1 New Buff Orp is not eating!!


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12 Years
Mar 2, 2007
I got 25 Buff-Orps this morning. 12 hours later they
are all terrific but one.

She seems weak and tired and I cant get her to eat or drink.
She pecked at the food but then starts falling asleep again.

Can I hand feed her anything?
Honey or milk?

Shipped or local?...Might want to try getting alittle sugar water down her for energy, just dip her beak in it....probably stressed out...
I tried the finely ground meal and water. I got some in her and
she finally pooped a little but it was just water.

She seems to be struggling to swallow.

I just gave her a dose of the sugar and water. She is unchanged
from a few hours ago.

Thanks for your suggestions. We will keep watch and wait.
The one Buff died. I turned him over and his stomach was extended and
almost black. If I had to guess I'd say he couldn't poop.

That was sad. Poor little gal.

Everyone else is motoring right along.

Can you tell I'm not a hunter...

Now that I know what it was..what can I do if I ever see those symptoms again. I feel like I could have done something.
Was his/her vent blocked by any chance? Young chicks often get pasty and stopped up. If that was it, you simply gently clean the vent with warm water and I think put a dab of mineral oil on the vent. Do a search on the forum for pasty and see what comes up. You'll find out how to treat that correctly in quite a few threads. Sorry you lost the little one.
I don't think it was pasty butt. We were prepared for that and my wife has been vigilant with cleaning the slightest crust.

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