May 21, 2020
Hello, new here! Please forgive me if I ask a million questions!

My ducklings are about a week old (hatched on Monday, arrived to me Thursday AM). I would love to take them into their finally finished pen to forage (under my supervision!), but I am not sure at what age I should begin doing this? That is question #1.
#2 is about treats. I’ve read a ton about what I can give them, but I’m missing the WHEN I can give them snacks. I have some dried mealworms and kale for them. Hold old should they be?

#3 This question has been answered differently for me, so i’m going to ask once more. Grit? Let’s say they aren’t foraging yet, and I want to provide treats. When can they have chick grit, and how should o provide it to them?

I promise pictures soon :)!
I'd say at about a week old you can let them forage outside. Some people say it's best to wait to give them treats until 12 weeks old. Grit at a few weeks old should be ok. I'm still new to ducklings but based on what I've heard this'll be ok
If you are feeding them anything other than regular duck food like tomatoes, mealworms etc give then a little bowl of grit on the side. NOT mixed in with their food. They will eat it when they need it, somehow they know.

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