10++BBS and Partridge Silkie hatching eggs

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    Jul 13, 2010
    This auction is for 6++ silkie hatching eggs. Christmas Chicks! I have been getting 3 eggs a day in my BBS pen, and 1 or 2 in the partridge pen. I have 4 from today, so I will send everything collected until end of auction to ship on Tuesday, November 23rd. My BBS pen has 2 blue roos over 2 blue hens(one dark and one light), 1 black hen, and 1 splash hen, most have vaulted skulls and nice type. The other hens I am sure are not old enough to lay yet. My partridge pen has 1 red partridge roo over 2 partridge hens. I also have a silver partridge in there as well, but I don't think she is laying yet. Some non-bearded in this pen, although my chicks hatched from them have been all bearded. My blue roo has a little bit of brassy color around his neck, but was looked over by Bobbi Porto of Indigo Egg right after I bought him and she said he had an excellent comb, (to clarify, he is not from Bobbi's line. I just happen to purchase him right before I visited her). My silkies are mostly breeder quality, only one has a DQ. They all have black skin, 5 toes with decent to very good spacing, good to excellent dark combs, and feathered feet. My partridge roo's comb is a bit bumpy, but the hens have good combs to make up for it. One chick came out with so much feathers on the feet it was hard to even see her toes to check that she had the correct number!
    I keep my birds clean and healthy with plenty of kitchen scraps, seed, grass and crumbles. I have been hatching from these pens for the last couple months and have been getting great results. Fertility is excellent. I have incubated over 3 dozen eggs with only 2 not developing. And if it develops in my bator, it hatches. Chicks come out healthy and strong, some with vaulted skulls, with very few if any dying. None have had 4 toes or pink feet at all!
    Please contact me with any questions you may have before bidding. This is my first time shipping eggs, but I have bought them enough to know how I would want them shipped to me. I do not wash the eggs, but they usually come out pretty clean. I do not guarantee hatchability due to reasons beyond my control. I will guarantee that they are fertile BBS/Partridge silkie eggs that will be packaged well. I accept Paypal only, please send payment to [email protected] at auctions end asap.

    Edited to ad pictures. So far, there are 14 eggs. I will collect until Tuesday morning, so there should be plenty extras.

    Splash hen- don't mind the dirt.

    blue hen

    splash hen's feet- I realized after I took the picture she needed a toenail trim.

    silver partridge hen- not old enough to lay yet

    partridge non-bearded hen

    partridge roo
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