1 1/2 week old lethargic barred rock


9 Years
Aug 10, 2010
West Dundee IL
I have a 1 1/2 week old barred plymouth rock chic that was doing great, came home today and seems very lethargic and no energy. I have a mixed flock of 2 australorps, 1 delaware and the rock. all chics. any ideas
I feel like Im turning into a vitamin pusher BUT I find them to do Wonders with chicks, polyvisol with no iron.......Ive had babies that couldnt stand up, walk and after 1 or 2 doses they were running around, I Love the stuff, I just squirt it right in their mouth
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We had a similar situation just yesterday. Wife came out with young chick in hand, very lethargic. Felt like the crop was empty, and the breastbone was very palpable also. It's like the bird had just somehow quit eating and drinking. She separated it, putting it into a small cat carrier, with water that had electrolytes added, and some food. Just left it alone. It started taking water by the time she walked away. Today, the bird looks good as new. Crop and body feel full again. It's holding its head upright, where yesterday it would just let it hang. We did nothing special except separate it and give it time. We have no idea why it seems to have quit drinking and eating to get itself into that condition. Seems healthy as ever again now.
I may have some electolyt packets for water, should I try that or go get the polyvisol? first time chicken owner, hate to lose this one
I should have mentioned with the first chick of mine that went down I gave him karo syrup and water with a syringe plus the vitamins, the others I just did the vitamins and they were good as new
It is a sack-like expansion of the oesaphagus that stores food. Most birds do not have a stomach that can also store large volumes so crop plays that role. When distended (full), it usually appears as a lump on front right side of chickens chest.

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