1. ChickenGirl555

    How many treats are too much?

    I am getting mealworms for the first time (only had my pullets for 4 months, first flock) and I have heard not to give them too many. So I don’t want to hurt my chickens. How many can I give them without making them sick?
  2. BrandonMcfly

    Can i feed my chickens treats?

    My chickens are about 3-4 weeks can i start giving them treats like veggies and fruit or like yogurt (I read you can give them plain yogurt) ? Or are they still young what's the recommended age?
  3. Beeks83

    Pekin and Silkie Treats?

    Hello, My 3 pekin bantam hens and 2 silkie chicks (3 weeks old) LOVE dried mealworms. I also recently managed to grow cucamelons for the first time (the look like grape sized watermelons and taste like limey cucumbers). I was very excited about finally getting to try them but it seems the...
  4. AsanumaGardens

    Is there anything a chicken can't eat once?

    Short version: Are there any foods that a healthy chicken cannot eat even once without suffering significant damage to their health? (Note: My question relates more to "people food" rather than toxic plants or fungi.) Long version: We are raising our first ever batch of pullets who are...
  5. MatildaJane

    Best Snacks?

    Hello there everyone, I have two chickens named Matilda Jane, And Margalo Jane.They are both Ameraucanas'. I was wondering what is the best Snacks and food? They are both six months. Presently we are feeding them chick crumble food from a local grain company. I am just wanting see what your...
  6. TheRealFowlLove

    Cheese and Yogurt: How Much Is Too Much?

    I have two chickens approximately 4 months old (just about laying age) who's highlight of the day is getting a hard boiled egg some cheese (usually Swiss) and larger spoonful of yogurt. Recently, a friend of my mother's who also raises chickens says that feeding them these things everyday may...
  7. WildCHILD400

    What's the craziest thing you've fed your chickens/ducks

    have any crazy treats you'd recommend or like to share for chickens or other game share here! The craziest thing I fed my chickens once was half a cake with a bottle of whipped topping I ran out of table scraps that day so that was their breakfast :p:pop
  8. Eric Katz - Kulisha

    How do you feed your girls treats?

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to get a better understanding of what people prioritize when deciding to feed their girls treats. I'm trying to get data from a wide range of backyard farmers and would love for anyone and everyone to answer a few questions. If you could just copy the list of questions...
  9. AdrienneG

    Ideas to encourage injured goose to eat more?

    Good morning all, We have a goose who protected her flock (chickens, duck, geese) from a bobcat last week. In the process, she got pretty badly beat up. Her wounds are now healing great (about 3 inches of skin ripped from her neck, eye was also bit) and she is happy as can be. She is active...
  10. Connor Bassani

    Frozen treats, what to use?

    So it's been really hot lately where I live, and my chickens have been hiding in the shady area of their run all the time so I think they're feeling the heat to. I figured the best thing to do would be to make an ice treat! I'm gonna get some stuff they like, and some water on top, freeze a...
  11. thatonegirltori

    What to feed 5 week old chickens?

    Hi There! I recently adopted 2 baby chickens about 4 weeks ago. They were about a week old when I brought them home. They are definitely at the awkward teenage phase currently. When I adopted them from a hatchery they recommended that I feed them "baby chick feed" which has all the nutrients...
  12. MageofMist

    Is it really that easy to tame them?

    So, I was giving my injured female quail some mealworms and took her out to look at her toe, the swelling having gone down since yesterday... I gave her a mealworm while she was in my hands and she stopped struggling right away and ate it, I then let her go and gave her 2 more and well... Now I...
  13. ReillyB

    Poisonous plants

    I just recently got two baby goats and built them a fenced in area that has quite a few plants that I'm not sure what they are, my chickens and ducks will be able to go into the pen with them so I wanted to know if the plants are safe for all of them to eat. Pictures attached
  14. PattJ

    Why are citrus fruits bad for chickens?

    I have read many posts on here about poisonous or otherwise prohibited foods, but other than one mention that citrus makes eggs taste funny, and another that it interferes with calcium absorption, I can't find any really definitive explanation of why citrus is bad. Is ANY citrus bad, or are...
  15. Lifeiseasy

    Bonding With Ducks

    Hello! I'm rather new to both BYC and owning birds. I have six chickens, a goose, and three Cayuga ducklings. I love all my birds and most of them like me back. I have one problem though. My wonderful Cayugas seemed to have really bonded with my goose and act like I'm going to kill them except...
  16. EvansMeXo

    "Wild bird seed" for chicks

    im about to let my chicks out to free range but I wasnt thinking and just threw out some seeds for the wild birdies... I think the small bits are okay but can the chicks eat whole sunflower seeds?? I attached a pic of the mix
  17. mscreamysoda


    what is the best type of fodder for chickens? I hear barley isn't good cause some strange chemistry. My girls free range all day, but are too scared of making it all the way to our grassy area because it's wide open. My girls are just chicken lolz. So I want to bring what grass to them. I don't...
  18. Shereee99

    Help Me Sex My 5 Week Old Chicks Please :)

    Okay so my chicks are 5 weeks old currently (they were born 15/16th April) and I was wondering if someone could help me find out whether they are girls or boys and explain the signs since this is my first time raising chicks. Also are there any treats I can give them now they're a little older...
  19. ZeeAviatrix

    Can't Find a Likeable Treat!

    This is crazy! I've read all these great posts about people giving their chicks all kinds of treats like scrambled eggs, yogurt, cut-up tangerine, or a favorite (or so it seems)...mealworms. My chicks won't touch any of these things. My 3 Golden-Laced Wyandottes are going to be 4 weeks old in...
  20. picalowpiepi

    goose likes to eat bugs/meat?

    I thought geese only ate veggies and fruit. Two of my goslings go crazy for crickets. The female liked them especially and the male goes after ants, worm-like insects, and other bugs. Is it bad to feed them this? Should I stop?
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