10+ 'Heritage Breed' Barred Plymouth Rock Hatching Eggs

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    'Heritage Breed' Barred Plymouth Rock Hatching Eggs for Sale ~ $12 Per Ten Eggs + Two Extra Eggs

    Our Healthy Flock of 3 Roosters and 24 Pullets has been Farm Raised Cage Free and Fed a Nutritious Diet of Premium Purina Layena Pellets supplemented with Purina Scratch Grains, Purina Flock Block and Organically Grown Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Flowers and Grasses from our Farm Garden.

    We ship our Hatching Eggs via USPS Priority Mail at an additional shipping and packaging cost of $15 Per Dozen Eggs. A Pay Pal Account is Required as all Hatching Egg Orders and Shipping Costs
    will need to be Prepaid at the time your order is placed. PM us for Pay Pal account information.

    We are not able to guarantee hatch rates due to all of the variables inherent with shipped eggs; including but not limited to; extremes in temperature change (freezing of the embryo or overheating of the embryo) rough handling of the package during shipping (causing damage to the air sack which results in death of the embryo even if shell appears to be intact), x-raying of the package by the postal service (which also kills the embryo) and the distance that the hatching eggs have to travel (hatch rates decline substantially for every day that passes between egg collection and placement in the incubator) and, last but not least, all of the variables in incubating methods and practices used by the purchaser which can also significantly reduce hatch rate.

    We do guarantee that your hatching eggs will be collected twice daily, stored in a cool place where there are no drafts or temperature fluctuations and that they will be turned every 8 hours until shipped and that your hatching eggs will be packaged very carefully and in such a way as to optimize their safe arrival.

    We Appreciate Your Business and Support of 'Heritage Breed' Poultry and of Sustainable Farming Practices.







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    Very beautiful birds! Wish I had room for some more chickens! [​IMG]

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