Mealworm cycle issue [feed for the chooks]


Mar 17, 2019
New Zealand
Hi all,
I've struggled to find any answers through Google and other sites so I thought I'd try here and see if anyone has some experience or advice.

I currently have about 500 beetles that 'grew up' from mealworms that I bought. That life cycle went fast and within a couple of weeks they had become the beetles. Since then I have been waiting about 9 weeks for them to lay eggs and been carefully looking for other signs of life in their trays besides themselves but nothing! I was told they generally lay in the first month and babies should be visible by now so I'm getting a bit worried that I'm doing something wrong.

Containment; 3 plastic trays with holes at the top for circulation - a mix of wheat bran/oats [changed 1x a month] with sliced carrots [being replaced 2x a week] living in my shed so a darkish environment and an av. temp. of 20 degrees Celsius. They also have egg cartons to hide under.

Am I doing something wrong or am I just not patient enough? The girls are missing their treats lol


Mar 3, 2019
San Jose, CA
If you fully change the bedding monthly, you are throwing out eggs and micro-larvae each time you do.

The (microscopic) eggs develop and hatch in the frass later and the youngsters stay down there until they are about 1/2 long.
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