1 week old chicks failure to thrive? But Just threw down on baby mealworms???!!!


May 23, 2022
So, I am heartbroken, 2 days ago I saw an ad and went to pick up a few silkies. Well needless to say I was horrified seeing the conditions and the hoarding around in around the house. Even when I went to see the chicks there was one dead in the brooder. Went through saw only 2 white silkies and I could not snatch them up to get them out of there.

They are TINY! He told me they came from McMurray Hatchery, and they were born Monday. They are so week, won’t eat, won’t drink. I feel they will for sure not survive.

I am giving them a few drops of electrolytes every hour or so and they drink. Have given them a few drops of Nutridrench, some coconut oil. They won’t eat raw or cooked egg.

So I just walked into the room. One baby was laying on its back, legs splayed, panting because it was cooking under the heat lamp!! I was horrified pulled it out I thought it was going to die right there.

I breed mealworms and fruit flies for my reptiles and figured what the hell I will offer some baby mealworms. They both got up and ran over and gobbling down worms!!! And then nibbled on some crumbles in the process. Much more active now. Chirping like crazy, I put in a stuffed frog just now and they love it.

The question is, do I have hope they can make it?
Keep doing what your doing and they should make it. Also you'll want to get some chick feed for them.
Thank you. Unfortunately a bit ago I made the call to cull the weakest one, could not right itself. I have hope for the other. I am going this evening to pick up some friends for this lonely one. Yes they have mannapro chick feed, they just wouldn’t touch it even if it was soaked! Breaks my heart.
If they went for the dry feed, then I'd provide that. They may not recognize soaked feed.

You've got this. Provide enough space so they have a cool place. They only need one spot of warmth.

For a Silkie, I think I'd just go ahead and give vitamin therapy right off the bat. PND is good, but it doesn't have B2(Riboflavin) or a lot of Vitamin E. So!
I'd go get some human vitamins. A bottle of Vitamin E softgels (400IU) and a bottle of B-Complex.
Give the chicks 1 Vitamin E softgel and 1/4 tablet B-Complex daily. I'd do at least a full 7 days.

Do you have photos of the chicks and brooder?
I'm sorry that you lost one, it's heartbreaking. Hopefully this one will thrive and you find some chicks for company.
Hey all! Thank you sooo much for your replies and advice!

Yes I have grit in there as well! My husband went home over lunch and checked, and woke her up for water. But I brought home some beautiful blue and buff silkie friends for he/she! All evening it has been in there more active running around drinking and eating like a normal chick! Really perked up when I added them in. And saw her grooming a few times finally. I still have hope!

Will upload pics tomorrow! It’s a 20 long aquarium, screen top. Heat one side approx 87-95F thermogradient. I just have a UVB on their “cool” side, figured the babies could use some D3. Since I now have more baby silkies should I treat them all with the vitamin therapy? New chicks I picked up are about a week old.

You all are amazing. Again super glad I found this community. ☺️
It wouldn't hurt to give them vitamins for a week.

Glad she's perking up and has some friends!
Perfect! Will do…glad I take supplements because I have both readily available!

I am so glad I lucked out and found some same size chicks today so little one didn’t even have to wait 24 hours for some buddies! Thank goodness.

Gas prices so high 🤣I drove 40 min each way to get these little friends for her…so of course I couldn’t just grab the 2…I just had to have all 5. 😬

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