1 out of 6 Hens lays soft eggs


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Mar 30, 2009
Muncie, Indiana
I have read that maybe some oyster shell for soft egg problems but what if we consistently have 1 of 6 laying soft, the other 5 are normal and fine? They are all in the same coop, same age, same everything. Thoughts?
At least it won't hurt. Maybe she has some sort of difficulty in processing calcium. Guess she could have some internal problem, but you can try to see if there is an external factor. What do they eat?
They eat Layena, get plenty of treats after dinner (greens, veggies, etc), some cracked corn, some sunflower seeds, and have a large fenced area to roam...
Is she a pullet that has just started the laying process? SOmetimes it takes a bit for them to get it just right! I would give them free choice oyster shell to be on the safe side!
Oh and
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Maybe she is lowest on the pecking order and isn't getting enough of the Layena. I would add the oyster shell and stop the cracked corn and sunflower seeds for a while.
Thanks, will try some oyster shell - they are over a year old, been with me for 3 months - were supposedly all laying well at the previous place.

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