1-year ducks


Oct 29, 2018
okay so i live in the middle of an oak forest and i've been keeping ducks for roughy 5 years off-and-on.

i'm experienced enough to know how to feed them and raise them on my own. unfortunately they only seem to last a year until they are eaten by a raccoon or a fox.

you can tell the difference because a fox will kill a single bird, whereas my dad's entire chicken coop was slaughtered by a racoon for pure sport (none of the birds were eaten, but their juggulars were slashed and bitten).

we do have a local skunk that sneaks in to steal eggs. we're okay with him because we already have too many eggs for this family and most of them go bad.

i'm currently on my 3rd generation of ducks, i've already lost tres. i want to create an impenetrable fortress for my flock so that this never happens again. does anyone know where i can find a fully enclosed dog kennel or something? i live in an area where the ground is far too solid to dig into, so i don't know if i can stop burrowers (assuming they can dig through 50% pebbles)


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Welcome to BYC. Do an on site search on 'electric fencing'. It can greatly increase the security of any pen/enclosure.

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