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Auction ends Sunday evening at 6.00pm Pacific time.
Eggs to be sent out Monday or Tuesday 12th or 13th November.

Our flock consists of 5 girls and 2 boys from a top breeder. They are so much nicer in person than the picture. The roosters have nice temperaments. They are nice to the hens, and have never showed any aggression to humans.

Only the freshest eggs will be sent and they will be very well packed. The hens are laying like crazy. These are pullet eggs. Fertility is great. A broody just hatched out a bunch and there are 11/12 developing in the incubator.

Please ask questions!!!
We can also reserve orders for a week that suits you.
Shipping $15. Payment is by paypal

Please understand that shipping may be hard on hatching eggs so we are not liable for them once they leave our hands. However I find that pullet eggs seem to travel very well.
Please do not bid if we cannot legally send eggs to your state.

We also have chicks for sale for local pick up only.
Thanks for looking!!

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Thank you! They are pretty!

I think they are much like regular leghorns. They live out where it gets very hot (up to 110 degrees) and seem to be less bothered by heat than most of the heavier breeds.
Not sure about cold weather, but I guess the roosters comb and wattles are vulnerable.
I have 6 foot fences for my leghorns. Some do get out and I just trim their wings. They usually settle down after a while and quite trying to get out and stay in their pen. Although I have plenty of room for them. If you want leghorns, your best friend is a small/medium fish net. Makes catching them a breeze. I'm trying not to bid on these beautiful birds as my incubators are supposed to be off till January!! But I might just give in :)

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