp and I was curious if I could give some to our 3 week old ducklings as well? Maybe even our 7 week old chicks and also our hens? It's just the usual thing from petco, it comes in a tray with like 30 pouches. It takes our single betta awhile to eat one pouch...
  3. NineChickens

    Ducklings foraging?

    When can ducklings be given a chunk of grass to pick at in their brooder? When can they eat grit and meal worms and that kind of stuff?
  4. Miss Carcajou

    Advice for winning my ducks over?

    I know, I know... The way to my ducks' hearts are through their stomachs. Let me tell you, they do come running up once they realize I've got a cut of tomato or perhaps some greens. But they also get some good cardio running away the moment I shift positions or go to grab more food. My ducks...
  5. NineChickens

    Favourite Chicken Treat?

    What's your chickens favourite treat(s)? I think my girls favourite is meal worms and plain yogurt. They go crazy for that stuf, especially the meal worms! :)
  6. Theladiesandagentleman


    My little ladies have not been interested in treats. After many attempts I finally got them to have some plain yogurt today, after sprinkling some Scratch and Peck herbs on top. Nutritious, messy and entertaining!
  7. A new feathery project, lots of pictures

    A new feathery project, lots of pictures

    This is just a description about my chickens. I had a friend give me,last summer, 3 bantams. They are 1 mille DE fleur bantam, he's a rooster named Newman and a set of golden sebrights, named Little Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine. He gave my sister a set of silver sebrights, they are now about 1...
  8. H

    No taste for greens

    Hi everyone, My chickens somehow just hate veggies. Brocoli, Spinnach, Silverbeat, Carrots, Cabbage, And any other veggies ( Greens in particular ), They won’t eat. They get plenty of grass and bugs to eat, We feed them lots of fruit, Meat, Infact I make them fruit smoothies ( Out of scrap...
  9. iosRANDALL

    Sunflower seeds - a problem?

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT -NOT THE GUT... I’ve no science to go on here -just some thoughts and deducing. Just something to consider maybe... My wife is in the habit of throwing handfuls of unshelled sunflower seeds to the chickens in their coops when she is reloading the wildbird feeders. As I thought...
  10. WyanDotteMeow

    What Kind of treats can a chicken eat?

    You see, I'm getting a little tired of giving our Wyandottes, Mealworms Everyday. So I Wanted to see If there was any other treat I could Feed them. I really need answers!
  11. Keeping Chickens Without Free Ranging

    Keeping Chickens Without Free Ranging

    Many people out there long to have our feathered clucking friends, but may not be able to free range the flock as most people are able to do. Because of this many people end up not getting chickens because they think the flock will be unhappy if they don't have access to a large yard... Well...
  12. 8ponygirl9

    Silkie diet

    hi there, I'm getting a silkie chick on Feb 9th and I've raised ducks but not a chick what's the absolute best diet for her? Will fruits and veggies be introduced when she gets older?
  13. Densunes

    What are some positive and good reinforcements for Turkeys?

    My teacher want's me to look up reinforcements for our turkeys. Such as what foods will they like the most, and the foods that they can not have. What methods to transport them pen to pen are good and what methods are bad?
  14. Patinas

    The Psychology of Feeding Chickens Treats

    I see posts on here all the time asking if people should give their chickens treats and what kind of treats they can give them. There is tons of information on here on this subject so I'm not trying to debate if you should give them treats or what to give them. I want to discuss the human...
  15. redcluck


    It’s been getting colder and was wondering if there are any treat ideas I could give them to keep them warm.(I have australorp and rhode island red)
  16. Krazyquilts

    Free trial of "Grubblies" I'm not at all affiliated with them. They just showed up on my Facebook feed and the chickens said they would stop laying if I didn't sign up for a free bag. Just thought I'd let everyone else know too!
  17. Fun Food For Ducks!!

    Fun Food For Ducks!!

    As I read every book, every thread, and every website. I realized that something was missing; a list of fun things to feed ducks! So here it is... Red Pepper Flakes- Mild dewormer. Mix with food weekly/monthly. It's up to you. Brewers/Nutritional Yeast- Sprinkle over feed weekly for ducklings...
  18. ChickenGirl555

    Pumpkin ‘soup’

    i know it’s past Halloween and almost Christmas, but I realized I never did anything with some leftover pumpkins. They were rotting on my front porch, so I brought them to the backyard and grabbed my hatchet. I cut one in half, and left all of the goopy insides. Then I threw in some scratch mix...
  19. Squeak61


    Hello! Today, I decided to give my chickens Greek yogurt for the first time. But not just plain old Greek yogurt. Yogurt covered noodles and apples. Let me tell you, they had a lot of fun. So here are some pictures I had to share :lol: The treat pre-chickens (one for my 4 hens, one for my 3...
  20. HeidiEmbrey

    Can I give my 1 month 10 day old chicks a cupcake?

    I want to give my chicks a treat, resisting calling them my babies lol I can't give them scrambled eggs because they are still on, almost through, their bag of medicated chick feed, I got that because I got them from the feed store and with so many other chicks I thought they might need, but...
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