<1 day old chick won't open eyes much - how to help?


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Aug 2, 2020
hi everyone! I got such great help yesterday, I am back for more. We had to assist this little one to hatch yesterday around 6pm. It had a lot of membrane on it and didn't want to open its eyes. We did wipe them gently with lukewarm water yesterday before popping the chick back into the incubator.

This morning, the chick will open them before quickly closing them again. The left eye seems particularly affected. Not sure what I should do? Take him out to treat? Wait longer? Put him in the brooder or leave in incubator?

<disclaimer: This is the first chick we've ever hatched. Sorry as I am so anxious about everything!!! I did search a bit through the forums but didn't find any where the chick is still in the incubator.>

1) It is a serama bantam, <one day old
2) Seems to not want to open eyes, particularly the left one. When it is open, it looks clear/black, but it closes it very quickly.
3) exhibiting symptoms since hatch
4) No others have hatched yet and likely won't, it's day 24 and they have no movement..we lost a lot of humidity yesterday too while assisting the one pictured.
5) No other bleeding, injury, broken bones or other sign of trauma except it is cheeping lethargically. It keeps leaning on the other eggs.
6) Other things that may have caused the situation: We had to assist its hatch, it stopped zipping and was stuck for a long time. It was all wrapped up but was definitely ready to hatch.
7) N/A on eating/drinking, still in incubator
8) Poop looks runny and grey
9) Treatment so far: We wiped its eyes when we were first assisting, and it opened it then, but closed them back up once it was in the incubator. We didn't want to open the incubator again.
10 ) Treatment: Since it is so little we don't want to transport it, so better if we can treat ourselves.
11) See attached photos - its eyes when it opens them, and then how it is preferring to stand.
12) Housing/bedding: It is still in the incubator.

THANK YOU so much :)



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Aug 5, 2020
I’d recommend leaving him in the incubator until he is dry, then take him out and rub his eye lids super softly with warm water

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