1. J

    Anyone breed Ocellated turkeys?

    for a year I've been trying to find ocellated turkey chicks, does anyone here have chicks?
  2. m1chelle1

    How much land? Chicken/Turkey to acre ratio...

    Hello all! I'm looking into buying land (hopefully soon) and am trying to determine how much land I should be looking at for free range chickens and turkeys. Is there a good rule of thumb on a chicken and turkey to acre ratio? You know, like ten chickens and ten turkeys to every acre, etc... The...
  3. crbell1971

    Hello from Texas Panhandle

    Hello ya'll! I have approximately 30 laying hens (who are on strike for some reason - that is a later post that I intend to research and possibly submit post about)...about 10 grown roos (with the layers) - and no, they don't fight (well, maybe a couple of them have a little tiff every couple...
  4. CPT

    Turkey underside

    Hi all! It looks like my turkey has diarrhea....her under carriage is all cakey, and her butt muscle / vent seems to be puffing out and red...it looks irritated. Any suggestions on how to clean her undersides? Update: now that we have researched, it looks like an egg broke on the inside. Any...
  5. Functional Rustic

    Will a turkey sit on duck eggs?

    I have a Muscovy hen that has been sitting on a clutch of eggs for about a week. This morning the turkey was sitting on her eggs. I removed the turkey and it immediately returned to the nest. I pulled the turkey out of the nesting box again and the duck scurried back onto the nest. Is this...
  6. Sammiekin


    hello, my name is Sam. i had 2 broad breasted turkeys. both females. 1 passed away a few weeks ago. the girl that is still alive she is a bronze turkey, she has been having a horrible day since yesterday. she cant walk or stand up at all. i have to hold her on her chest to keep her standing. her...
  7. Densunes

    Need pointers for raising turkeys

    My small morning school just bought 2 breeding turkeys and I was wondering what are the best things we can do to keep them happy. We have about 8 acres of land and greenhouses to grow food, since it's winter and we get heavy snow they have to be inside a large pen where they can move freely...
  8. bonscholl

    8 month old tom has cyst

    Cysts is on front middle of neck. It has like 50, 1/2" spikey feathers growing out of it. About the size of a small walnut. What is this? It bothers the heck out of him & he spends all day trying to pluck it off but he cant quite reach it. My other tom is older & doesnt have...
  9. Lost Creek Hollow

    LF Turkeys, Guineas & Goose Eggs

    Located in the Panhandle of Florida. Don’t mind shipping the eggs in. Will drive within 2 hours for significant egg amounts. Will drive up to 3 hours for breeding pairs (or trios) the actual birds.
  10. D

    Blue slate hen Massachusetts

    Anyone know where I can pick up a blue slate hen here in the Massachusetts?
  11. T

    I'm new here :)

    Hello; I'm a new chicken owner, I just started a few months ago, quite by accident. My neighbor got chickens and they kept ending up in my yard. The first couple of times we went crazy catching them and bringing them back before our dogs got them. Finally he got a coop, but by then, his rooster...
  12. S

    Turkeys coughing

    I have 2 coughing turkeys, (bourbon red, 6mo, 10lb hens) it has been 3 weeks now. Have been treating them with Tylan 200 1.5ml orally (which they really dont like) and only small improvement. Id really appreciate advice :)Thank you!
  13. S

    Coughing turkeys

    Hello there! I have 4 Bourbon red hens, 2 of which are coughing for 3 weeks now. I have been treating them with 1.5ml Tylan 200 orally and little improvement. ( They really really hate this by now) I am looking for any help. I cant get water soluble antibiotics, I heard you need a rx. They...
  14. fairie

    Eating the feathers

    I have noticed one of our hens has been pecking at the Toms/Jakes and when she gets a feather...she eats it! What is that about?!?
  15. A

    Clipping Turkey wings

    Hi all, Does Clipping Breeding Turkey wings have any impact on their mating?? I am getting some interesting facts told to me. Thanks
  16. CochinCuddlr

    Peafowl & Turkeys - Indiana

    Northeast Indiana. THREE separate offerings: 1.--1 Pair of 5 month old peas (hatched May 2017). Male is India Blue Black Shoulder. Female is India Blue. $150.00/pair 64317857-A900-46D3-941D-D9B80F116CFA by CochinCuddlr posted Oct 31, 2017 at 3:52 PM 5AE3DA64-8EF1-4AD6-8ABF-79A03D4A64C4 by...
  17. B

    Terramycin water soluble

    Does anyone know where i can get antibiotics for my turkeys the are sneezing and have watery eyes they are around 3 months old any help would be great im in florida thanks
  18. blm

    Birds with Disease

    Hello. Does anyone have experience with a 7month old turkey that has symptoms of Mycoplasma-respitory illness? And is the meat safe to eat? Been caring for 11 chickens and 1 turkey for the first time since April 2017. They have been staying together in large pen and occasionally get let out...
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