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Nov 1, 2015
My mini-flock consists of 3 older girls (about 2 years) in one coop, and 3 "peeps" (about 3 months) in another. They are largely free-range/front yard chickens, only in at night so don't spend too much time locked up.

One older americauna just came up with a cough, and I guess the growl I hear could be a wheeze - no sneeze that I've seen. Then after reading the posts on the subject I tried to check here crop (not sure I know what I'm looking for) but neck/under beak seems pliable and ok. Checked the eyes this morning and one looked runny, but tonight she has a white film covering half of one eye.

I've read the older posts and had not been doing the ACV - added some last night to everybody's water, and will clean their coop areas tomorrow - but they really aren't in there too much. She also has a red, bald (no pin feathers) around one side of her rump by the tail. With the two ailments being at opposite ends of the bird, don't know if they're related?

Anyways - now what? She ate a bit tonight, and after skipping a day, did lay today - just worried that whatever ails her could spread - not to mention that I'd like to fix whatever it is!

Thanks in advance - tell me what to look for next! - Laura
Hi Laura, I'll let the experts give you solid advice, but separating the sick birds and giving vitamin supplements or electrolytes in their drinking water will, at worst do no harm and at best, will give their immune system a boost.

I must have done a premature 'freak-out' - I gave the ACV and some vitamins, and now she looks perky as ever. Whew!!

Guess I'll continue to watch the electrolytes and hope for the best.

Thanks for your kind response! - Laura

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