10+ Lavender/Split Lavender LF Ameraucana's (The Dirty Dozen)

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Aug 31, 2008
Binghamton, NY
So I was preparing to fill my incubator with as many lavender/split lavender eggs as possible. Then I found some turkey eggs on ebay and ended up winning them so now I have a dozen too many. The dates on the eggs I'm offering range from Feb 17th to Feb 23rd and prior to the foot of snow, we had tons of mud so they are dirty. So yes they will be dirty and not as fresh as possible but they are still hatchable. So you might get a great deal on a beautiful breed so bid away. I can express mail the eggs if you want them by this weekend, but it will be pricey.

So here's the details on the "dirty dozen".....yes the auction is for 10 but I will send 12.
12+ purebred lavender/ split lavender large fowl ameraucana eggs

............eggs are coming from both my split lavender and lavender ladies which means, statistically half will be split lavender (visually black) the other half will be visually lavender.

Eggs will be shipped Monday, unless you want express mail. I'll send them tomorrow if you choose express. Eggs will be carefully packaged, and sent priority mail (a flat rate box) with a tracking number.

At this time I only accept paypal, to ensure egg freshness.

Here's some eye candy...
Lavender chicks

These are from my split lavender ladies

Lavender Hen

Lavender Rooster (getting ready to crow, hense the puffed out chest)

The whole gang free ranging in the summer

Split Lavender and Lavender chicks

oh, geez, I've started twitching, now! AAAAAAArrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!
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These are beautiful birds! What do you think the hatch rate would be on these? How long do you think they'd take to get to california? Once I get them, how long can i safely "store" them before putting in the bator (I just ordered my bator they said they ship in about 3 days).
I just got back from the PO to check on express shipping (and to send out another order). The eggs will be approximatly 4 lbs with all the stuffing. Express shipping will get them there by noon the next day. To figure out how much it would be for you go to the USPS site (click link) and determine your zone and how much it would be to get the eggs there over night.
Thanks for your quick response. I think I will wait until I have my bator up and running. With that said will you have any more in a week or so?

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